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  1. I used to like these jokes, but then I took an arrow to the knee. FUDGE THE POLICE.
  2. This isn't about stating color, though. This is about two colors fighting. Besides, I imagine one of the reasons they chose Red/Blue was because there were no camouflage differences (Like @RedStarRocket stated above).
  3. We already have a similar thread. http://www.343industries.org/forum/topic/8709-you-laugh-you-lose-2012/page__hl__%2Blaugh+%2Blose
  4. That is absolute horse****. My harddrive is already peaking with purely save games and game content. They should find a way to implement it without using so much space, this is beyond ridiculous. Imagine all the people with 360 harddrives not even capable of 8GB, they won't even be able to play it! Once again, Microsoft screws the consumers over.
  5. Just because Halo is expanding their franchise doesn't make it any similar to Star Wars. I don't see your argumentation here.
  6. All art that counts as contribution to the 343i forum has to go through the art department first. Meaning, if anyone for example wants to make a new event banner, background, icon or anything similar it has to go through us. Of course you are allowed to make signatures to other members, but do it via PM and not through threads. There's a reason why we have qualifications that has to be met to become a member of the art department; simply to make sure we provide the best art for you, fellas.
  7. I usually don't like to compare games, but if Battlefield and Call of Duty ever had a baby; this would be it. .. So I'ma stick to Battlefield.
  8. Ponies. Ponies everywhere. SHOOO, SHOO I SAY!
  9. This is fairly similar to the Elephant from H3..
  10. gone


    Pfffft.. Scrub.
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