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  1. Congrats Zelda. I knew you would one day
  2. by the way u just hit your 343 post and see im a role play type of gamer. one thing i hate about flood is that EVERYONE IS YELLOW. so basically whats the point customizing your spartan then, if you cant show him off.
  3. i like your thread. cause i agree with most. but you forgot flood. flood is effed up as well. but i agree most with the Join in game feature.
  4. ok cool. if u want it to last. dont add alot of members, and keep things simple yet neat and organized. more then 10 usually falls apart from what i seen. thats why i only allow 7 max in my team
  5. this should go into the clan section of the forums. not the general discussion
  6. Mw2 was my only fav CoD. after that. it all sucked.
  7. games gonna suck anyways. MW3 was so disappointing
  8. yup no problem. you seem cool so i wanna make sure u get good tips before proceeding with your clan or team
  9. thanks. needed this for my team
  10. lol i will need to try this. thanks
  11. lol think before u do, i highly recommend u make a team instead, cause clans are dying out now. Teams are easier to manage too. Thats what i have
  12. it is. i feel good being on here and you will too. There many nice people on here. You have your occasional troll or spambot but other then that its fun
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