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Found 167 results

  1. For many of us Halo Combat Evolved was the reason you bought your Xbox in the first place, for many more halo 2 was the reason you subscribed to Xbox Live. On April 15, 2010 all original Xbox Live title's servers were taken down. 1 week ago was the two year mark since anyone has legitimately played Halo 2 on Xbox live servers. 343 has already taken the initiative to remake Halo: Combat Evolved, the birth of the halo series and, depending on who you talk to, the selling point of the original Xbox. Perhaps 343 and Microsoft can release Halo 2 in November 2012. To commemorate the ten year anniversary of Xbox Live. Depending on the popularity of this thread, the answer you choose in this poll and the amount of 343 and Microsoft associates who see this, it may not be as unrealistic as it may seem. So please, I urge you to answer this poll and give this thread as much attention as possible Love, The abominable hoe man
  2. I think that it’s about time for Halo to expand to the light of Hollywood. After hearing many years worth of rumors about Halo making it into the big screen but being canceled because of production costs. I think that it’s time to talk about it again and show Microsoft that Halo could be the next Starwars/ Transformers. With digital technology better than it’s ever been before it would be the perfect time to start filming the next big Blockbuster. With millions of fans world wide the idea of creating a Halo movie saga showcasing the beginning of Halo to now would be highly profitable. So my task to you the reader is to promote the idea of creating a Halo movie saga on the internet and with friends. And to reply to this post with ideas for the Halo saga movie and your thoughts about a Halo movie
  3. I know the people I've spoken to feel the same way, I'm just hoping the majority of the community does too. 343 You’re our last hope… This means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to you too. This is going to be long but it needs to be said. I just want someone from 343 to read it. Please just one person is enough that’s all I ask. Before I get to my point, let me explain how I got into Halo so you can understand where I’m coming from. I’ll try to keep it brief. Way back when I was just a kid everyone from my neighborhood used to play N64 shooters like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Turok etc. and I loved those games. Against my friends I was the best, so being a kid I believed that I was the best in the world… I mean when you’re young and you’re the best on your block, you feel like the best! Then along came PC online gaming. Yep I sucked! Big time. Quake, Unreal Tournament, Battlefield… Not being able to see the other player’s screens was a big reality check. But there was one game that really stuck out. This game was called Delta Force 2. I started playing Delta Force 2 and I actually got pretty good. I even made a name for myself amongst highly skilled players on a few servers. Remembering Sever/Hosts names and joining clans telling yourself “yeah this is where the good people play”. This is how you fount your competition. It became easy to find servers with highly skilled players in it but it was always the same players, with the odd noob sneaking in just to make the numbers for a full game. But it still was nothing compared to Halo 2. When I got Halo 2 after still being the best out of my handful of friends I went online on XBL. I knew what I wasn’t the best but I still went in gunz blaz’n baby! As I played in team slayer I wondered “what is that number beside our names” Seeing the “1” jump to a “3” after one game had me confused but after 2 -3 games I quickly learned what it was… our level. I still didn’t value it just thought it was cool, I thought to myself “I wonder how long it takes to reach the top” around level 10 I came across another player who clearly made a new account. But back then I didn’t know, finishing the team slayer game with 25 kills and everyone else having around 10-5 I thought this guy was some kind of god. I was only level 10 though. As I leveled I realized what the matchmaking system was actually doing, it was matching players of the same skill level together. As I reached level 20 this is where it became harder. I realized I was