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  1. 343 could you please make us a remake or even remagination of sandbox. Tons of old halo 3 fans would be amazed and will bring back memories. This could preserve halo 4 for a few more months. Thanks for read
  2. One of the most important things in halo is teamwork, how well you communicate with your team should decide who wins the game. If in halo 5 they bring back halo 2's ranking system were the more you win the higher your rank goes up and the more you lose the lower your rank goes. Then if someone doesn't want to play competitive they can go play a social play list like in halo 3? Good idea?
  3. This thread is meant for the community to give feedback on the new flood gametype on matchmaking called Hivemind. For anyone that didn't know Hivemind wasn't design by 343 Industries, but was built by the community. About a month ago a CC came to me about me giving him the best flood maps that the community has created to go into matchmaking. So instead I told him how the standard Flood mode in matchmaking is impossible to survive, so i asked him if the best of the best Flood forgers could develop a universal Flood gametype, and you know what he said to that. So I got together the best Flood forgers in Halo 4 (Sadly some forgers couldn't make in to the test) and we tested Hivemind for six days straight and we choose the best maps we could find that fit the settings Hivemind needed. After the six days, we gave the gametype to 343 to test and hopefully use, and apparently they loved it
  4. Oh sorry bout that, but yes red building has been given some changes and there are a few more twickes.
  5. Map name: Icarus Creator: CANADIAN ECHO Best Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, FFA, KOTH Description: Icarus is an A symmetrical 4v4 map with a netural ghost and many different kinds of combat. Download link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo4/filebrowser#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=0&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0&tags=nik&details=78a44481-754b-48db-be2d-48774e9a9df7 Please give positive feed back on the map.
  6. Campaign: -Make the Arbiter return -Have the Rogue Covenant group in halo 4 return and release the flood -Visit the Elites homeworld Multiplayer: -Play as an Elite in multiplayer -UNSC Air Vehicles -Bring back the Flamethrower, Brute Shot, Fire Gernade and SMG -Have an Elites Academy like how the spartans have the UNSC Infinity -Bring back Assault and Invasion Game modes -If you bring back the flood in Halo 5, make some kind of spartan ops/Flood missions like the Mona Lisa story Forge: -Bring back Procesion Editing -Be able to forge in water -More and better terrain like Forge world -NO lighting problems with pieces -NO holes in forge pieces Custom Games: -More things to modify in Gametypes -NO lag and frameRate -Better Connections Final thing, Don't Release Halo 5 Without Testing everything from Forge to the multiplayer. I'd Prefer to wait longer and have a better game then get an unfinished product. Hope 343 industries looks at this post and uses it because this is what the community really wants. Thank you.
  7. I think halo 5 will be about the Arbiter going to earth and asking Chief for help. The story should be about Chief and the Arbiter stopping the rogue Covenant who now control the Didacts army of Prometheus. The Rogue group of elites will discover another halo and try to learn it's secrets, but their efforts will release the flood again. As the flood take over the rogue groups ships, they embark to the elites homeworld to destroy it. Please tell me what you think of this idea for halo 5
  8. I just posted my 4v4 map of the Meet your Maker forum and now I can't open that forum anymore? WHY?
  9. Icarus Updated: Since 3/9/13 -map layout changed -gravity lift added -bugs fixed -flood spawns fixed -oddball locations moved -kill boundries fix Fileshare Gamertag: CANADIAN ECHO Canvas Map: Ravine Last Updated: 3/4/2013 Supported Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, Infinity Rumble, King of the Hill, Oddball, Flood Best Gametypes: Infinity Slayer, Infinity Rumble, King of the Hill Lobby Sizes: 4-10 players Budget: 6700/10000 Initial Ordnance: Railgun, Needler Grenades on Map: 2 Fragment Power-ups on Map: Damage boost Trait Zones: (Their is one trait zone on the map to prevent players from jet packing out) (Initial Ordnances respawn with Random Ordnances as the same weapon) Video Walkthrough: Will be added later... Images: None Description: In the hopes of further discovery, the UNSC Established a science facility code named Icarus on the planet, Argmos 4. Icarus is an A-symmetrical slayer map built on Ravine. The map utilizes the terrain of Ravine, Which as I was building the map, helped shape the layout and design. The map is medium sized with a neutral ghost in the middle for both teams to use. The engagements are very fast paced as teams fight to control each build for multiple purposes. The map plays great for all it's designed gametypes and I am very proud of how the map turned out. Hope you guys enjoy this map and many more to come. Keep Forging
  10. Nice map. You've really add a good feel to this map for flood. WELL DONE
  11. Map Name: The Divide: Town Gametype: Contagion Creator: CANADIAN ECHO Description: Finally, after years of humanity destroying their homeworld, the planet suffers major natural disasters. hurricanes roar across seas, Earthquakes hit major cities reducing them to rubble. In the middle of this horrific event lies some of the last surviving humans. The survivors find themselves in a small town that appears to be hit by a tornado. You and your friends must find shelter before the terrors of this new world find you. This is a medium sized map made to play with a customized flood variant (Contagion) with a party size of 8-16 people. This map includes seven buildings, all with different playing areas, with various weapons scattered throughout the map. This is a walkthrough of the map: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoupMaf-akg Keep Forging
  12. Map Name: The Divide: Town GameType: Contagion Creator: CANADIAN ECHO Description: This is a medium-sized flood map set in a small destroyed town were natural disasters have happened. The map contains six buildings varying in size and shape. I don't have any screen shots for the map (sorry) but if you want to see a video of the map watch AirsoftXX channel. Link: Keep Forging
  13. This map looks really well done. I like how you added a zip line that even has cover. I'll give it a download and if you every need hello with competitive, send me a message, CANADIAN ECHO. Keep Forging
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