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  1. Great looking map Zandrill. I love these maps that just look extremely smoothed out. A sniper rifle and concussion rifle are very interesting power weapon pair and I am very curious of how well they are utilized in game. I know I am particuallary late to the party since this was released a few months ago, but congratulations, I would love to see some 1v1 combat on this map.
  2. Looks like a huge map with a lot of long sightlines. Would be great to have some DMR and BR battles there. Any places where CQB would be taken place?
  3. If he stays true to that quote then he could always just come back in halo 9 anyway
  4. Well I am going to have fun on the 360. I don't plan on getting One for a while. Hopefully it can handle it, my xbox has performed greatly so far.
  5. I am very very exicted to play this game on my 360. I have my best friend and my brother to play with and we would all be a different class. (I would be a titan, my bro a Hunter, and my good friend a Warlock. We played Borderlands 2 together with me as a commando, bro as Zero, and friend as Siren. So we already know our roles and I am pumped to play and maybe even record for my youtube channel.
  6. I play Yellow, Emerald, and Ruby. I like the older ones more.
  7. Well, I don't doubt in his ability to do so. I was just a little excited to hear about Spielberg doing it. Hopefully they do a good job at this.
  8. Episode 2 of the Let's Play minecraft series is up. I also have the first Zelda Video, Pokemon video, and Let's Build video.
  9. Yea. That gun has the same things the BR does, A scope, a trigger, and even the barrel. And the rocket launcher looks nothing like the missle pod or M41. I think the game will have a halo type of feel to it, but they are still sporting a ton of creativity
  10. What's up guys. I have created a new channel under the name of EvertoTrucido. It is just a place I will be doing some let's plays and maybe a few tech reviews. I am just starting out and I could use some support from all of you guys. Here is my first video and I have more on my channel featuring Pokemon and Legend of Zelda. So I should have Zaguroth and Zelda interested. :3 My channel is at www.youtube.com/EvertoTrucidoGaming if you want to see any more.
  11. I would like this type of stuff to be in the options for all of the pieces. A variable called "Texture" and then having a list like {Forunner, UNSC, Covenant, Flood, Construction, Rusted} or something like that. Then for easy editing, you could have a type of paint mode you can go into to be able to mass apply these textures to objects on your map.
  12. I am sure that they could make it work. They decided it was ok to have Gravity hammers last time. So I don't think they will be sticking to plot details in creating weapons mainly used in custom games. I would like to see all of the weapons return. The more the better.
  13. I will hopefully be getting the Xbox One in the future, but not now. If I do get it there is no doubt I will be getting Halo 5. Now that doesn't mean I will be that excited to do so. After being hyped like a little boy after halloween over Halo Reach and Halo 4, I am starting to chill out a bit on Halo 5. Now i am sure they will release something new that I will absolutly love while then bombarding me with new features I despise. But it is Halo, my go to game. So I hope 343 does a good job, but I don't have as much faith in them after seeing Halo 4. We shall see the outcome.
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