stuck, I couldn’t get any further for about a whole two months I was level 20. Within this period I came across level 25s and saw one or two level 30’s. I respected them as players. When you see them in the lobby and nobody has been put on teams yet you’re praying, “please put the level 30 on my team pleeease” They was always better than me. I wondered “WTF do they do that makes them sooooo good” but at the same time I was more interested in what it’s like when they go into matchmaking and everyone is level 30. Man that must be though. The leveling system Being able to play with your skill level and test you’re might is great but having something to show and something to lose makes it that much more valuable. Nowadays the leveling system is too soft. Back in Halo 2 I remember getting a level 33 in Team slayer winning three games on it then losing 1 game and BAM! I’m level 32 again. Yea I was pissed but that’s what made me value my level and other people’s. In Halo 3 everyone and their mother had a level 50. It was a very good leveling system still but in the end it didn’t mean anything. It was too easy to get. And Halo: Reach… Arena was clever but it really was not that good. Please Bring back that unforgiving leveling system. Yea their was no legit 50s in Halo 2 but the fact that everyone had one in Halo 3 really didn’t solve the problem. Getting to a level 40 in Halo 2 was God Like. It meant you overcame being Modded, Standby, Super Bounced, De-levelers and quitters to get to that level. Halo 3 may have been solid but the fact that players can lose ten games yet still maintain their level makes no sense. Where’s the sense of achievement? The leveling system in Halo 3 is way too soft. It needs to be more unforgiving! Importance of solid matchmaking Not all of us are competitive I know this and not all of us are in the tournament scene (I’m not) BUT that does not mean everyone cannot appreciate a solid leveling and matchmaking system. I am not in the tournament scene so I know that not all Halo players are competitive, but to play a decent game with players who are genuinely at the same skill level now means finding clans or entering tournaments. For players like me it’s a pain. In H2 (Halo 2) If you brought a low level into matchmaking it would try to math you up with the same odds and it was pretty good at it if I remember. Now I don’t have to find clans or get into the tournament scene to have decent games. It makes it easier for everyone and the casual players still get to play with each other. I was quite oblivious to what goes on at the higher levels when I was stuck at level 20. But if it were not for Halo 2 strict matchmaking I would not have the skill I have today on shooters. Problems of today When I play reach you have nothing to lose I mean arena has too much nonsense and cheap ways to play it such as camo & sniper camping. So arena is a no go. Plus getting to Onyx was the easiest thing ever it was pretty much a joke. So MLG has its only playlist… why is it not ranked? You know it didn’t matter at first it has it had it’s pros and cons. But the big problem was the amount of quitting that goes on. Here is a number of reasons people quit in the first 2 mins of the game in Halo: Reach MLG playlist…. Whole team gets killed Opposing teams controls all weapons One person on your team lagged out Someone is idle for 30 secs after the match began. Your team is losing 10-0 I could go on but my point is on Halo 2 people stayed because you didn’t lose until you lost. Remember when you was down 10 kills it’s 49-39 to the opposing team, everyone is screaming at each other “Don’t Die, DON’T DIE!” that little voice in the background… “I have the sniper” you all play your hardest and pull the win. At the end of the match in the end game lobby everyone is quite and that one guy says… “GET RAPED!” And then leaves LOL oh man Halo 2 those where the days. You see people stayed because they valued their level very rarely people quit. Allow me to touch on COD for two seconds… how often do you get to play in a room where 90% of the players in the game have the same skill as each other and its ranked… Yea not often. You might be luck if you come across 3 people on the opposing team that’s better than you other than that your playing with the consol owners 10 yr old kids. You don’t get to test your skill