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Found 203 results

  1. Map: Splinter Gametype: the map was origianally created for 2v2-dust up slayer, but because of the weapon tuning update, the gametype wasn't so perfect anymore. so i created my own gametype, that works just as good! 2v2 simple slayer 1.0 or 1v1/FFA simple slayer author: Wolferious map link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/nl-nl/players/wolferious/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=6e1920e3-05a8-403d-9378-d5f78243a806 Gametype link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/nl-nl/players/wolferious/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=db5082b4-7fba-41bb-b647-ce52fc4f1d12 The map was made to create an MLG 2v2 Competitive feel, the map contains so much fun jumps to get up on structures, ofcourse there are normal paths to get up, the jumps are for the pro's. when you get to know the, you can parkour yourself out and in the action Any problems or does the map needs a fix???? Contact me and ill fix it asap, as far as i know the map is as good as fawless. PICS!: IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! IF this map gets featured, what i really hope , i have my own youtube channel and would love to get an shoutout!!!!! youtube.com/WolferiousHalo
  2. Map Creator: LiquidLuigi Current Version: Eminence v1.1 GameTypes Supported: Slayer, CTF, FFA Player Count: 4-8 1.1 UPDATE: -Several of scenic objects have been added for visual effect -Both crates near gravity lifts have been changed to a "Fixed" position -Two bank inclines have been added to the bottom ramps -King of the Hill is now functional on this map. Eminence is a complex-like storage center that has been abandoned. What leaves behind are an array of weapons from both the UNSC and the Covenant. The base is symmetrical on both sides. Although both bases are visible from each other, killing someone off spawn is not an easy feat due to the amount of cover each base consist. Both bases have a needler and 2 pulse grenades with a railgun "Bottom Yellow" (More weapon stats below). There are three main ways to navigate through the map: Going through both "Orange or Purple Room" or "Bottom Yellow". A way across the huge pit is by going through "Yellow Bridge", which gets you to either "Orange or Purple Room". As for respawns, there are 7 main places to respawn, one being on the base and the others on the sides of the pit. You only spawn on your side unless it is FFA. Weapon Traits Ordnance Weapons: Pulse Grenades x2 (2) (60s) Needler (2) (90s) Railgun (1) (120s) Non-Ordnance Weapons: DMR (2) (60s) Carbine (2) (60s) Assault Rifle (2) (30s) Storm Rifle (2) (30s) Plasma Pistol (1) (60s) Red Base Blue Base Blue Hallway & Purple Room I hope you enjoy the map! Feedback is highly encouraged. -LiquidLuigi
  3. Everyone says if you don't like something, voice your opinion. Well here goes. I hate slayer pro. If I wanted preset classes and no radar I would play on a MLG playlist. Oh wait, h4 doesn't have one. Well maybe 343 should get rid of one of the crappy playlists and put a MLG list so they can take slayer pro out of the social playlists. Anyone else agree?
  4. GT: TheBloodbath22 Map Name: Callisto Supported Players: 1v1 to 5v5 (2 - 10) Supported Gametypes: Slayer, FFA, Team Snipers, CTF, KOTH, Oddball Size/Budget: Small to Mid-Sized Arena/ 5950 Theme: Mysteriously abandoned mine, named after Jupiter's moon Callisto due to its crater shape. Primarily natural rock, this unpredictable arena with strong flow and adequate verticality plays best with Sniper Rifles, and secondly with CTF. Dozens of crevices and a complex but quickly memorable layout emphasizes strategy and teamwork for superiority. Initial Ordnances: Sniper Rifle x2 (evenly distributed) ReSupply 100/ Railgun x1 (Neutral) ReSupply 150 Random Ordnances: Incineration Cannon x1 Neutral, Sticky Detonator x1 Neutral Vehicles: N/A Now, your favorite part of the show--pictures! Overhead Side Attacker (Blue) Side Defender (Red) Side
  5. hello everyone this is another map made by forge mode king. this one he intended for fun gameplay andf was not meant for competitive gameplay. however i enjoyed the art of it and the gameplay. but ounce again check it out for yourself. and click the link below. thank you for your time.
