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  1. Congratulations and welcome to the team! Hopefully you enjoy the really heavy workload
  2. Hey all, this is a discussion for all those that have played this game all the way through. Thoughts on the game? Wishes for season 2 and characters and moments you loved and hated. I loved Kenny, Lee, Clementine and Carley, that stupid Lilly..god I just left her out of the RV after what she did, and killed her dad. When Lee got bit I got so riled up, felt like a part of me had died or something, same when Kenny went down to help Christa, although I think Kenny will come back, or I hope so otherwise I just couldn't play it. I think every had feels at the end of the game, funny that Lee started handcuffed and finished handcuffed, but still just...man, he shouldn't have died. But his bit before this, fighting through a horde of zombies with one arm is my nominee for badass moment of the year. God I love this game, 10/10 for story and connection to the player.
  3. Your question is kind of nonsensical, if you want a tablet for drawing get a drawing tablet, if you wish to get a tablet for moving out and around, get a tablet. Both are non-interchangeable.
  4. I don't know if you got what I was getting at, but if they go ahead with all of what they said it will cost way more then a pc would, meaning you'd save money getting a pc. Yes they improve, but jam too much in and the price jacks up each time.
  5. Quantum computers are next. Predicted by IBM to be done by 2030, the first one will cost 1.3 billion or something, but once that's up and running, it will give a monster boost to tech, just as the Computer did.
  6. I don't get consoles. Do they really need to try go way out of hand to get people to buy them? By the sounds of it, this thing will cost about £1000, 3D is god awful and a gimmick, it needs to die, Augmented reality? What, like the 3DS? A four core CPU, woah, because those haven't been around at all, and it's going to have to be some kind of i7 processor to match gaming pc's. Microsoft have really gone all out to suck people in.
  7. Big 'ole corporations want money, that's pretty much the goal for them, appealing to Indie developers is probably a little stain on their corporate to-do list. Big AAA titles are all repetitive crap anyway, indie developers give out more ideas than them.
  8. If you can't think of anything, money is the go to thing. I'd go with money.
  9. Hello, if I could direct your attention to this thread: http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/6806-whats-your-favourite-band/ Please post future answers in there.
  10. Solo and co-op progress is saved separately I think, just select continue campaign on the main menu to continue the solo legendary.
  11. Actually, it's the multiverse theory you're thinking of. Our universe is set now, and the laws will not alter. But laws of physics will be different in other universes, so it will be possible, just in another universe.
  12. We are a bunch of slightly less lazy members that bribed their way to the top.
  13. I do not think you understand the extent to how abysmal America's health care is. Other countries laugh at it, 100,000+ people die every year because they cannot afford the surgery or health care. Anything that is a step away from the money maker that is health care is a better step to a better country, private health care en mass is a disgusting idea and should never have been allowed to become the default.
  14. So Obamacare is like, you pay taxes, and those taxes pay for medical expenses? I'm from the Uk so I have no idea what the hell the US is doing with healthcare.
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