constantly like you did in Halo 2 nowadays. It’s starting to happen on Halo reach too, just jump in MLG right now. The Value When I told my little cosine about the old halo matchmaking and leveling system he said something funny. When I explained everything he paused for two seconds looked at me then said… “That’s like gambling” lol He’s right! Once you attain a “high level” that you was happy with to go in again to either level up or de-level was a rush. All those hours of hard work and lucky wins on the line. Yesterday your friends couldn’t believe the level you have now you might just lose it. Only Halo 2 made me feel this way because I knew if I lost I might not get it back. Level 35 in team snipers and 30 in hardcore. That was some real levels for me. You know you value your level when you don’t let your friends play on your account, when you finally persuade your closest friend to get Halo 2 and xbl only to then say “Yo I’ll play with you, but not in Team slayer… I don’t wanna lose my level”. Yeah I know some shady **** but it’s the truth and you know it. In Halo 3 I couldn’t care less what happened to my 50 in MLG. Everybody had one it was ridiculous it didn’t have nearly as much value as what a level 30 had in team slayer in Halo 2. To be honest if you could rank everyone levels on halo with the pros being 50 and the noobs being 10, I would probably be a legit level 42. I know this is impossible but atleast make the matchmaking strict enough so that when the best have 50 and play each other the loser goes down a level. At least after two loses on a 50. The Halo 2 Experience VOICE CHAT! Now I understand why people have been muted from the other team but in halo two it was perfect. If you were too far form the opponent they couldn’t hear you. Problem solved. If you want the opposing team to not hear you then give us that option too. We can easily set that in the options menu in Halo 3 I think. But make it the standard to hear the opposing team in ranked. I never used to “talk s***” BUT that was the funniest part about being able to hear peoples reactions as you no scope them on the brink of death or slapping their dead body and hearing them rage… “You think you’re good kid! Huh! Wanna 1v1 me after this!” You guys know who you are lol. I could only imagine how fun it would be if you could hear the opposing team in COD. And that’s a game I don’t play! Even hearing players say sigh and the say “good ****” after you kill them is quite fulfilling no matter how they say it. How we feel I have conversations with people now and then who bring up what shooters are the best and very rarely do they back up why they think COD or GoW is a good game and explain their history on it. After I tell them mine they go quite and just say… “damn I wish I played it”. When I talk to other Halo 2 players we even end up saying lets play some Reach only to find out why we stopped playing it. Halo games as a whole brings something to the table but that online matchmaking just did it for me too. I have only played one other game with a matchmaking system on par with Halo 2. That was Championship Mode on Street Fighter IV. But still you couldn’t really de-level on that but if you could make it to the end of the mini tournament it was always with with someone tough. We wish the next Halo would bring back some memories of Halo 2 but all I ask if to give back that solid matchmaking system it had. I really means a lot to me. Ask around other players will agree and you can still cater to the casual gamers with overall service ranks and all that nonsense. I still play with some of the people I met on Halo 2 just because of how we bonded on trying to reach that next level of skill and playing in matchmaking. A shout out to few old GTs I remember… dx K Bye xb Yo Granny Foo tRxZePPeLiNx The Black Girl I Poppa G I Rambo631862 Don Salchicon Thug Money Abit of Luck I left out a lot of people and may have spelt the names wrong but it’s no biggie if you read please support it. There is so much more I want to say but for now I just wanted to bring Halo 2 matchmaking to the light. (Sorry for the bad grammar and typos you may find but I’m not a writer I’m a gamer that’s just trying to speak up) 343 please bring back Halo 2 matchmaking and all its glory in some way. Peace out DaRealNRG TL:DR: Bring back Halo 2 Matchmaking.