  6. Gamer-Tag: Hydrolysis Map: .Synthesis v2.1 Game Types: Slayer, Infinity Slayer, SWAT, Oddball, & KotH Description: In the aftermath of the fall of Reach, humanity urgently strove to discover a new planet in which to call home; however, despite humanity's years of space exploration, no planet had previously been discovered which could support life. On many of these uninhabitable planets, scientists performed tests to artificially foster life. Scientists were able to extract energy from the planet's star and successfully synthesize chlorophyll. This artificial chlorophyll was then pumped into the planets crust in the attempt to foster plant growth. While the project proved successful the it was ultimately terminated as a result of limited funding. Though long abandoned, this facility continues to flourish. Inspired by great Halo maps Midship, Zealot, and Countdown, Synthesis is a small-mid sized competitive multiplayer map designed for 2v2 to 4v4 gameplay. Weapons on Map Frag Grenade 2x 45 sec Plasma Grenade 4x 45 sec Pulse Grenade 2x 45 sec Ordinance Drops Scatter-Shot: 120 sec Sticky Detonator: 120 sec Rail Gun: 120 sec Synthesis has gone through several iterations and had numerous testings, so I hope you enjoy! Thanks to everyone who helped test and gave feedback/suggestions for improvement. May the Forge gods smile upon you! -Hydrolysis
  7. Epsilon v1.6 An original map design by Resivore. 4v4 recommended, supports up to 10 on team. Avoid FFA, as spawns are not set up to support it. Supported gametypes: Slayer, CTF. DOWNLOAD EPSILON V1.6 Introduction A project I had failed to complete in Reach, Epsilon has finally come to life here in Halo 4. A symmetrical, competitive map, Epsilon features two power weapons on either neutral end of the map, promoting teams to make organized pushes towards either one and time them both. After several rounds of testing, and having various issues addressed and corrected, Epsilon is nearing its completion. The game play is fast paced and exciting, and teams are constantly striving for control of either end of the map. Weapons Sniper - x1 - 2 extra clips - 120 sec - Top Gold Rocket Launcher - x1 - 1 extra clip - 180 sec - Top Green DMR - x1 - 2 extra clips - 30 sec - Bottom Green Covenant Carbine - x2 - Bottom of Red + Blue "Spiral" Pistol - x2 - Top of Red + Blue "Spiral" Screenshots Initial loadout. Top gold, snipe spawn. Top green, rocket spawn. Blue base, shows basement that leads up to spiral. Blue flag, shows the entrance to blue spawn / blue "windows" (hallway on the right). Blue spawn / "windows".
  8. Global: Global is a competitive open medium- sized map that's surrounded by variety of rocks and trees to provide cover. There are 2 bases on each site and a large building in the middle. The map supports: Slayer, CTF, KotH and Oddball, with 4v4 players. Weapons: Initial Ordnance: Railgun(270), Sniper Rifle(300) Random Ordnance: 1= Needler, Saw, Detonator, Overshield 2= Pulse grenade(2x), Plasma grenade(3x), Frag grenade(2x) 3= Pulse grenade(2x), Plasma grenade(3x), Frag grenade(2x) Weapons on Map: DMR(2x), BR (2x), Lightrifle (1x) Global can be found at my fileshare: FaNeNL http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/playe ... artIndex=0 The Map, Screenshots and a Fly trough can be found at my file share: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/playe ... fileshare# Screenshots:
  9. Zealous v1.5 A Zealot remake by Resivore. 2-8 recommended player count. Supported gametypes: Slayer, CTF. DOWNLOAD ZEALOUS V1.5 Introduction A project I'd aspired to do since the dawn of Halo 4, my goal of bringing Zealot to life (somewhat) has been achieved. In an attempt to recreate Zealot, Zealous was born. Of course, it plays far different than that of Reach; thanks to our godly jumps (did the Spartans grow wings, or...?), and map awareness and maneuvering skills have been brought to a whole new level. I did my best to stay true to the ideas and overall layout of Reach's Zealot without subtracting from aesthetic appeal. The game play is fast pace and exciting, true to the nature of the original, if I may say so myself. Weapons Sniper - x1 - 2 extra clips - 120 sec - Top Gold Railgun - x1 - 3 extra clips - 120 sec - Green / "Holos" DMR - x1 - 2 extra clips - 30 sec - Ring 2 Covenant Carbine - x2 - 2 extra clips - 30 sec - Red + Blue "Pocket" Railgun - Because Halo 4 no longer features the Grenade Launcher (moment of silence to mourn for its loss, please), I needed to pick a replacement weapon to take its position. I chose the Railgun. In my opinion, I feel that the Railgun is ultimately more similar to Reach's Grenade Launcher than 4's Sticky Detonator. Having to hold and charge it (although not at your disposal) brings back a familiar feeling of charging the Grenade Launcher. The ranges are similar, although I will say the Railgun's range is larger and more accurate, but can also be faulty in given circumstances. Screenshots Initial loadout. Top gold, snipe spawn. Green, rail spawn, view of the street connector. Blue flag, jump, drop, basement. View from blue flag, shows ring 3, blue landing, gold bridge. Blue landing, fanciful windows (can I trademark these? I love them). Also the one and only actual circular part of this map. Notes I am eagerly awaiting feedback. I know from my own experience that I enjoy how this plays, but I'm always listening to suggestions. I did not post this with the impression that it is as good as it's ever going to be, the Halo community's input can always be useful in bringing a map to its full potential. Updates 6/1/13 - Zealous v1.5: Added a ceiling to top gold and red and blue streets. Teleporter is replaced with a lift similar to that of non-MLG Zealot at its base.
