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  1. i might just cry a little
  2. i might be killed for saying this but i might i play black ops and halo 65% halo 35% COD your not alone brother
  3. have you ever heard of minecraft. if not look it up i am playing it while i wait for halo cea and halo4
  4. wow i havnt even thought about skulls! i love em
  5. SOOOOOO... what do you want??? rules keep it real and/or realistic Thread is 100% community MOST CREATIVE OR BASIC IDEAS BELOW skulls increased player cap new weapons new vehicles Forge 4.0 katana+sweet assassination kick-ass title screen
  6. yes the original title was forge 4.0 but they changed the name and pinned it
  7. i think we should just take a moment of silence... seal team six was rumored to be in there My link
  8. i think it will look somewhat like the halo reach banshee
  9. i dont want this thread to die this went from top thread to page 3 keep this alive guys
  10. In no. 7 you seem to really hate COD i always feel like i'm the only one that likes both. the difference is 60% HALO 40% COD
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