  4. Dear 343 Industries, Let me just say this real quick. I have a ton of faith that y'all can redeem the Halo multiplayer from what we've all recently seen. Every time I see an interview or read a quote from one of you guys, it gives me even more hope. Just consider the following suggestions from a super hardcore H2 fanatic. Here are some itsy bitsy things that could be implemented in H4 multiplayer (Infinity) that would probably make me buy the game even if the gameplay was as bad as Reach (Not bashing .. just hear me out). For the first couple, I'm going to go ahead and assume that there is going to be a numbered leveling system like H2 had. I ask for two things here. 1) Make the higher levels a big deal. In H3, my Double Team partner went from a 1 to a 48 in less than 6 hours. In H2 that amount of time would only get you to level 30 ish. And 48 was nearly impossible, which isn't a bad thing at all. 2) THIS IS MY ONE MOST REASONABLE SUGGESTION. Bring back the colored ranks with the corners from H2. Seriously, this is the coolest form of simplicity I can imagine. Based on what has been revealed about H4 so far, I'm assuming there is going to be ranks like General and Commander and all that stuff. Just consider a couple things here. 1) Please don't make these such a big deal. Anytime I see my gamertag, that ugly emblem is next to my name. All it shows is how much time I've spent playing the game, which sometimes sparks a good insult related to the number of friends I have or my relationship status. 2) The emblems for Reach were really boring and cartoon-looking. If y'all are going to use the same emblems that are used in H3, Reach, and every war game ever made, at least make them look cool with a faded, scruffed up look. Maybe a cool background or something. I don't know .. honestly, I don't like them at all. Just make them different. Bear with me through this one. I'm sure y'all are well past this point in development, but at least try to keep the multiplayer levels fairly simple. Do a side-by-side comparison of Lockout in H2 vs Blackout in H3. Now look at the bottom level of the BR Tower. Notice how in H2 Lockout, the floor is completely flat everywhere. Now look at H3 Blackout. Do you see that big platform that you land on when you drop down from the floor above? There is no reason that platform should be there. All it does is slow me down when I walk over it. There's little things like this all over H3 and Reach levels, not just on the floor but on walls and in doorways, as well. This kind of stuff not only becomes an annoyance every now and then when strafing, but makes the level look way too busy in regard to aesthetics. I can understand that kind of stuff in the campaign where the theme of the level is really important, but 99% of people that put hundreds of hours into multiplayer don't do it because the levels are pretty. If anyone gets anything from all these words, let it be this. BRING BACK THE AWESOME COLORFUL POINTY-EDGED NUMBERED RANKING SYSTEM!! Like I said before, it's simple and awesome, and no one is going to complain that it's there. At least the numbered ranking system like H2. I'm not proud of it, but 6 years ago my life revolved around my Halo 2 Team Slayer rank. I was a 39 by the way .. Legit fool!! Sincerely, A hardcore H2 fan
  5. Hello all, Today I decied too play some games of Halo 2 on my PC because I wanted to get some achievements with my Xbox Live account because I used to use a different acoount for my PC to my Xbox. (I dont know why). Anyway, As soon as I hit quick match in the LIVE menu it said that the server timer timed out. Then I went to browse games and waited a while after about 5mins of waiting I gave up, checked my connection, tried again, failed, restarted, failed and now im writing this post. I dont know has anything to do with 343i taking over or something else, if you know anything or just what to add to this topic write into the thing below. SpelWerdzRit
  6. Hello all, Like most of you, I am saddened by Bungie's recent termination of providing Halo data services. The services that we had all been accustomed to and had appreciated very much have ceased to exist. Since April 1, 2012, I have visited my online Bungie-provided Service Record for Halo 3, only to discover that my most recent games are no longer being logged for future reference -- no more showing my friends that amazing extermination I earned in Team Slayer, or priding myself in my aggregate medals I've achieved over four years of continuous game-play. I fear that, now that the data services have been terminated, this puts Halo 3, among other aging Halo titles, one step closer to having its online playing servers discontinued. In