  10. Greetings everyone! I thought I'd share a map of mine I originally created in Halo: Reach (it's still there in my Reach File share I believe if anyone wants to see the original) which is called "Rockery". I'm hoping to get some input/advice on how the map plays and if there are any ways to improve it. I designed this map with the sole purpose of its aesthetic being completely natural, apart from the structure that the centre of the map, thus with all the rocks used, I dubbed the map "Rockery". Rockery's a medium to small style of map, the map itself is also a bit of a hybrid, as it supports Competitive Slayer, from Team Slayer to Free for All/Regicide, but it also supports Oddball and KOTH as Objective game types. And so onto the meaty business of the details with some pictures included: Map Name: Rockery File Share: Rockery File Share Gamertag: RECEPTOR 17 Canvas Map: Forge Island Last Updated: 05-18-2013 Supported Gametypes: Team Slayer, Slayer FFA, Oddball, Regicide, King of the Hill Best Gametypes: Team Slayer, Oddball, Regicide Intended Team Sizes: 4v4 + 5v5 (Can do 6v6) Initial Ordnance: 2x Needler (180 Respawn) 1x Rocket Launcher (240 Respawn) 2x Pulse Grenade (100 Respawn) 1x Sticky Detonator (200 Respawn) 2x Frag Grenade (90 Repsawn) 2x Plasma Grenade (120 Respawn) 1x Gravity Hammer (200 Respawn) 1x Railgun (240 Respawn) 1x Concussion Rifle (180 Respawn) Random Ordnance: N/A Weapons on Map: 1x Lightrifle (60 Respawn) 2x Surpressor (90 Respawn) 1x Carbine (60 Respawn) Budget: 5570/10000 Screenshots: Rockery High Rockery's Base Map Flythrough/Overview Link: Rockery Runthrough Map Description: A RECEPTOR and Wetz original. Close-combat oriented Wargames are played out in this natural arena. The map is made Watertight via a Safe Zone cordoning off the playing area of the Map, along with Rock Walling, which blocks off the rest of the Island the Map is built upon. There are Fusion Coils also placed around the central base, to help ensure nobody controls the centre of the Map for the duration of the game. +*+*+*+ And that's that! I'd greatly welcome any constructive comments/suggestions on how the map plays and if there are ways to improve the gameplay etc. Thanks for reading and I look forwards to reading what responses you have! 17 out.
  11. Horrible job on the new maps 343, my son could make better ones. Your original's were good, but not talent working on these last ones. Oh ya btw great job on the damaged scoring system now. For every time I kill someone, I only get assists instead of the full kill. Great way to ruin a dudes k/d ratio, if it already wasn't ruined by the mass lag and delay your online game has. Sorry to say but between the lag, the horrible attention to customer related details and the mass of modded Xbox 360 user on Slayer, I wont be returning to your game ever again. Its a dang shame to , I have been playing since the OG came out years ago. Thanks 343 for jacking up the best game and experience ever. Somebody get Bungie back in here.
