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    Air Force base
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    I live on a Air Force base in Florida, I'm an MP and a gunner on a bird.

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    TUL Confederate
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    Cruz Sanchez

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  1. Thanks buddy. I missed you bro lol.
  2. Hey guys, I'm back! I've been gone for a long time because i was overseas! To the people that know me i was shot in battle getting a buddy to safety! But know i'm a Dj playing threw the state of Florida.
  3. Hello guys can you help with with a flag signature? I'm looking for some civil war flag anykind. send me your ideas and get creative. Thank you your friend DevilDog. ( i'm still going to call meself that. lol)
  4. What is your fav game to play? Mine are. 1.Battlefield 2.All the bioshocks 3.Halo4
  5. I don't know just felt like i needed a change.
  6. Hey guys it's me DevilDog i have changed my name to TUL Confederate. I'm still around but with a diff name. LOve you guys.
  7. Hey guys i'm back. I missed you guys.
  8. Hello friends i'm so glad to be back. 'like' if you missed me. lol
  9. Hello and welcome to the 343i forums, i hope you have LOTS of fun.
  10. TUL Confederate


    Anything i fine cool or awesome.
  11. Guys do me a favor "like my stuff. Please BYE EVERYONE love you all
  12. My friends i think it's time for the DevilDog to leave.
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