order to keep an invested interest in Halo 3 and other pre-Reach, Bungie-developed titles, I would like to see 343i and/or Microsoft take up Halo data services for the games that the entire Halo community still enjoys today. As of now, Halo Waypoint, the new source for online Halo data available through Xbox's website, only updates information for a player's Service Record for Halo: Reach and Halo: CE Anniversary. I would very much like to see existing Halo 3 data, as well as future data, be made accessible through Halo Waypoint as well. Perhaps even transferring all existing Halo data, including archived Halo 2 data, could be part of such a transition. I have created this thread for anyone who also shares the same sentiments to express their own thoughts on this matter. While I would like to see this change implemented, and perhaps it isn't even an issue 343i and/or Microsoft could feasibly address due to lack of legal control over financial/capital resources (or over rights to own/provide pre-Reach, Bungie-developed data), I would certainly at least like to entertain a discussion about any other viewpoints there may be. For instance, one might say "Halo 3 is coming up on five years old, and there needs to come a time where the old ceases to exist to make way for the new." Well, I disagree -- Halo 2, arguably the watershed title for making the Xbox LIVE experience what it is today, was discontinued because it was only for the original Xbox LIVE servers (which went offline April 14, 2010), which is a valid reason; however, as long as the current Xbox LIVE servers are online, I see no reason why one of the world's best-selling titles, the sequel to one of the "founding fathers" of Xbox LIVE, and its corresponding online data services, should be completely terminated. But, this is only one opinion, so... To all of those veteran Halo fans out there, especially those who still appreciate Halo 3 -- let me know what your thoughts are! -C6Vette
  7. One thing that personally disappointed me about Halo 3 and even more in Halo: Reach was the custom games. Why? Custom Games keep the game fresh. It made Halo 2 and 3 last several years past what they would have without it. In Halo 3, custom games were great. Don't get me wrong, but there were options that should have been there that just weren't. A perfect example is the beam rifle. Why couldn't a person assign it as a starting weapon? There was NO point to not being able to do that. Did Bungie just forget? Well it's not important now. The point I'm trying to make is that when the Bungie.net forum threw an outrage on this, Bungie didn't capitalize on it in Halo: Reach. Reach's custom game options are just pitiful. Awful. Horrendous. It's a mockery of itself. To me it removes the point of even having Forge World. Not only did Bungie fail to add the options it's fans begged for, but it also took away options that- AGAIN were completely pointless to remove. What I'm asking of 343; is to make sure the options that should be out, are out. Halo 2 in retrospect had more customibility than any other Halo! Bungie made sure any possible option that a user might want to use was right there. As well as all weapons could be started with. Enough of my ramble. Here's what I'm stating 1) All weapons that are in the game, and even previous games if possible, should be able to be selected to start with and place in forge. 2) Any possible options from previous games, and options we've all been asking for should be added. 3) Forge should reflect all these options and have a friendly UI that any person can properly use. No more of that "Not compatible with this gametype". Now I'm sure I'll be editing this later. I am fairly tired and I have a feeling I just repeat myself over and over. However, I don't care. I want to see opinions of the forum, and any options that any of you would add too.
  8. Get rid of the reach engine(no class set ups and no perks unless they are placed in the maps) Bring halo back to the way it was in halo 2. Where you had a adventurous campaign, a real tight structured multiplayer, but also had the glitches in it for the private custom match "fun" play, and i personally wasnt the biggest fan of firefight....maybe if you would add more gametypes(obsticle course, warthog races, bomb defusions.etc). Also take a page from MW3 right now with the community playlist where they put the fun private gametypes into matchmaking. I would love to re-live the good days of halo with "tower of power", "hide and seek", and any other fun gametypes the players would come up with. Just a thought. Halo 2 was the funnest game in my opinion to play. Would love to experience that again since they shut halo 2 down for xbox live.