  12. I have another map for Halo 4! This time it's a tribute to that yellow round guy, Pac-Man! Pac Attack was modeled after the 1st level of the maze game. Now you can know how it feels to be pac man from a first person stand point! Initially I was going to make a custom gametype to go along with this map, but that fell by the wayside. Though I have the map set to be played with slayer, oddball, KOTH, CTF, and had plans to do domination, but I felt it would be a bit much. Title: Pac Attack Description: 1st level of pac-man just a side note the image is a little out dated! The blue team's initial spawns were moved more North then where they in the picture due to balancing issues with objective matches. WARNING: As I stated with my previous map, this has not been fully tested! I don't expect to many issues because this is a much smaller map than Castle storm 3.0 and pretty simple setup. I do already know that one corner of the map, and I do mean very tip of the corner, is considered a soft kill zone(built into the level not by choice!)There is nothing I can do about that, short of moving the entire map over a few feet, which seems excessive for a small issue that I doubt will ever become a problem in game. Also so nobody freaks out when they play it the first time I had to remove the grids that are on top of the map to take the above picture. The grid gives it a more digital feel. I only have one photo because its friggin pacman! There isn't much to show that most people don't already know/remember! I added some small blocks and debris for cover. Before I did it was just a maze with 4 giant sniper alleys, which would've made the matches a bit annoying. CQC will dominate here. Also where the "power pellets" would be are energy swords. Originally I was going to have custom power ups, like those in halo reach, but as soon as I realized we were denied those in Halo 4 I adjusted the map to have this instead, hopefully you all enjoy this new map! Remember the best way to download my maps/gametypes is to search for my gamertag>fileshare>download whatever you're looking for! COMING SOON: Two gametypes will be put onto my file share 1. Joust- a high speed, high flying FFA with shot guns, grenades and a lot of cursing from your friends! 2. Hide & Seek-Everyone has played this as a child! Now play it as a spartan, and flood! Use your knowledge of the various maps and their nooks and crannies to hide until your the last hider! I hope you all enjoy my maps and the upcoming gametypes!
  13. Gametypes: the map is recommended for Free for all slayer but supports 3v3 team slayer. you can play KOTH, Flood 117 (custom flood game type) and all slayer types on this map. any more then 8 people will over crowded and result in spawn killing. The map has some places only reachable by using armor abilitys and a mantis, ghost, mongoose and warthog placed in various areas. Creator: Hordys8096 Back Story: over the skys of Requim a war had broke out and the covenant was forcing UNSC troops to evacuate ground forces to a Mysterious Island told to hold many secrets. the UNSC frigate STT2 - LoneStar was carrying a range of combat ready veicles and weaponry when it was hit by a covenant escort class cruiser and crash landed on the largest of these islands colliding with a small Outpost tasked with informing and readying all UNSC forces in the area of what lay ahead for them on Reqium. many Spartans and flight crew's were killed in the crash. Although STT2 - LoneStar will never see the thrill of battle again its 'Crash Site' provides a unique experience for all who dare return to scavenge what is left, but all who go into the mists have never returned. as the Frigate collided with the Outpost all comunications went down and covenant forces decended in Phantom class drop ships to eliminate any survivors of the crash but they were greated with an unpleasant and deadly foe, the nuclear reactor powering the frigates fusion drives had expoded and the radiaton had caused the spartans to mutate into what '117' found to be flood. these were not bound by a gravemind and were mindless saveges prone to the smell of flesh. the covenent were picked off fast and a distress call using UNSC proto type slip space comunications was sent strait to High command on the fighter class frigite, Infinity. they responded only imediatly and dispatched multiple squadrons to eliminate the flood threat and regain control of the island complex. the loss of the frigate the is the least of your problems as you and a small pocket of spartans are the only thing which stands between a break out of flood infections. many of you will