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Found 64 results

  1. GT/Creator: TheBloodbath22 Map Name: JSRF Death Ball Supported Players: 2 - 4 Supported Gametypes: A.) "Ball Hog" Oddball variant. Download here: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/83736fcf-9d07-487a-b583-3d0e92ff43ea B.) "City Rush" KOTH variant. Download here: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/78fd2b42-c054-4ec9-9123-1541b6229382 Description: I have designed an almost exact replica of the Secondary Expo of Rokkaku Stadium from the legendary, unique, and unfortunately ignored classic JSRF, a game which oft released in a bundle package with the original Xbox console. The movement of the characters has been appropriately recreated in the gametypes as well, using 200% speed and 125% jump height. City Rush was developed by requiring the height of the end of the track to reach the hill, gaining points as you glide down gravity volumes to the beginning of the map again; forcing one to race laps. To avoid players simply killing each other, there are unlimited lives, x3 overshields, unlimited time, and everyone has only a thruster pack (to resemble a x10 can boost) and a magnum. However, Rocket Launchers, Incineration Cannons, and other power weapons that move players are available to kill off the opponent. ***NOTE: In Ball Hog, there must be four players present. 1 v 1 is not allowed, as the Hot Potato rule is in effect to vary gameplay. Unless of course you disable it yourself, which is easy enough. Since killing by any means the ball-holder is all that makes them drop it, I wanted more varied gameplay with 2v2s. Here are some pictures, to take a look: Thanks so much for taking a look everyone! Jet Set Radio Future is the video game equivalent of a Cult film. There's no other game quite like it except its predecessor, Jet Grind Radio, and although it's a backwards compatible game--isn't it neat to find it in Halo 4? I hope I've pleased fans of both games, and most, for everyone to have a good time. Download Map Here: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser/details/0ef14b95-f5b6-428f-80ef-366ff61700b3
  2. Gamertag: King Andrew 1st Map Name: Enclosure - http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/king%20andrew%201st/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Gametypes: Any team slayer variant, any FFA variant, Dominion, Extraction, KOTH, CTF, Oddball, Flood. Description: Recommended players: 2-10 best with 4-8. This map is built on ravine in the non-terrain area that has been rarely used since it is not very easy to forge in. This map takes place in a plaza of several larger buildings that surround it. With many jump ups this map allows you to traverse it on multiple levels with ease. It uses a trait zone above the map to stop players from escaping. The map contains 3 main bases and the height advantage is heavily countered by the lack of cover on the top level of the map and the large amount of cover on the bottom level. the map contains a Gravity Hammer, a Sticky Detonator, 4 Frags, 4 Plasmas and 2 Pulse Grenades as ordanence with Carbines, Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles as standard weapon spawns to ensure that the players are not running out of ammo. Overall this map is extremely fun to play on all gametypes. Note: There is a bug in one area on both sides that is shown in the video where a piece does not appear. Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/randomvideogameplay Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9T6j81mHyM
  3. Gamer Tag: l0 000 people (that’s a lower case L at the front) Map: Station 07 Optional map variants: Station 07 1v1, Station 07 FFA Game Types: Slayer, KOTH, Oddball Player count: 2-6 player This is a great 2v2 map Weapons on map: -Sticky Detonator -SAW -Energy Sword This is a small map, oriented around 2v2 and FFA slayer. I miss the epic CQB moments I used to have in Halo: Reach so I created a map with CQB in mind. !PLEASE NOTE! this map will have frame rate drop if you play it on split screen. I really wanted to make a role-play style map, so I really hope you enjoy this and here goes... The Lore: Station 07 is the 7th of 10 experimental Cruiser Class Anti-Air weapons stations deployed on Requiem. It consists of one massive thermo-nuclear pivotal gun battery, crewed by a team of five men. The ammunition is too unstable and volatile for conventional reloading systems; therefore an external, manually-operated system was designed for each station. Although there are 10 stations, Station 07 is the most famous due to its hazardous location and impressive kill count, currently boasting the destruction of 3 Cruiser class, and 8 Corvette class covenant ships. Fame however, comes at a price. With Station 07's casualty rate being the highest of all stations; averaging the loss of one crew member every 3 weeks.
  4. Gamertag: TheJudgemodalla Map Name: Silo Gametype: Team Slayer, CTF, KOTH, Dominion, Oddball Description: Silo is a large symmetrical competitive map that works with almost every gametype in Halo 4 as of now. There are 3 main areas which may be vital areas of control, which are the Red Spawn, Blue Spawn and the Middle Base, or just A, B and C for short (A being red, B being the middle base and C being blue). Each base has two gravity lifts which can bring the player to the highest level of the map, being a connection of rings made by bridges. These higher pathways have mass coverage over parts of the map, but in return have no cover what so ever from fire below. Each base is supplied with a sniper rifle and the middle base holds a Rocket Launcher. The opposite side of the middle base is an isolated rock path that is separated from the central routes of the map (this area holds a Spartan Laser). Both the Red and Blue spawns hold Warthogs which can only be accessed by the team corresponding to the color (red or blue). I placed shield doors in front of bases A and C so that immediate fire would not occur and kill players instantly (much like how it did on Countdown). The center of the map has a man cannon that will launch the player to the middle ring of the elevated paths. This map also has a auto turret that can fire at enemies in the center of the map (only in dominion). This map would work well with 4v4, 5v5, and 6v6 due the the amount of coverage one spartan can hold. Please leave feedback if you could. ANY COLOR DISORDERS APPLYING TO THE MIDDLE BASE AND OTHER PARTS HAVE BEEN FIXED. FACT: This only took about 3 days to make...
