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  1. FFA otherwise known as SLAYER (yeah thats right, remember now? SLAYER was THE PLAYLIST back in the day, team slayer is just a VARIATION OF SLAYER) is really fun and should never have been removed. My one friend plays nothing but normal slayer......cept not anymore. Along these same lines; where have half of the playlists gone? What ever happened to Single flag? I want to take turns defending and attacking again. What ever happened to KING OF THE HILL? What ever happened to regular Oddball? Not team oddball but FFA Oddball. WHERE THE HE11 IS ASSAULT!?! Why is there no bomb game at all? Its not even available as a custom game offline. Why is griffball not at least in a playlist you could find like in halo 3 and in halo reach? And about King of the hill...where did it go? Why did you remove it from online? I know some people whome king of the hill was their favorite. Also, 343, you do remember that there are armor unlocks that are only unlocked by playing king of the hill right? So basically you are saying we had our chance to unlock it earlier and now its gone? Is it because of its lower population? Is that going to be a habbit? Deleting playlists when the player number drops to a certain point? So I have to be scared that you might remove Oddball, my favorite playlist, if the population number ever drops below a certain ammount? Will you remove team regicide, the second lowest populated game? What about flood? Not as many people playing that. If the population lowers will you remove that too? No of course not, because Flood is a fun game and even if less people are on it you know that a fun uneque game setting like Flood should always be available for players if they want.....(just like every other gametype)
  2. everyone should start throwing the ball more. Holding the ball for a few extra seconds when your about to die is sometimes not as valuable as throwing the ball down a hallway towards friends or up on a structure so you can respawn and jetpack back up to it. Sometimes throwing the ball to a safer location and then sprinting to get away from the enemy and then pick it back up at the safer spot can allow you to hold onto the ball in situations where you would usually have it taken from you. Also, has ayone else noticed that when someone beatsdown the ball carrier and then instantly auto picks up the ball it looks just like a cartoon when people are fighting over something and then run back and forth snatching it from each others hands? lol
  3. the grenade button. throw it like a grenade. dont be afraid to ask questions. Thats what bungie used to say. Thats how you get better
  4. Time to stop bitchen and complaining about things you think 343 did wrong, and time to talk about something 343 got absolutly right. With the scattershot blast of changes method your bound to end up getting something right, and heres one: I'm talken oddball baby. Oddball is way, way better now thanks to 343 and im mega happy with it. Auto pickup and the ability to throw the ball has turned what was once a midicre game of keep away or smear the qw33r, into some crazy intense form of Rugby but with guns and grenades instead of elbows and fists
  5. What are you talking about? Halo is very uneque. I wasnt saying FF is what makes it uneque bit its definatly part of it. Motion radar is part of what makes this game uneque. The sheild system is part of what makes it uneque.This game has its own gameplay style that is very uneque. I dont understand how you dont see that "lets be honest most players arent careful and the rest charge in" Have you ever played Halo 2, 3, or reach? People are not accedentally betraying their teammates every five seconds. You dont hear the announcer scream BETRAYAL the entire game. People ARE that careful. Go play halo 3 right now and you will see people getting by just fine. Trust me, I do it all the time. Play BTB on standoff. 16 players starting in 2 bases facing right at each other, right next to each other by only a few yards. According to your logic, you would think that with that many players on such a small map, everyone would just charge all over the place and throw grenades and everyone would be killed by teammates all the time. But what you acctually will see, Starring off the match you might notice that everyone chucks grenades at the opposite side and into the middle AND THEN people charge into the middle. People actually wait for grenade berages before they blatently walk forward, those that dont, die because they were stupid and then learn to avoid grenades later. Those halo 3 players are doing just fine even with 16 players on the smallest BTB map in history. And we've all played either reach or 3, accidental betrayals are not a plague that ravashes every matchmaking game like you make it sound. It happens every so often and isn't a big deal. Just get over it and play, don't whine about it to the point that features get removed to dumb the game down. "And one final thing, "realism"? Are you forgetting that this is a sci-fi game" What a terrible argument, and whats worse is that I've been hearing that same terrible argument ever since Halo 2. This isnt about weather or not space aliens exist. This has nothing to do with the story or universe or any of that. What? So once you introduce a fantastical concept like aliens, then all reality and physics just get thrown out the window? I think I prefer to play Halo with gravity. No i didnt forget that fact, it just has nothing to do with this Lets just pretend this does have something to do with the fiction aspect of the game. How can a man widthstand getting hit by a 102mm High-Explosive Anti-Tank round to the face and live? Its highly explosive isn't it? Doesnt seem very explosive to me. I shot 5 guys with it and they all were fine, they didnt even notice. How does the explosion know whos on my team and who isn't? And then how does it protect those teammates from the explosion? Does it work like a regenerator for a split second only in the area where they are standing? What are the physics of these explosives?