not come back, but those if you that do, know this you will not return to high command as it is most likly we will be over thrown by the covenant fleet by your return... good luck to you all - Petty Officer John , UNSC infinity Link (before the crash): http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-gb/players/hordys8096/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=8a74824a-b5a2-4494-a03d-e13c5ad618d6 Link (after the crash): http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-gb/players/hordys8096/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=893677c6-a279-49c5-a861-9d8e86661b15 Flood game type: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-gb/players/hordys8096/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=a210ee7a-c977-46e2-945b-05969bde0e02
  14. Hello everyone! New member here who's been quietly forging away on his lonesome for the past couple of months. Just found this site and I figured I should get to know the rest of the Forging Community! so to start off my time here, I thought I'd share my most recent creation for you all to look over and pass judgement on, called Outpost 17: Map Name: Outpost 17 File Share: Outpost 17 File Share Gamertag: RECEPTOR 17 Canvas Map: Forge Island Last Updated: 05-18-2013 Tags: Forge Island, Slayer, FFA, CTF, KOTH, Regicide, Flood, Oddball, Outpost 17, BTB, RECEPTOR 17 Supported Gametypes: Team Slayer, BTB, Slayer FFA, Oddball, Capture the Flag, Flood, Regicide, King of the Hill Best Gametypes: Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Regicide Intended Team Sizes: 5v5, 6v6 + 8v8 Initial Ordnance: 1x Scattershot (180 Respawn) 1x Beam Rifle (210 Respawn) 1x Rocket Launcher (210 Respawn) 4x Pulse Grenade (90 Respawn) 2x SAW (150 Respawn) 1x Sticky Detonator (180 Respawn) 1x Concussion Rifle (180 Respawn) 2x Frag Grenade (90 Repsawn) 2x Plasma Grenade (90 Respawn) 1x Energy Sword (200 Respawn) 1x Railgun (180 Respawn) Random Ordnance: N/A Armor Abilities/Powerups on the Map: N/A Supported Vehicles: 4x Mongoose: 2 per team (120 Respawn) 2x Warthogs, Chaingun: 1 per team (160 Respawn) 1x Ghost: Middle of map (160 Respawn) Budget: 9680/10000 Screenshots: Map Flythrough/Overview Link: Outpost 17 Runthrough Map Description: The 17th creation made by Infinity’s Wargames simulations team, with added input from S-IV Fireteams “Trident” and “Crossbow”. This is a medium to large inversely symmetrical map on Forge Island's largest "Great Anvil, designed primarily for Team Slayer and Capture the Flag, however Flood, King of the Hill (with multiple Hills), Oddball, Infinity Rumble and Regicide are also supported. It can play anything from 2-8 players per team, but works best in a 5v5 - 8v8 range, due to the size and scope of the map. You have the chance to play some close quarters combat in the centre and inside Red and Blue Teams' starting bases, or you can enjoy some long range battles utilising the verticality of the map and some of the more open areas, where Vehicles roam free to cause mayhem. *+*+*+* So, there you have it folks, please do provide any constructive criticism/comments on Outpost 17, all are welcomed! I have 2 other Maps ready to submit another time, so I'm not spamming you with my creations, one is a small close combat oriented map designed for 4v4 Slayer, Rumble, Regicide and Oddball, whilst the other is designed for CTF, BTB and KOTH once again. I also have one arena style map in the works too which I hope to complete soon! Thanks for reading! 17 Out.
  15. GT: TheBloodbath22 Map Name: Crosshairs Supported Gametypes: Team Snipers, Slayer, CTF, Oddball Suggested Party Size: 1v1 to 6v6 (2 - 12) Map Description: This one is an aesthetic and more straightforward creation, indeed not based on anything but the crosshairs in your rifle's scope. Crosshairs is an asymmetrical mid-sized arena which fuses nature and geometric structure to prompt deft hands to use strategy and teamwork to overcome the opponent. With dozens of nooks and crannies, certain rocks deliberately impede or smooth out movement. From a bird's eye view, the arena resembles Crosshairs. This arena was strongly dedicated, but not limited to, fellow Snipers. ***NOTE*** I've been having issues since May 5th with downloading my screenshots. There's a serious bug. Therefore, I'm afraid I have only one screenshot to reference, so my apologies. I sincerely hope this will suffice. ***NOTE*** Initial Ordnances: 2 Neutral Snipers 1 Neutral Saw Random Ordnances: 1 Neutral Concussion Rifle 1 Neutral Railgun Budget: 5250 And that's that! Thank you very much for taking a look at my latest arena. I hope you enjoy.
