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  1. One of my favorite parts of Halo 2 was my symbol. Certain symbols were removed and added from the franchise as new games were released and my symbol from Halo 2 was removed. Will players have the option to customize player symbols from any Halo game?
  2. I just don't see how they can update the rest of the game but leave those maps untouched. Surely the other maps will get a graphics boost.
  3. What exactly are the plans for the new Halo 2 maps? There are going to be 6 remastered maps. But what about the others? Are the other maps not getting an update or a graphics bump at all?
  4. I still play Halo 4 matchmaking. There are still a few things that need improvement but none of these things get in the way of my experience.
  5. Halo Reach started this down spiral (the reduce in populations, massive changes to the game, 1-50 ranking system removal, etc.) and 343 has done a decent job of trying to bring things back. I actually enjoy playing Halo 4 matchmaking. MLG peaked in the Halo 2/3 days and they didn't bother to pick up Halo Reach. If Halo returns to the foundation that Halo 2 and 3 established (1-50 ranking system, split the playlists for ranked and social, keep a long-term XP system, etc.) then there will be plenty of people willing to try out Halo and will stick with it for a long time. Until then I'm content with Halo 4.
  6. I use the AR if I have to pick an automatic weapon. Especially, after the weapon tuning update last year.
  7. I can easily see Halo 2 being a remake. Not so much for Halo 3 because the graphics are already pretty good. I would love to see 343 keep the BxR, BxB, double shot, and maybe even superjumps in the remake, though I highly doubt that would happen.
  8. Overall the BR is my favorite but the BR's precision at long range doesn't hold a candle to the DMR's.
  9. Despite how people claim that Halo 3's system was broken (I never saw a broken system out of thousands of games and long hours spent), Halo 3 had the right idea with the ranking system and playlist. Have an XP rank for the player's career, and a 1-50 system on playlist ranks. Separate the playlists into social and ranked. Problem solved.
  10. CoD is pretty solid when Infinity Ward makes the game. The campaigns are usually awesome and the multiplayer is pretty good as well.
  11. There are several games to get besides Halo on the Xbox One, but Halo is definitely a must. I would say go get the new Xbox.
  12. Not much on modded controllers. I never have liked the feel of them. Not to mention if Microsoft knows you use 3rd party equipment, any sort of warranty you have will be voided (don't tell them you use 3rd party equipment).
  13. I don't have a problem with sprint but I'm guessing the developers tried to speed up gameplay by adding sprint, and that's just not how to speed up a game. I voted "No" but sprint isn't a big deal and I will have fun regardless.
  14. I agree. Technology is leveling off, to an extent, but I'm still excited for several new games to come out.
  15. Halo 2, far and away. A few slight tweaks and this would be a perfect relaunch title.
  16. My game diet has been strictly Halo for a couple of years. I'll play CoD Ghosts on Xbox One for a little bit, but Halo will still take up almost all of my multiplayer time.
  17. Agreed. Halo 2 did the best job with this in the 1-50 system. A new color for every set of 3 numbers and after level 43, the symbols came into play (crescent moon was 44, all the way up to 50, the Halo itself). Definitely made the ranking system more interesting. Halo 3 and Reach had the right idea with the XP system, as you mentioned.
  18. I like this idea. Everyone needs to experience the joy of Halo 3. It's definitely still enjoyable but a revamping certainly wouldn't hurt.
  19. I'll try Battlefield 4 but Battlefield 3 was severely overhyped and didn't live up to expectations. I hope that Battlefield 4 can do otherwise.
  20. I first got into Xbox when Halo 2 came out. I basically bought the console solely for Halo 2. Me and my buddies used to have LAN parties of 8-10 people all the time. I was the first out of the group to get Xbox Live and enjoy one of the greatest multiplayer games of all time, which still holds true to this day. Good times.
  21. Faster weapon spawns definitely affect the game, as mentioned before. I enjoy the battle when one power weapon is spawned in the middle of the map between two teams. It really gets the action going when two teams are gunning it out over one weapon. My solution to all of this would be to drop one power weapon in between the teams maybe 2 or 3 times per game and let the battling commence.
  22. Bottom line, I think several people are still butt hurt about the DRM policies and want to "stick it to the man." Me personally, I just want to have the best system and I'm not going to let something like that get in the way of my video game experience. Overall, the game selection from Microsoft is unmatched. PS4 has Microsoft beat on the backward compatibility issue, I'll give them that. Hopefully Microsoft will do something about that. As far as pricing goes, yes if I lived in a different country where the Xbox One was $600 and the PS4 was $400, I may go with the PS4. But since I live in the US, a $100 price difference really doesn't mean much for $400 vs $500. Plus, you're getting the Kinect (regardless of how much you plan to use it) included in that price. To the person who claims the Kinect "can and will be hacked," I would like to see some factual basis behind that statement because right now I can't see that being any more than one man's opinion, along with the opinion of the Xbox One design being "hideous." I, and others, don't think the new Xbox looks bad at all.
  23. Unless Microsoft is planning on supporting backward compatibility on the Xbox One, which I don't see happening, then yes I will be keeping my Xbox 360. There are two many good games on the Xbox 360 to sell it.
  24. Obviously, accidents happen but soiled discs can be prevented primarily by taking care of your games (make sure the disc is in its case when it's not in the Xbox and when handling the disc, grab the disc by the donut hole and/or the outside edge to avoid smudges, etc.).
  25. I'll most definitely be getting the Xbox One (already reserved). People can say what they want to try to justify the PS4 being better but the unparalleled selection of games on the Xbox One is the ultimate deal breaker for me. And of course, Halo.
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