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Found 1 result

  1. I checked to see if there was a thread on this, but there isn't so I'm making one. How To Clean and Maintain X-Box 360 Game Discs (and other discs as well) One common mistake that people do to clean their smudged discs is to wipe the disc in a circular motion, or use an abrasive cleaner on the disc. Both of these are actually bad for your disc. Try not to use rubbing alcohol on game discs, because this will damage the thin plastic protective coating on the surface of the disc. Here is how to properly clean your disc. Supplies you'll need: 1 soft cloth A small amount of water or hydrogen peroxide mixed with water in a 1 part HP 5 parts water solution. ​ What you will need to do: Take the disc out of it's case or your X-Box and hold it up to some light to identify the heavily soiled areas on the disc. Drip or spray the hydrogen peroxide/water solution or water onto the heavily soiled areas. Take the soft cloth and GENTLY scrub around the disc from the inner ring to the outer edge. DO NOT scrub around the disc in a circular motion. Use a dry area of the cloth to then dry the disc in the same motion. Here is how to fix scratches in the game disc. Supplies you'll need: 1 soft cloth A small amount of hydrogen peroxide A tube of regular toothpaste. Don't use toothpastes that are designed for whitening. A toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth is best for this. A sink with running water and a plug. What you will need to do: Pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into a plugged sink and add enough water to cover the disc. Put the disc in the sink and leave it for about 5 minutes. Take the disc out, put a small amount (about what you would put on a toothbrush) onto the disc. Using your FINGER, spread the toothpaste around the disc until the entire disc is covered and there are no large clumps of toothpaste. Rinse the disc off using water. Use a soft cloth to dry the disc, rubbing from the inner ring to the outer edge. NOT in a circular motion. Your disc is now ready to be played. You can also take your game down to a video game shop (usually) and get it buffed for around $1, but this trick is pretty much what they do anyway. Just cheaper.
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