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  1. I know that in the coming months of halo 5 I spoke strongly against and how 343 will mess it up again. Turns out I was right XD. Halo 5 is a heap of crap. Staring micro-transactions. The sales of halo are at an all time low. I thinks it's time for Microsoft to throw in the towel and try find another game to milk till no-one cares
  2. The difference with destiny is that there is a load more weapons than halo. Balancing weapons is a lot more difficult as one gun could than be classed as over powered (thorn) and then some could be useless (suros regime)
  3. I'm saying that the next cod will be better than the utter crap made by 343. That is a bold statement but it's true.
  4. The game will appeal to some more than others. I think I'd rather jump on the hype train for black ops 3 or halo wars 2.
  5. I do hope you understand Microsoft and 343 are going to run halo to the ground just so they can milk every last penny from you. Yes I watched the bdobbins video, after reading the article on waypoint because until recently I was exited for halo 5. maybe if you stopped being fanboys for a second and realise that you could get a much better game for a lot cheaper. And yes I just saw that typo. Thanks for pointing that out XD
  6. For the love of god I know ads is in all other major shooters but halo has mainly been like quack where you hipfire. Halo has never really capitalised on ads (smart scoping) because when you get hit you descope.
  7. Maybe with halo 5 guardians they may add split screen. There is still time till the launch. But there are some people, not many but still some, who would have pre-orderd halo 5 thinking halo 5 will have split screen. The pre-orders have been out for a long time, before mcc was announced. And btw halo has always had ads but now to have it on every gun just Dosent feel right. And don't forget the tragedie that is the mcc. The mcc is slowly dying, quicker than it should. It's just twice in a row 343 have made a low quality halo game (halo4 and mcc) I was willing to give them a second chance with mcc but I've just had enough. All I want is for another great halo. So I won't buy halo 5 guardians until all the reviews come in. And if it's good I'll buy it, if not than that's more of the games fan base gone. The original trilogy by bungie was perfect and then so was reach. I think I'd rather buy The taken king dlc for destiny than halo5. 343 should fix the mcc first for people who don't want all the new stuff and just halo 1-3. #savemccfirst I forgot to mention that halo 4. What did they have? Kill streaks=ordinance. Custom loud outs =custom load outs. All stuff halo has never had. Though I can't remember If reach had it but at least reach was a good game. Which, may I remind you, was started by bungie. I recommend watching Bdobbinsftw on YouTube as he does great video's on this topic. I just want 343 to make a good halo. I just don't have faith in them anymore.
  8. I used to be a huge fan of halo. Me and my brother would spend hours on end in halo 3 and reach. Halo 4 however we sold early on after the campaign was finished as it was utterly terrible. And then you have mcc. I tried playing it today and have got into two matches in an 30 minutes. Now your taking away splitscreen and basically trying to "codonise" halo. Smart scoping is just ripped from cod and renamed. and don't get me started on halo 5 pre-orders. Before mcc was released you but out pre-orders for halo 5 which is just disgraceful. Yes you may have said that your getting rid of split screen but how you did it is un acceptable. By putting at the bottom of 12 paragraphs on halo waypoint after talking about how good halo split screen is. I'm done with 343 and unless bunjie comes back, I'm done with halo.
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