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  1. Halotracker.com was looking formal gt thormxl on google stubbed acrossed it
  2. The PItt MLG CTF : 40-16 -Overkill Extermination 5 seconds in the match.
  3. So I got the great privilege of running into this today and it isn't the first time it's happened..more like the 50th... Let me start off by saying I am a everyday halo player and i also have a life . I'm limited to 4/5 hours a day to really put in some games before I have to goto work or college. In these hours I run strict mlg and those that play mlg know the frustrations I'm running into almost everyday. When you have a playlist that "pro's" play, your bound to run into some guys that think there pro but in a reality, really don't know what there doing. I happen to not have a team or 4 people to play with on a constant basis so I'm usually put a group of random people.. That 50/50 either know what there doing.. Or have no clue ad are still in the learning stage. Those 2nd group of people mentioned tend to "quit" out of games when they start losing and there k/d starts going to ****. This makes me have to quit and after running into this for a hour or so I'll get the warning "if you quit one more your gonna get banned for 10 minutes. " Great so who do I go up against more good players that pick objective and we end up getting no power weapons and we start a long steak of spawn killing my teammates all quit out and I'm left with a 1v4... Which I have to do or..I'll get banned for 10 minutes. Do you realize how impossible it is to do a 1v4 on mlg 343? When these players know the spawns and either made me to death, snipe me, beat me down with the teabag after? You know cause there so good.. That part aside it's retarted period. And I've actually won a 1v4 but it wasn't on mlg it was on slayer in may and my whole team quit before I started on sword base and no ladies ad gents I dd not camp like a noob the whole match. That gets you far in call of duty but hall has always been about a shot and you don't get anywhere camping in halo unless your doing slayer not mlg type or the other team is completely retarted and don't take advantage of it. Why on earth is there a ban for ten minutes for quiting games that not even a mlg pro could win. Instead of sitting there forced to play watching your kd go down the drain and all the momentum you had before that game has got torn to peices. It's like playing a soccer game with one team only able to use a goalie while the other team has defenders a couple forwards and a goalie to make the other guy missable as hell. You don't get better that way.. You just end up turning off your Xbox and saying f this game i wanna play something else that won't ban for playing a unfair match up and something I'll enjoy. Edit: apologize for the spelling errors this was typed on my iPhone.
  4. 355 Why? 1. New Account 2. Strictly halo reach mlg and skyrim 3. If I played anything other than halo and skyrim I would start sucking at halo
  5. Thank you for the welcome sarge *salute*
  6. Try it overnight, check your upload speed, the format (is it right for YouTube?) How long is the video? The size? Have you had this problem before? Try it again might have froze or try to upload with another browser. Try it overnight, check your upload speed, the format (is it right for YouTube?) How long is the video? The size? Have you had this problem before? Try it again might have froze or try to upload with another browser.
  7. Welcome to the forums in always down for reach gt same as username
  8. Welcome to the forums brah.
  9. Yeah I double checked the post he said no it wasnt announced yet all that freaking out for 5 minutes over nothing lol
  10. So I was on twitter thinking I wonder if ninja knows if halo 4 is coming out on the mlg circuit andif hes played it yet. he tweets me back saying he hasn't played It and no it's not being Annouced on the mlg circuit.... What?!? So let me get this straight we got Starcraft and cod on the mlg circuit black balling halo fans? Now I could of misunderstood ninja and he just doesn't know yet but if so what kinda impact will that have on halo players that play to become the best and hope of securing that spot in the top 16 to be considered pro.If he's right I'nma post a video and mail it to mlg the link and maybe talk to some pros as well because that would suck and I don't feel like taking up a noob friendly game like call of duty to play competivly, and if this does happen off I hope there are some tourneys like gears of war 3 has had like hyperstation to put some money up for die hard players.. What are your guys and girls take on this? Edit: it hasn't been Annouced yet. Double checked the tweet he sent to me
  11. I have the game also haven't played for awhile.. Blame skyrim:) its a great game
  12. It wouldn't affect multiplayer at all reach proved that and in the campaigns elites were cool I first couple games having big presence compared to grunts etc since two hunters are easier to kill than let's say 6-7 elites and lord know those elites I firefight with human weapons dodging shots like no other with rocket launches? Sniper rifles? Halos gotta evolve so if there gone they won't be missed and I'm sure 343 will be adding another alien to the mix or something other to fix that gap.
  13. Thanks for the tips guys, been at work allday haven't been able to check this post till now. Gonna use some of your tactics biggles and king see what happens tonight. Much appreciated.
  14. Ive been playing mlg for 4 months now on halo reach. Time after time im getting ticked wanting to say **** this game dude.. Is some of these guys strafes even real? And the no bloom dmr.. I rape with bloom so I don't wanna hear the argument maybe you suck at bloom. But getting 3 shoted I thought it was 4 shots? And no scoping my face off 1 cm away at a 120• degree angle more than one lucky shot and under pressure. It's inferating beyond belief idk if it's my team, the skill lvl of the guys I'm going against or if. Need to take some days off.. It's just giving me headaches after work getting do excited to play reach than after a few good games getting Absolutly destroyed..Win than destroyed again.
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