  5. Hi Guys, I am aware this may not be one of the best places to do it but I just want some feedback on my map Omission. This is the first truly quality map that I have made on Halo 4, I spent hours on it. Made a few on Reach but none of my friends are really Forgers so they were somewhat undermined. I have some friends that really love it, it is designed for Halo 4 matchmaking and I can honestly say you will not be disappointed if you decide to take a look. I'm really looking for feedback and ideas to make the map better, so even if a few could download it it would really be appreciated. Name: Omission Game-types: Slayer, SWAT, CTF and KOTH Best with: As many players possible. Description: Symmetrical map set on a UNSC research base/laboratory that studies planetary rocks. Has some very cool aesthetics and play aspects to it, plenty of cover and a huge tactical element to it. Gamertag: xTheGreyWolfx Hope you guys enjoy
  6. Highland Highland is a competitive map made for extraction, KOTH, flood,infinity slayer, and Oddball (it is also a ton of fun on team snipers) it offers a unique experience compared to other maps when dealing with height advantage and vehicle circuits. The map has plenty of room yet you can travel across the map in a limited amount of time thanks to the square design and different layers of the map. I showed this map to Mr. Pokephile and he liked it enough to feature it. Hope you enjoy thejchip
  7. Gamertag: Fraw Lawk Map: Prometheanball_Rock Gametype: Prometheanball Player count: 8 - 16 EDIT: I forgot to touch up some parts of the map with aligning the spawn areas and extra. I apologize for releasing before fixing it. But It's now up again as of 1/7/13 4:00pm (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada). Whats up everyone, this is Fraw Lawk with my second Halo 4 map but its a minigame and its called "Prometheanball"! This map is one out of many maps that I'll be making for this minigame. Its basically paintball but you'll use a suppressor for your weapon and a hardlight sheild for your armor ability. The map is symmetrical and holds up to 16 players because I just love big battles especially with the paintball idea. The damage modifier is at max, the damage resistance is at its lowest so if you get hit by a measly suppressor bullet, you'll die, and there one life so be careful! It's really fun to make an enemy player kill himself by shooting at your hardlight sheild, ricocheting back at him/her. My inspiration came from Darth Human with his Crash-up Derby minigame. The fact that one player survives, takes control of the arena and wins feels so satisfying that I'd come up with something similar except adding teamplay and making it paintball style. Have fun! EDIT: I forgot to touch up some parts of the map with aligning the spawn areas and extra. I apologize for releasing before fixing it. But It's now up again as of 1/7/13 4:00pm (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada).
  8. Pharaoh Gamertag= TheClubhouse 4v4 Slayer or KOTH or Oddball
  9. Gamertag: T3NAC10US M (3,1, & 0, are numbers) Map name: Outpost: Icarus Gametypes: Slayer and KOTH The map is on my file share. Outpost: Icarus is a small semi-symmetrical map surrounding an open central area. There are two main "bases" where each team spawns to start the game. One base is almost entirely enclosed and features two long hallways for close-quarter combat. The two hallways lead to the central room with a station console that has a teleporter in the center, also the shot gun spawns in this room to aid in the close-quarter hallway combat. the teleporter takes you to the structure below the window in the middle room, giving that team quick access to the center of the map but also opens the center room up to intrusion. The second base consists of a three story tower with a sniper spawning on top. This base is alot smaller than the other base but it has easier acces to the central features of the map. The middle of the map has an initial sword spawn which is replaced by a random spawn afterwards that spawns either rockets, SAW, needler, or sticky detonator. There is a boltshot and a railgun also.
  10. Since this seems like an official site of 343i (apart from waypoint), I thought I would just ask, I know it's the lead up to christmas and all, but what is the news on how the playlists are being affected and when the full playlists will be implemented? I've heard that they will be up in time, but has any sort of a timescale been set to do this? I don't think it's just me who wants to know this, i'm sure other community members are keen to find out when that little bit of something extra in matchmaking is going to be added, making this already awesome game, perfect (popular classic gametypes, map rotation etc.). I also think that there has been a lot of input from the community about this sort of stuff and yeah, it's a great game and I realise it hasn't been out for long, but I can't help but wonder if 343i will take up the role that bungie left with as much enthusiasm towards the concerns of the community as bungie originally did. Anyone hear what i'm saying?
