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  1. I may or may not be super addicted to halo so at least 20 hours a week. :/
  2. I would say that matchmaking is still good, the only weapon I don't like is the DMR, but it doesn't get in my nerves.
  3. If you ask me, I dont believe that Cortana has died. For several reasons, one being that she is an extreamly important part of halo, she is Master Chiefs main partner. Plus, she is forerunner technology, or at least that's what I believe after playing reach but, still. All in all, I don't think that 343 would have the nerve to "kill" cortana.
  4. I'm back, and hopefully won't be leaving for a while...
  5. World of Warcraft and any sports game...
  6. I think that 343i isn't going to remove forge. I am sure that a lot of halo players buy the game for the forge. If they they think forge isn't noob friendly, then make a tutorial mode to help them. If they do get rid of forge, that 343i better get ready for a lot of angry letters
  7. The playadte was fun, but I don't think I will be able to return
  8. Welcome, please enjoy your stay...
  9. Normally I would say WII U, but Xbox was my first home console that I played a lot and just like it, I played the 360 alot , too. So I have to say 360.
  10. To me this seemed to be a really cool game. If it comes out, I think I will buy it...
  11. DN2012

    Minecraft for PC

    From someone who has played the game since it came out, Minecraft is an amazing game! It just has that sort of "spark" to it. Its just such a simple game, but it can supply endless wonders of excitement. I still remember my first time playing the games multiplayer mode when it came out...man that was so fun, being able to build with friends. I also enjoy how the games community can make its own content like custom skins. Or even mods, which act as a sort of DLC. Long story short, Minecraft is simply just an amazing game...
  12. The map looks amazing, especially with the Dragon as a center piece!
  13. OK, thanks. But I have another problem...I will suck at Reach. If I am correct the controls are different and in fact, I forgot the controls completely. So my first few games might be crappy.
  14. Yes, I will partake in the action. But who will be hosting the games lobby(ies) Someone please tell me.
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