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  1. I think 343 has been doing a good job with halo because of waypoint and anniversary, they seem dedicated enough to make halo 4 great.
  2. Would't it be cool to have a currency system in firefight? something you can use to call in AI support and weapons? or maybe even the ability to forge firefight maps!? i think these ideas will add a good deal of replay value into firefight since it got kinda boring in reach.
  3. I agree halo needs to go back way it was, not identical to H3 but very similar. Halo 3 felt unique, there is honestly nothing like it and that makes it good. Halo reach on the other hand felt similar to other successful FPS's and that takes away variety from the gaming world. i think 343 is on the right track though, they said they are "rebooting" the series and the main series does not include reach, ODST, or halo wars, those are spinoffs.
  4. as long as the ranking system drives people to win and is rewarding i dont really care about how the system works with XP.
  5. well reach was really off from the books and 343 actually tries to tie their story with the books so......... i don't think Jun will be returning.
  6. well we really don't know if AA's are going to be implemented or not, i don't think 343 is going to add them in because half the community hates them more than the other half likes them. Halo 3 had something similar to AA's called equipment, you didn't spawn with equipment and you can only use it once. I loved the idea because it made objective games more strategic and i would love to see equipment brought back to Halo 4. I think that's what 343 is doing since they said they are "rebooting" the series. Halo reach, ODST and Halo Wars are not a part of the main series, they are spinoffs. Because of this i don't that many gameplay mechanics will be taken from reach.
  7. you need to pay attention to the vidoc a little more before you bust out a rage like this at 343, we almost know nothing of the game yet. Only one video of gameplay, do you really think thats enough to decide whether or not the game is going to fail? I agree with your opinions on gameplay, but not with your accusations of 343 doing a bad job.
  8. ya the grenade launcher was awesome, it was the only skillful thing they added into reach and i hope 343 brings it back. The reason i think so many people quit in reach compared to H3 is because most of the community is composed of casual gamers who come from a mainstream game called call of duty, and when they play a game with someone like me they rage quit because they can't kill anything. Reach is just so much more frustrating than the other games because it's more complicated, that makes people quickly get demoralized and fall into a epic game of rape when they play against a better team. As for assassinations Ive never really cared for them either, i don't see any point in keeping them out because a lot of people like them. But for me halo is a game for competition i don't really care how pretty it looks when it comes to animations and graphics, i just want to feel comfortable playing it.
  9. well luck is a part of every not only every halo game but all games period. The reason why the luck factor went up in reach is because the gameplay got a whole lot more complicated(bloom, AA's, loadouts). Just three of the AA's you found that cause a problem are like more than half the commonly used AA's in standard playlists, so i would say you are more in disfavor of AA's than in favor.
  10. Custom loadouts should only be available through custom games and special playlists, if they are implemented into the standard game it will cause more bad than good because it's makes it too similar to other games that aren't halo. Games developers need to stop changing there games with ideas that are not unique, if i wanted loadouts i would play battlefield or cod. The only good things can see coming out of loadouts is player made gametypes in custom games.
  11. well they want H2 and H3 back because they were still fun when they died, H3 was near perfect and unique and bungie fixed a lot that wasn't broken. Halo is a unique game and needs to stay that way, additions and changes need to added of course but not ones that change the game to much. Halo 3 was a simple, skillful competitive, creative game and how many other console games are like that? NONE, without halo at it's original gameplay the old fan base has no where to go Thats why halo needs to go back and stay the same. if you want a different game go play a different game, if you can't find any, well go buy a good desktop and start playing one of the 900 3rd party games on steam you'll enjoy it.
  12. Again the ranking system is for competitive players not noobs and casuals, if you want to effortlessly rank up go play cod. If you didn't understand the H3 ranking system you shouldn't be complaining about it.
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