  6. BTB heavies would be nice. Having a Tank vs Mantis fight like they showed in the Ragnerok Trailer would be nice. Throw a Missle launcher hog in their too just for kicks
  7. Waterworks and Relic. Anything else would be cool but those are my choices. I also liked Terminal and Turf as well
  8. NOBODY HERE WANTS FF SO THEY CAN TROLL. EVERYONE HAS BEEN VERY CEAR ABOUT THAT. SHUT UP. YOU ARE NOT CONTRIBUTING ANYTHING TO THIS DISCUSSION BY ARGUING AGAINST VIEWPOINTS WE DONT HAVE. THAT IS WHAT IS KNOWN AS A STRAWMAN ARGUMENT. GO GOOGLE IT AND DONT COME BACK We want realism back, we want the uneque gameplay halo has always had vs other games, we want the sandbox environment back. Removing freindly fire doesnt make this a sandbox anymore. A missle is no longer an explosive device. It is a line of code that has special rules that say it kills some people and not other people. An atom bomb that has the ability to blow up a city but leaves special designated people alive even in ground zero. It makes it work like a mainstream game like Battlefeild or call of duty where people are ok with getting headshots by shooting through 3 teammates and killing the enemy on the other side of them. I was playing CTF yesterday and went to slash a guy with a sword to protect my flag, my teammate accidentally sniped me right in the face as i slashed the guy because he was going for a headshot. You are ok with letting that kind of fun play go away? Nobody has to be careful anymore? Nobody has to pay any attention to their teammates and their location? So team play becomes entirley unnecicery. You would be ok with making this game less uneque? Less of an open world? You are ok with becomming weaker and less skilled because you no longer have to hold your fire for friendlies? Do you just love grenade spamming or something?
  9. Halo reach is what braught Halo OUT of mlg......also dont call anyone you disagree with a troll. It makes you look like you dont know how to debate competently
  10. That problem has never happened.....so you want to fix a problem that has never exhisted?
  11. What about in Halo 3 on valhala, the Spartan laser always spawns on the middle hill. In a banshee I can watch that exact spot and banshee bomb anyone that goes near that spot keeping me airborn the whole game. In Halo 4 someone else can order a personal ordnance spartan laser and take care of me. (this actually happened by the way) So theres that upside.
  12. How about you set your primary weapon to the close quarters weapon you want, like the assault rifle, and then pick up the br or dmr off of someones dead body. Everyone uses a br or dmr, so if you equip an assault rifle you can switch your pistol out for one of those weapons pretty quickly. Its less likely the other way where you equip a br or dmr, you wont find all that many assault rifles on the map. You could try that out mate.
  13. greifers wont go away, they just change their tactics. Now that team killing is gone, they resort to destroying vehicals. That is a fact. Now its not just a dispute between 2 players, now the whole entire team is being sabatoged. The mantis or banshee getting blown up in the start of a match devistates that team. Now the griefers dont just bother one person, they effect the whole team and ultimately the match.
  14. you can't spam a gun. Go kill yourself
  15. If friendly fire was disabled i wouldnt have to kill greifers? Did you just reply to a topic without reading the original post? "At least half of the time I get into a Mantis, Banshee, Gauss Hog, Scorpion...hell, even Mongooses; my jealous teammates plasma pistol me, melee my vehicle, and throw nades on me and blow up my vehicles. And there's no consequence." Greifers still exhist and are even worse now because they can destroy the mantis or warthog and even the Mantis with all its missles and stomping power can do absolutly nothing but just stand there while the greifers shoot it and blow it up just because they didnt get in the Mantis. And then Im the one who gets into a ghost and teamkills them with the only thing I have left, splattering. So friendly fire IS disabled and there are STILL greifers and so I STILL HAVE TO KILL GREIFERS. So thats the first part of what you said that doesnt make any sense. Then you said you would be ok with sticking a teammate who runs into a room and comes out unharmed, I got that. but then you said: "If that teammate didn't take any damage, then that would NOT be okay" Well he didn't take any damage, It was your grenade and you are on his team. That grenade point blank stuck on his face left him unharmed because hes on your team. So he didnt take any damage from it...so its not ok? I think you made a mistake in your rantings because you just agreed with me at the same time as telling me im wrong
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