  9. if halo 4 doesnt sequel the gamplay of halo 2 and 3 im going to sell my xbox. Because i own an xbox to play halo and real halo doesnt have bloom, armor abilities, sprinting, crapy maps, a terrible ranking system or DMRs. A real halo game has battle rifles, good maps, solid controlled gamplay with a competitive ranking system. No BS that makes the gameplay complicated to the point to were the luck factor goes up 100%. Dont listen to all the noobs that havnt even played halo 2 back in the day when it was great. Spinting only makes the spawns worse than cod spawns and iron sights just dont go along with halo, dont listen to the noobs who want this. The BR was great, most satisfaction out of any weapon in halo. Bring it back, there was no reason to take it out in reach, people only complained about because they were stupid noobs who couldnt use it. Lots of new ideas dont need to be brought into number 4, it just needs to have polished halo 2 and 3 gameplay. Without Halo Xbox is just as bad as PS3. Consol is outdated the largest majority of the community are kids and casual gamers who dont care about winning. PC is the way to go, it will always be better than console because it can be upgraded. There is nothing console has over PC other than halo because everthing comes from PC other than console only games. i have many other reasons why PC is better for the hardcore gamer
  10. First and foremost, get rid of the loadouts. In my opinion, the loadout feature has ruined the entire Halo experience. I think most of the Halo vets will agree with me on that one. Why be lazy and use a jetpack when you can learn super bounces like in Halo 2. Why be a ***** and hide under your armor lock when you can strategically plan out the smartest time to pick up the overshield. Next. BR > DMR. The DMR is trash. The BR was such a better go to weapon. I mean come on, strafing and placing your shots is enough to comprehend, but to strafe, place, and TIME your shots? Get real Bungie. I really hope 343 destroys the DMR and brings back the BR. Ranking system. The Halo: Reach ranking system is the worst ranking system I've ever experienced in any game, ever. You don't even have a number that says how skilled you are! Instead, all you get is a symbol that says how much you play! I would much rather be ranked on how WELL I play the game, not on how much I PLAY the game. Halo 2 had my favorite ranking system. All you need is a simple, solid number that says your skill. I remember when I first got my 30, how pretty the colors were on that number. Halo 3's ranking system was ok, but then again, experience points and grades are unnecesary to me. Glitches. I miss all of Halo 2's glitches. Super bouncing, BXR, Double shot, getting outside of maps, etc. I had so much fun with all of these glitches in matchmaking. I also had a lot of fun trying to figure them out in custom games with a group of friends. I would love to see 343 bring back the super bounce, and throw in some glitches of their own. One thing that I have always wanted to see is a custom matchmaking playist. No vetos, no majority vote, just pick a map, pick a gametype, and search for others who have the same custom settings as yourself. Of course keep all of the other playlists like Doubles, Snipers, Rumblepit, etc. Just add 'custom matchmaking' to the playlist. I would also like to see 1v1. Halo 2 had it for a bit but they pulled it as well as on Halo 3. It was there for about 6 months in each game until it was pulled. This time I hope 343 keeps it. Last but not least, I hope to see a lot of the old maps return in their original forms. Lockout is the best Halo map of them all. I really like Blackout too, but it's just not the same. The reason these maps are brought back is because they were so popular and highly demanded. If you're going to bring an old map back just leave it the way it is. I don't care if you have a good idea on how to improve it. If it's a classic, it doesn't need improvement, so don't alter it. Here is a list of maps I hope to see in Halo 4. Lockout, Ascention, Guardian, Construct, Cold Storage, Headlong, Beaver Creek, The Pit, Midship, Ivory Tower. The list goes on. I think most of the maps in H2 and H3 were amazing, but there are a couple that just suck. Honestly, I think I just miss the old Halo experience. I really hope 343 removes every intention Bungie had for Reach and brings back the old features to relive and continue to enjoy the 'Halo experience.' Oh yeah, one more thing i forgot to mention. I always thought team captains would be cool. For example, say you enter team slayer and 8 players are randomly selected. I think the top 2 players with the highest rank should be the team captains. Then the other players will be chosen by the team captains based on their stats, rank, name, annoyingness or however they feel to pick their teammates. I think it would add a little more fairness and teamwork to the halo experience but not so much that it completely changes the game... like Reach.
