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  1. Just realised I had my top 3 mixed up. But yeah, I totally agree. The combo of the ogres was insane on its own, not to mention SS and Walshy.
  2. After writing up an advertisement of sorts for the Halo World Championships on various forums I actively use, I included a list of my favourite Halo players of all time and my favourite teams of all time. Of course both are subjective and differ game to game / era to era. But below is a list of my favourite players and teams to ever set foot into competitive Halo. Feel free to list your own! Top 10 Favourite Halo MLG Players (In terms of skill and achievements) This list differs from game to game, but I'll be ranking my overall favourite players based on their skill and achievements in their prime and Halo game of choice. 10 - Heinz 9 - Strongside 8 - Ghostayame 7 - Lunchbox 6 - Snip3down 5 - Roy 4 - Pistola 3 - Walshy 2 - Ogre 1 1 - Ogre 2 Honourable Mentions: Victory X, FormaL, Karma, Saiyan, Neighbor, Tsquared, Ace, Optic Flamesword, Lethul, Naded, Ryanoob, Shockwav3 Top 5 Favourite Halo MLG Teams This list differs from game to game, but I'll be ranking my overall favourite teams based on their skill, win% in their prime and Halo game of choice. Also, some players will obviously appear in more than one team and this list is based pretty much around my liking towards that team setup and how well they performed in tournaments. 5 - Evil Geniuses (Snipedown, Lunchbox, Roy, Lethul) 4. Carbon (Gandhi, Shockwav3, Ghostayame, Karma) 3 - Status Quo (Flamesword, Ace, Assault, Enable) 2 - Instinct (Lunchbox, Ogre 2, Roy Pistola) 2 - Str8 Rippin (ElamiteWarrior, Legit, Snipedown, Tsquared) 1 - Final Boss (Ogre1, Ogre 2, Walshy, Strongside)
  3. Already pre-ordered. ESO is disappointing.
  4. UNSC: Blessed Harmony Covie: Blissful Blizzard o_o
  5. The Didact? Hope I'm wrong, I'm horrible at riddles.
  6. Aw... The Hall of fame? Would love to see that.
  7. But it makes it look so unprofessional.. :/
  8. Why are you using webs.com...
  9. He Just... you just... did you even read the thread?... Got mine emailed, happy C: even though I already have the LE.. hrm...
  10. The Joker, Batman: Dark Magician Girl, Yu-Gi-Oh: Kon, Bleach: I'm personally taking a liking towards the first 2, but what would you guys prefer?
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