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    Halo ce, cea, 2, 3, 4, ODST and soccer lol. seing as this is really a halo page i'll just say about halo that i own all of them accept for wars and 2 but at reach and 3 im a PRO and i have finished campaign on all of the ones i own accept for 4 because its just out and in multi on 3, 4 and reach i usually come from 1st-4th place! If you have seen my posts or talked to me on forums/shoutbox and want me as friend My XBL name is Hazzardous7

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  1. I would Make an award to the member with THE most posts of all! if they are then bumped down the line than they will still have the award
  2. I am reasonably experienced ussually 1st on non-MLG playlists would love to join MLG team with other players of my skill - I have 1-3 hours a day and would love to join a halo 3 or 4 or reach MLG team. My gamertag is Hazzardous7
  3. I don't get the pistol in halo CE but most people do? like im good i just dont get the aim-ahead of target thing so any tips pls spill!
  4. Well good luck settling back in and play well!
  5. Best halo game ever! I have been a fan since 2003 on ce loving halos but i thought halo 4 would be just that tiny bit worse than erach it being their first halo game! but it's the first halo game that REALLY trumps CoD. Like all the others where just better but from only a few viewpoints (mine included) but this one truly is better than all CoD's put togethor. And i love what they did with the campaign storyline <- Accept cortana dying D: Anyways GREAT JOB 343
  6. Cortana die's Chief is retrieved from space but emotionally broken and diadact die's but cortana has to sacrifice her life! On the way lasky comes back and at end is commander of infinity! - oh wait that is what happens :0
  7. yea they did stuff it up! espiacially that the matchmaking gametype sucks too! way too easy for flood WAY too hardfor humans, lol i used to play flood to get my pistol and shotgun stats up now i do it for my energy sword stats!
  8. I just do non-MLG so i can come 1st all the time! It's way easier... but if im up to a challenge MLG is fun! thats my personal advice
  9. is this offer still open? if anyone looks at this than send me message and ill do it. Even if i'm not with the first group ill make another group!
  10. this poll is whether YOU think holohump Funny and ammusing SoSo or Horribly disgusting and disgraced that 343 added it. I personally love it but for me testing it i had suck armour ability all game D:!
  11. i got operator but i sucked compared to youtube demos of rouge so i got op but i want rouge! when i chose op out of them all though for paying before 20th in my second one i only had op or wk left again
  12. i think they should make a rouge enemy spartan V made by the diadact before he died and he will bring back the flood bigger and badder than before a.k.a harder to rind but every flood is as tough as a battlewagon knight but tougher cortana WILL be retrieved and fixed I also like Mr.fish's idea of chief being mentally affected and maybe you play in the past as being a spartan from Dr.halseys programe and remembering something that could get cortana back
  13. boltshot = too easy to get and n00b scattershot = not enough ammo or range but is still extremely good and fun unsc shotgun = close quarters enough to be shotgun and accurate enough to hit opponent! UNSC = best
  14. There is supposed to be half a second less on EMP time but i didn't notice any and i didn't notice durability either? 343 does need to fix it. I should have chosen pioneer wetwork or rouge
  15. UNSC sniper rifle, forerunner/human shotgun or DMR and veichel Banshee or Scorpian!
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