  16. Gamertag: Male Lord Map: Viliage Gametype: TS/CTF Description: This map is meant to be played with 4v4 or 8v8 slayer/ctf. It is an asymmetric map taking place on a forge world island. There are 2 team bases and 3 neutral on in the middle players can fight over to control the map. There is a turret at each base and both teams are given 1 warthog, 1 ghost and 2 mongooses. There is a sniper for each team and a laser in the central bunker and neutral weopons are placed on both sides. Gameplay varies from long range to medium quarters and all weapons / vehicles have been balanced. Screenshots:Here
  17. GamerTag: LiquidLuigi Map: Storage GameType: Slayer, CTF Storage is a map recommended for 8 - 16 players, with a 2 level playing field. In order to play this map, you must have the Forge Island DLC. The weapons Include: 1 Energy Sword 1 Saw 1 Speed Boost 2 Sticky Dets 2 Needlers 2 Pulse Grenade x2 Red Base Blue Base Each base have 4 ways to get to the top and a tunnel below. The sticky Det spawns on top of the base every 2 minutes. The needler and pulse grenades are found on the sides of the bases. The crates are the only sources of cover at each base. Orange Building There are multiple ways to get to this area. You can go up the ramp, the gravity lift, or jump on the 2x2 pillars. The orange bridge has very little cover (Don't stay there too long). The energy sword and the speed boost are places in this area. Aerial View
  18. What are peoples thoughts on spawn killing? Is it an acceptable way of getting an easy kill? or just out of order? I personally try to avoid it if for instance someone appears then moves off in the opposite direction but will attack if they move towards me.
  19. Gamer tag: lllll 117 lllll (l = L, 5 at each side) Map name: Starlight Map features: Starlight was built with the Impact space canvas, its a big map purpose-built for 4vs4 skirmish. Features 2 bases at each side and 1 neutral area in the center. Its a cool space facility with many open spaces for precision weaponry, high sniping spots and good for close combat too inside or near the bases. Each base has a ghost at the moment whose Im not sure about keeping because the open space is fit for a good driver to unleash. There are interesting areas all over the map, the map is very original so I hope you all like it and please leave feedback! Pics:
  20. 1. Gamer Tag: CrimsonVolver 2. Map name: Sanctorium 3. No special gametypes. I tried to make Griffball work like Assault, but it's fixed to only Griffball settings (see my sad face?) Map supports all gametypes but Dominion and Griffball 4. This map is good for 2v2, 3v3, or 2v2v2 multiteam (Red, Blue, Green), FFA and Fiesta. You could try flood or 4v4 on it, but I am not sure how that would go as it is a relatively small map. The map is a spiraling cave built inside the belly of the small island on Forge Island. There are three rooms, (Blue, Green, Red) with Green at the center/mid location; Blue/Red each have two ways to get in/out, and Green room has two main ways in/out, as well as two other means to get in or out. Because of the small size I was able to do some fun and interesting aesthetics to compliment the overall theme. I am providing 5 screenshots, and when my friend Liamevanspro gets the opportunity to make a video or either gameplay or a fly through I will post that to the thread, as well as screenshots from future gamplay.
  21. GT:DHG The Captain(Creator: PJ JUSTUS) Map: Gaurdian http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/dhg%20the%20captain/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=11733e79-eb62-44ac-91d4-565a1fb56c89 Game Type: GOOD OLD DAYS http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/dhg%20the%20captain/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=0f3cad90-0705-4b8d-9b28-c312f88fa982 Description. This map is a remake of Multiplayer map Gaurdian in Halo 3. Its used for either Slayer Default or GOOD OLD DAYS. The game type is meant to emphasize that this takes you back to before loadouts, so you start the game with a Assault Rifle, a Magnum and 2 Frags. There are 2 bases with a intersection in the middle and many rocks and grav lifts to the sides. Inside the middle corridor connecting the two bases is a Gravity Hammer. Along the rocks there is a Railgun. Both sides are equally equipped and can range from medium to close range combat http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/dhg%20the%20captain/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=Image&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=c2126bf3-9f47-49f2-93c9-97036edb4438
  22. Gamertag: The Grim Dealer Map name: Silence Base map: Ravine Description: Silence is an Arena style map, partially inspired by a section of The Silent Cartographer from Halo: CE. 4v4 Team Throwdown settings recommended. Map download: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/the%20grim%20dealer/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=14de5025-63ed-414b-91da-e7e9f98725aa Ordnance: Rocket Launcher, 150 sec. respawn. Sticky Det, 125 sec. respawn. Overshield, 80 sec. respawn. Weapons on map: 2x Carbine, 50 sec. respawn, 2 spare magazines. 2x DMR, 60 sec. respawn, 1 spare magazine. 4x BR, 30 sec. respawn, 2 spare magazines. 1x Scattershot, 90 sec. respawn, 1 spare magazine. 2x Pulse Grenade, 15 sec. respawn. 4x Plasma Grenade, 15 sec. respawn. 4x Frag Grenade, 15 sec. respawn. Supported Gametypes: Slayer and CTF Team Throwdown CTF download Team Throwdown Slayer download Screenshots: I want to make sure this map is as polished as possible, so please leave your feedback here, or send it to The Grim Dealer on XBL.
