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  1. if halo 4 doesnt sequel the gamplay of halo 2 and 3 im going to sell my xbox. Because i own an xbox to play halo and real halo doesnt have bloom, armor abilities, sprinting, crapy maps, a terrible ranking system or DMRs. A real halo game has battle rifles, good maps, solid controlled gamplay with a competitive ranking system. No BS that makes the gameplay complicated to the point to were the luck factor goes up 100%. Dont listen to all the noobs that havnt even played halo 2 back in the day when it was great. Spinting only makes the spawns worse than cod spawns and iron sights just dont go along with halo, dont listen to the noobs who want this. The BR was great, most satisfaction out of any weapon in halo. Bring it back, there was no reason to take it out in reach, people only complained about because they were stupid noobs who couldnt use it. Lots of new ideas dont need to be brought into number 4, it just needs to have polished halo 2 and 3 gameplay. Without Halo Xbox is just as bad as PS3. Consol is outdated the largest majority of the community are kids and casual gamers who dont care about winning. PC is the way to go, it will always be better than console because it can be upgraded. There is nothing console has over PC other than halo because everthing comes from PC other than console only games. i have many other reasons why PC is better for the hardcore gamer
  2. First and foremost, get rid of the loadouts. In my opinion, the loadout feature has ruined the entire Halo experience. I think most of the Halo vets will agree with me on that one. Why be lazy and use a jetpack when you can learn super bounces like in Halo 2. Why be a ***** and hide under your armor lock when you can strategically plan out the smartest time to pick up the overshield. Next. BR > DMR. The DMR is trash. The BR was such a better go to weapon. I mean come on, strafing and placing your shots is enough to comprehend, but to strafe, place, and TIME your shots? Get real Bungie. I really hope 343 destroys the DMR and brings back the BR. Ranking system. The Halo: Reach ranking system is the worst ranking system I've ever experienced in any game, ever. You don't even have a number that says how skilled you are! Instead, all you get is a symbol that says how much you play! I would much rather be ranked on how WELL I play the game, not on how much I PLAY the game. Halo 2 had my favorite ranking system. All you need is a simple, solid number that says your skill. I remember when I first got my 30, how pretty the colors were on that number. Halo 3's ranking system was ok, but then again, experience points and grades are unnecesary to me. Glitches. I miss all of Halo 2's glitches. Super bouncing, BXR, Double shot, getting outside of maps, etc. I had so much fun with all of these glitches in matchmaking. I also had a lot of fun trying to figure them out in custom games with a group of friends. I would love to see 343 bring back the super bounce, and throw in some glitches of their own. One thing that I have always wanted to see is a custom matchmaking playist. No vetos, no majority vote, just pick a map, pick a gametype, and search for others who have the same custom settings as yourself. Of course keep all of the other playlists like Doubles, Snipers, Rumblepit, etc. Just add 'custom matchmaking' to the playlist. I would also like to see 1v1. Halo 2 had it for a bit but they pulled it as well as on Halo 3. It was there for about 6 months in each game until it was pulled. This time I hope 343 keeps it. Last but not least, I hope to see a lot of the old maps return in their original forms. Lockout is the best Halo map of them all. I really like Blackout too, but it's just not the same. The reason these maps are brought back is because they were so popular and highly demanded. If you're going to bring an old map back just leave it the way it is. I don't care if you have a good idea on how to improve it. If it's a classic, it doesn't need improvement, so don't alter it. Here is a list of maps I hope to see in Halo 4. Lockout, Ascention, Guardian, Construct, Cold Storage, Headlong, Beaver Creek, The Pit, Midship, Ivory Tower. The list goes on. I think most of the maps in H2 and H3 were amazing, but there are a couple that just suck. Honestly, I think I just miss the old Halo experience. I really hope 343 removes every intention Bungie had for Reach and brings back the old features to relive and continue to enjoy the 'Halo experience.' Oh yeah, one more thing i forgot to mention. I always thought team captains would be cool. For example, say you enter team slayer and 8 players are randomly selected. I think the top 2 players with the highest rank should be the team captains. Then the other players will be chosen by the team captains based on their stats, rank, name, annoyingness or however they feel to pick their teammates. I think it would add a little more fairness and teamwork to the halo experience but not so much that it completely changes the game... like Reach.
