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  1. ooh, here's where I can finally rage at some of 343's more colorful armor designs lmao But first, what I like. I pretty much run Venator as my chestpiece 100% of the time, and swap out between Wetwork, Mark VI and Locus as my helmet. And then, here's what I don't like. Helioskrill - Giant mullet on your head? No thanks Sweatchilles - Want a floor mop on your head and an index for your visor? Want to make the entire lobby groan as soon as they see your spartan? Go ahead Jorge armor - damn its bulky The one with the three holes in the middle as the visor- yeah, im lookin at u splinter cell security- .... ....yea Seeker - what 343 i know i'm the minority voice for most of what i've just said but damn does it feel good to say that out
  2. well lets find out shall we? Im 17, born n bred in Asia's world city of Hong Kong. UCLA class of '21 Have had a sick right thumb on Halo since I was 13, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. see y'all around xo
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