  23. GT: DHG The Captain(Creator:PJ JUSTUS) Map: Ascension http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/dhg%20the%20captain/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=0670c4be-2ffd-4211-ab44-883c37c8422c Game Type: GOOD OLD DAYS http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/dhg%20the%20captain/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameSettings&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=0f3cad90-0705-4b8d-9b28-c312f88fa982 Description This map is based off a Ascension in Halo 2 Multiplayer. It uses slight long range to medium range combat. There are two pulse grenades at the center, and a Banshee on one side of the map. Of course added along is the secret area which holds a rocket launcher with either a grav lift or teleporter to send you back. Around the map are many weapons for fighting the enemy up close, or to immobilize the banshee. This gametype is used to take you back to before Loadouts. You only equipped with a Assault Rifle, a Magnum and 2 frags. Both sides are equally equipped with back doors that goes around the middle of the map. http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/dhg%20the%20captain/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=Image&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=6d513bda-cc4f-4fd2-88eb-8e18b0fb767b
  24. Map Name: Incumbent Creator: Did4ct Gametypes: Slayer, CTF, Extraction, KOTH, Regicide, Oddball, Multi Team Description: Incumbent is an asymmetrical medium-sized map with good lines of sight. There is no one position that dominates the map. The map consists of a group of large rocks in the center with passageways running inside of the rock walls beside the two "bases." There are key positions in high and low places. I put trait zones with 200% gravity along the top of the outer walls along with a bunch of soft kill zones making it impossible to escape (I couldn't find a way out). It is called "Incumbent" because there is a very noticeably large forerunner structure "leaning" against one of the back walls. This map is my favorite map I have made thus far and I think it's kind of reminiscent of the older Halo maps. The aerial pictures don't show but when you're in the map everything looks a lot bigger and is a lot cleaner. Supports 2-16 players. Plays best with 6-8 Video Vehicles/Turrets Normal Hog (replaced by Ghost in CTF) Ghost (2 in CTF) Machine Gun Turret Shade turret Initial Ordinance Rocket (Center) Sniper (Side) Concussion (Side) 2 Fragx2 (each by blue and red spawn) Random Ordinance Laser/Sword Shotty/Railgun Needler/Beam Rifle Saw/Binary Rifle Fuel Rod/Scattershot/Scattershot (Middle)
  25. UPDATE(4/20/13): I've redone the floor so it's not as ugly, and also fixed an issue where the Overshield would spawn under the platform. Gamertag: The Grim Dealer Map name: Silence Base map: Ravine Description: Silence is an Arena style map, partially inspired by a section of The Silent Cartographer from Halo: CE. 4v4 Team Throwdown settings recommended. Map download: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/the%20grim%20dealer/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&details=14de5025-63ed-414b-91da-e7e9f98725aa Ordnance: Rocket Launcher, 150 sec. respawn. Sticky Det, 125 sec. respawn. Overshield, 80 sec. respawn. Weapons on map: 2x Carbine, 50 sec. respawn, 2 spare magazines. 2x DMR, 60 sec. respawn, 1 spare magazine. 4x BR, 30 sec. respawn, 2 spare magazines. 1x Scattershot, 90 sec. respawn, 1 spare magazine. 2x Pulse Grenade, 15 sec. respawn. 4x Plasma Grenade, 15 sec. respawn. 4x Frag Grenade, 15 sec. respawn. Supported Gametypes: Slayer and CTF Team Throwdown CTF download Team Throwdown Slayer download Screenshots: I want to make sure this map is as polished as possible, so please leave your feedback here, or send it to The Grim Dealer on XBL.
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