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  1. Overall great map. I tried it and loved it!
  2. Halo 4 will win the question for me. But I don't understand why Halo fans are hating on COD and COD fans are hating on Halo. I don't see the point in saying something like that. In my opinion, I think Halo is better because of the story and COD is just more on the realistic side of things, (it's still a good game) that is just my opinion. But if you think differently, then I respect that, and I can see why COD has as many fans as it does. I mean no offense in anything I said.
  3. It looks like you put alot of time and detail into this great AC themed map. It's nice to see another Assassin's Creed and Halo fan Really nice map!! Are you pre-ordering any of the one new games? Or both of them?
  4. What... is ... that? That looks so cool!!! I cannot wait to play. HOLY FLIP!!!
  5. Can you explain what the neutral custom powerup does I thought you needed a specific gametype to make it do something. Looks like a great map.
  6. Looks like a great map. I like the boats! Very cool to look at.
  7. I would like for Halo:Reach Forge to actually be able to handle 8 player LIVE forges. If there was, I would love to see a forge video about that. But since it can't (and never will), I don't keep my hopes up.
  8. I'm a Hero. Almost till legend. It's good being a hero.
  9. I agree with Robius5991. One of my favourite types of competitive maps are multi-leveled ones. I'll give it a look. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun playing on it.
  10. It looks like a fun map. Is there any reason you called it "Bloop"?
  11. This map looks AMAZING! The sentinel is my favourite! Looks alot like the actual one.
  12. Good job GriffinGuy! I congratulate you on thinking of these cool ideas ! I especially like the Covenant and UNSC Watchtowers! Once again Great Job!!!
  13. That mech must be huge! It looks very cool too! But why don't you add more pictures. The one in the thread is not that descriptive.
  14. The Hornet is way to big! But everything else looks fine.
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