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  1. i feel like they should make a map similar to forge world for halo 4. i would love to forge but the maps are just to small and compacted.
  2. (Spoiler)I would like to remind/info u guys about what happen at the end of halo 2 cortana and MC were not together either she stayed behind on the ring and what not But chief left on the forerunner ship. then in in halo 3 MC found cortana and KEPT his promise. I would hope 343 would keep the chiefs promise. I think she is to big of a character for them to just kill her off like that. The rest of the trilogy will not be the same with out her.
  3. Good point about reversible and empty promise
  4. * Spoiler* Did no one listen to the end of the campaign. The was the one guy released (can't remember his name) for the satellite. He said the forerunners should destroy humanity. Most likely we haven't seen the last of the forerunners. It's probably going to be a big war between earth and the forerunners just Like it was the first time the forerunners destroyed humans. That's what I think will happen.
  5. Though I agree with the fact it was a bad ending in my opinion. I'm am still hoping that their will be a twist in the next halo that will lead to the issue being fixed because I feel that this is going to change the a characters response to problems in the future games and I just feel like this is to much of a drastic Change in the halo universe. However it does get me excited to see where they will take this in the future two games. As the saying goes " when one door closes another one opens" Maybe this will take everything to an all knew level in the future, I for sure don't no, but I trust that 343 will led the halo universe in the right direction! The game needed a change but I did not expect that change My final thought is this: could they have done it differently? Yes. Do I think they had the right intentions? Yes. Do i think the games would not be as appealing in the future if they did not make a dramatic change? Yes. This is the beginning of something new! That in my opinion might led to the best halo games he have seen so far!
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