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  1. I could see the problem, making race maps or something, but personally im satisfied with 3 different forge textures and different pieces.
  2. the file share is working, its just the custom search feature that is down right now, im sure it'll be up soon hopefully by the end of the week, possibly.
  3. fine tuning for sure, without it, i've been having trouble on some things. why even get rid of it? im not sure
  4. i personally believe their is plenty of room on each map, work your way around, or try making your own floor
  5. i felt the same, but im 100% positive i won't even care eventually, because i'll just be used to it. doesn't really affect me really.
  6. i can't wait for team snipers in halo 4
  7. Thanks everybody, on the tattoo with the clock, i'm going to start go ahead and work on my sleeve, first things first, an octopus holding my clock, its gonna be sick.
  8. welcome and enjoy the 343 home
  9. Hey whats up peoples, I know its been awhile, I haven't been able to get on much, I've just been busy and what not. But heres a little update on what i've been working on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR1WLS-PQCc The final video will be released sometime in September. Its going to be a full length (30 mins) skate video, but just for the park. Sometime next year will be the street video for my new recent sponsor, Karve. You can check out the website at www.karveskateshop.com Anyways, I also got a tattoo today. It's the one on the right. and I also got one a few days ago on Friday the 13th. I've just been doing a lot of the real life stuffs lately, but i'm still checking up on the site every now and then, I'm just waiting for halo 4 guys!! lemme know what you guys think!! lets talk!
  10. Awwww I can't wait for this game, that looked so damn tight!!!
  11. just curious, what do your numbers mean in your name? but welcome to ze forumz
  12. rentless

    I'm back!

    no idea who are you are but whats good
  13. Your ignorance is bliss. You're very closed minded. And now i'm rhyming.
  14. Special Jester should be handing it over, he said he'd have it done. Sorry about that, try PM'ing him.
  15. .gif signatures won't be allowed next SOTW, sorry guys
  16. Well, congrats Theorix you are the winner of the SOTW #2!!!!!
  17. Why won't they release any information about it? Everyone is demanding to know something!
  18. rentless

    Hey! :)

    welcome to the forum hot momma
  19. Voting Begins: 6/10/12 Voting Ends: 6/15/12 Welcome to the Sig of the Week #2. Don't forget to vote uptop for a chance for your favorite signature to win! There is absolutely NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF! (Mods can check and you will be disqualified) Feel free to vote for another signature though. Entries: Anarchy: Insignia: Twilight Sparkle: Total Mayh3m: Theorix: Vplus2: Mellcor: Mr. Dino: BattleRifle: Please be truthful and vote for your favorite signature, NOT your favorite member. Thank you and and I wish everyone good luck. I hope this can continue. PS: If a mod can move this to the Contests once again, please and thanks.
  20. in the process of making a voting thread now. sry
  21. Last day to post your entries!!! Hurry up
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