  11. Okay, so these two maps are two attempts at building the same thing (i.e. a space station), the first attempt having fallen short of my initial vision. Both maps are symmetrical. I named the failed attempt Derelict and decided to finish it enough to be played in slayer (no objectives), compensating for the map's inadequacies by giving the whole thing a trait zone enabling double jump and half gravity (and quarter fall damage), removing the glass from all over to allow for the outside of the station to become part of the playable area of the map, and threw down a whole bunch of heavy weapons (none of which was intended at first). My second attempt is named Observatory and definitely lived up to my vision (albeit barely, 9,970 spent and I already hit the unwritten limit on total objects, and I had to go back repeatedly swapping decorative pieces for less expensive substitutes, not to mention delete a whole bunch of spawn points). The map is enabled for 4-16 players (Red, Blue, Gold and Green teams) on Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Free for All, Flood, and Oddball. It has multiple levels in the middle with a pair of heavy weapons (Railguns, Scattershots and Concussion Rifles, in that order from top to bottom) on each of the lower 3 levels (4 total). The docking ring of the station connects to the 2nd level of the mid-section (2 levels above, 1 below). Sections are colored by quadrant to assist in navigation (internal walls are colored specifically to indicate which path leads to which quadrant, outer walls are colored accordingly with the color of the quadrant in which they reside).
  12. DL: http://www.halowaypo...etails=31212539 FH thread (pretty much the same thing): http://www.forgehub....412#post1551412 Here is a map I finished recently, and is probably my last major competitive map in Reach. Anyway, let's start with the initial loadout camera, showcasing the aesthetic theme: Lyon Heights is a map for your basic 4v4 DMR Slayer games, with a side of King of the Hill (Woo! Originality!). On the more interesting side of things, it takes place on that weird shelf thing across the Canyon from Montana. The map looks and feels generally forest-like, and therefore the layout naturally features long, narrow lines of sight. Speaking of which, here is the overview, highlighting some of the more important areas: As you can see, this is an asymmetrical map with four important weapons spread around the map. Perhaps the most effective is the grenade launcher, which spawns on the octagonal balcony up on this smallish cliff that hangs above the rest of the map: Here is a wider view of this area: This position is certainly a place that a team should look into controlling to gain an advantage over the other team. However, it may be difficult to hold, as it has two main ramps leading up to it from either team's spawn, as well as several tactical jumps, most notably this one, from the plasma grenade platform: Although this cliff is indeed a powerful position, it only controls a couple lines of sight and one power weapon. The most important weapon away from this area is undoubtedly the sniper rifle, which spawns in this less forest-like area, by the further, larger platform (The needler spawns on the nearer, smaller platform ): As I mentioned before, this map features long, narrow lines of sight. So, it is beneficial for a team to control the sniper rifle. With this weapon, they can secure major lines of sight, like these: From this side of the needler platform, you can see all the way to red spawn: On the platform above the sniper rifle spawn, you can see the blue-side ramp up to the GL cliff: And who could forget the shotgun? A faithful companion in the act of filling an enemy's surprised chest full of lead at close range. This weapon spawns the closest to the center of the map, making it an ideal tool for storming an enemy controlled area. It spawns here, atop this elevated platform: It can also provide a decent height advantage, but I would not recommend staying here for too long, due to the limited cover it provides. That's all I have to share, the rest is for you to download, discover, and enjoy! If you do not enjoy it, leave some constructive criticism in the comments. Thanks for reading! DL: http://www.halowaypo...etails=31212539
  13. GamerTag: LiquidLuigi Map: Hydrant Game Type: Slayer, King of the Hill (MLG Settings recommended) Picture: http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30953238 Map Download: http://halo.xbox.com...etails=30963118 Hydrant is recommended for 2-4 players (for 1v1's and 2v2's). It is a symetrical map with a 2 story playing field. There is a neutral sniper, plasma pistol, and active camo. This map also has a King of the hill setting as well. Note that the respawns are random so you won't get spawn traped, however, the initial spawns are on each side. Weapons: 2 Grenade launchers (2 spare clips) (120 second respawn) 1 Sniper (1 spare clip) (120 second respawn) 2 DMR's (2 spare clips) (30 second respawn) 2 Magnums (2 spare clips) (30 second respawn) 1 Plasma Pistol (30 second respawn) 1 Active Camo (180 second respawn) 2 Plasma Grenades (30 second respawn) Other: 1 Health Pack (30 second respawn)
  14. Download Link Gametype http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JtSKeOeKWc Get cast out of Heaven, free fall 1000ft, and land unharmed! ... in Hell. The most epic KOTH game possible. Literally of Biblical proportions. You can become an Angel. You can become a Demon. You can pass back a forth between the two worlds. It may sound a little morbid, but watching a bunch of lost souls and dead bodies spill over into a bottomless pit is pretty fun. The "Find God" gametype is awesome for this map, but it works great with almost any variation of KOTH, CTF, Assault, or Territories. It's not bad for Team Slayer either. The "Find God" gametype is a static-king game with two custom power ups that create an "Angel," or "Fallen Angel/Demon" player for 60 seconds. The increased mobility, shield, and sword/hammer of the superior being allows them to patrol the the pit much more effectively. They also turn bright white and it looks cool... I hope everyone will enjoy this map, and the game.
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