  11. Halo has had about 1/2 of the gameplay value removed from it. Im talking about the ammo resupply boxes. These are in every single campaign and multiplayer up untill halo 3 and reach were they disapear. These ammo boxes were also in online and played a crucial role in the gameplay. A man who grabbed a sniper rifle, shotgun, or rockets could keep supplying his weapon if he resupplied at these pionts. Subsuquently, the enemy could camp these spots, deneying the enemy ammo, or just using these points as bait. Once these ammo boxes were removed from the universe in halo 3, these power weapons mentioned previously (rockets, sniper, shotgun) become utterly and undeniably USLESS once the ammo limit is reached. The only way to resupply to find an identical weapon spawn, so why not just throw away the useless shotgun or sniper untill you find anther. Do you see what I mean when I say that litterally half of the gameplay value has been lost? No longer is a really good sniper a threat that must be eliminated as a high priority target...you just simpley have to wait for the ammo to run out and he picks up a needler.....
  12. From game to game we always seems to discuss which weapons we will see in the game that are new, and with the rapidly growing discussion of DMR v.s. BR in the 343i forum community I thought I would bring up a different, however similar topic, which is Which weapons and vehicles do you want to see return from previous games? Some examples of discontinued weapons from the Original Halo Trilogy to Reach where the BR, Brute Shot, Beam Rifle, and Mauler. For vehicles some examples are the Hornet, Elephant, Prowler, and the Chopper. I personally believe that there just simply needs to be a new replacement for the DMR and BR to just end the argument which is better, but I would love to see the return of the brute shot and mauler because when I played Halo 3 I thought they where some of the easiest weapons to get kills with, and I didn't quite understand why they took them out in Reach. As for vehicles, I think that bringing back the Elephant in BTB would be quite simply amazing, as well as the hornet that way in, for example, Invasion when the Elites have their Banshees up, the humans have a way to rival it with a Hornet in the air. I think the falcon did a poor job of rivaling the banshee in Reach and simply made it an easy way for someone to get an easy Triple Kill. On an ending note, since the subject go hand in hand with each other Which Weapons would you like to not see return from Previous games? This can apply to any weapons or vehicles that have appeared in any of the franchises games up to this point, whether they appeared in Reach or not. And as Always, Have Fun Discussing!!
  13. Have you ever played a prank on someone on Halo? Or have you had a prank be played on you? If you have, share what happened below! I'll start: Funniest thing EVER. XD When I was 10 years old I started a custom game lobby on Halo 2 on the map Warlock- (Snowy version of Blackout) ok before I actually tell the story I'm gonna tell everyone in case they didn't play Halo 2 that in the center top of the map there was a glass tile that you could see through the ceiling into the floor below. I started up a lobby and within minutes I was able to have a completely full game of people. (All which were older than me XD) Despite me being either 9 or 10, -I cant remember- I convinced everyone that if everyone stood in a circle around the glass tile that it would break if we all shot it at the same time. ...but only with Rocket Launchers. XD I got EVERYONE. EVERYONE. -to stand in a circle all on top of the tile hoping to see the glass shatter beneath their feet. I stood on top of them all, counted to 3, and right before I said 2 I jumped off of them, in mid-air stuck the middle guy with a sticky grenade, and when I said 3 I got a Killionaire! The rest of the game was filled with the gametype change from 'Slayer' to 'Lets kill RANMAN'. XDDDD
  14. I was unsure of where to put this so I decided to put it up here, I've been hearing a lot of rumours about a possible remake of Halo 2, and if it WERE to happen, most likely it would be on the 10th Anniversery of Halo 2 which I think would be around late 2014. I think it would be a intersting Idea, as Halo 2 is probably my favorite among the Halo Trilogy, what do you guys think?
  15. Just wondering if the community feels that Halo Reach had the feel of good ol' classic Halo. If you don't think it does, share your thoughts below.
  16. Hey yall. Was browsing halo stuff on Google when i can upon this site. Contained the sheet music and i believe mp3 to the majority of halo music. being a high school musician myself i went crazy over this site. If you are a musician who loves halo or just love the music in general this site is for you. just sign up and BOOM tons of music at your disposal. Relating to poll, please feel free to discuss and post anything relating to halo and music of halo.
  17. I had alot of fun here and since it's forerunner, I imagine it'd fit the whole shield world idea.
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