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  1. These come with the War Games Map Pass?
  2. You DONT have to wear any of the armor. It is unlocked as you progress to unlock the MOD. The Mod can be used whenever no matter what armor you wear.
  3. Death Island lololol or maybe a superior version Zanzibar or High Ground
  4. lol all i have to say is why do you have to be a jackass?
  5. I dont understand why it matters if it is in or not...?
  6. Giofosho


    .... i was meaning it shoots fast and is a suppressing weapon man... no no no no no
  7. "I am Caboose, the vehicle destroyer!" as he is running away loll every time!
  8. Giofosho


    The SMG is not returning but the new SAW seems as it would be the same!
  9. Giofosho


    They should have kept dual wielding because the small weapons like the smg, pistol, plasma pistol, plasma rifle, needler, spiker, and mauler were all weak but stood a good chance when dual wielding with one another.
  10. it is sad you cant make a guess on what language this is.
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