  3. Halo has had about 1/2 of the gameplay value removed from it. Im talking about the ammo resupply boxes. These are in every single campaign and multiplayer up untill halo 3 and reach were they disapear. These ammo boxes were also in online and played a crucial role in the gameplay. A man who grabbed a sniper rifle, shotgun, or rockets could keep supplying his weapon if he resupplied at these pionts. Subsuquently, the enemy could camp these spots, deneying the enemy ammo, or just using these points as bait. Once these ammo boxes were removed from the universe in halo 3, these power weapons mentioned previously (rockets, sniper, shotgun) become utterly and undeniably USLESS once the ammo limit is reached. The only way to resupply to find an identical weapon spawn, so why not just throw away the useless shotgun or sniper untill you find anther. Do you see what I mean when I say that litterally half of the gameplay value has been lost? No longer is a really good sniper a threat that must be eliminated as a high priority target...you just simpley have to wait for the ammo to run out and he picks up a needler.....
  4. From game to game we always seems to discuss which weapons we will see in the game that are new, and with the rapidly growing discussion of DMR v.s. BR in the 343i forum community I thought I would bring up a different, however similar topic, which is Which weapons and vehicles do you want to see return from previous games? Some examples of discontinued weapons from the Original Halo Trilogy to Reach where the BR, Brute Shot, Beam Rifle, and Mauler. For vehicles some examples are the Hornet, Elephant, Prowler, and the Chopper. I personally believe that there just simply needs to be a new replacement for the DMR and BR to just end the argument which is better, but I would love to see the return of the brute shot and mauler because when I played Halo 3 I thought they where some of the easiest weapons to get kills with, and I didn't quite understand why they took them out in Reach. As for vehicles, I think that bringing back the Elephant in BTB would be quite simply amazing, as well as the hornet that way in, for example, Invasion when the Elites have their Banshees up, the humans have a way to rival it with a Hornet in the air. I think the falcon did a poor job of rivaling the banshee in Reach and simply made it an easy way for someone to get an easy Triple Kill. On an ending note, since the subject go hand in hand with each other Which Weapons would you like to not see return from Previous games? This can apply to any weapons or vehicles that have appeared in any of the franchises games up to this point, whether they appeared in Reach or not. And as Always, Have Fun Discussing!!
  5. Have you ever played a prank on someone on Halo? Or have you had a prank be played on you? If you have, share what happened below! I'll start: Funniest thing EVER. XD When I was 10 years old I started a custom game lobby on Halo 2 on the map Warlock- (Snowy version of Blackout) ok before I actually tell the story I'm gonna tell everyone in case they didn't play Halo 2 that in the center top of the map there was a glass tile that you could see through the ceiling into the floor below. I started up a lobby and within minutes I was able to have a completely full game of people. (All which were older than me XD) Despite me being either 9 or 10, -I cant remember- I convinced everyone that if everyone stood in a circle around the glass tile that it would break if we all shot it at the same time. ...but only with Rocket Launchers. XD I got EVERYONE. EVERYONE. -to stand in a circle all on top of the tile hoping to see the glass shatter beneath their feet. I stood on top of them all, counted to 3, and right before I said 2 I jumped off of them, in mid-air stuck the middle guy with a sticky grenade, and when I said 3 I got a Killionaire! The rest of the game was filled with the gametype change from 'Slayer' to 'Lets kill RANMAN'. XDDDD
  6. I was unsure of where to put this so I decided to put it up here, I've been hearing a lot of rumours about a possible remake of Halo 2, and if it WERE to happen, most likely it would be on the 10th Anniversery of Halo 2 which I think would be around late 2014. I think it would be a intersting Idea, as Halo 2 is probably my favorite among the Halo Trilogy, what do you guys think?
  7. Just wondering if the community feels that Halo Reach had the feel of good ol' classic Halo. If you don't think it does, share your thoughts below.
  8. Hey yall. Was browsing halo stuff on Google when i can upon this site. Contained the sheet music and i believe mp3 to the majority of halo music. being a high school musician myself i went crazy over this site. If you are a musician who loves halo or just love the music in general this site is for you. just sign up and BOOM tons of music at your disposal. Relating to poll, please feel free to discuss and post anything relating to halo and music of halo.
  9. I had alot of fun here and since it's forerunner, I imagine it'd fit the whole shield world idea.
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