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  1. I started with Combat Evolved and have followed it because of the story. I have always thought the multiplayer was pretty dull since Combat Evolved. I never understood why so many people liked Halo 2 other than nostalgia. I mean if someone talks up about how they're into competitive arena shooters they might as well go play Quake or Unreal Tournament. Anyways I don't care what they do with multiplayer, whatever makes more people happy is what they should do. Just put a good campaign in the game.
  2. The flood is a precursor creation made from the corrupt remains of precursors. I still think the owl thing in the first Halo 5 teaser could be Mendicant Bias. In the Agent Locke cutscene when you start Halo 2A you can see it on the Arbiter's screen so it must tie in somewhere.
  3. The Primordial was in fact a Gravemind, it is confirmed at the end of Primordium. Also it was my understanding the the dust the humans found wasn't something that made precursors powder, but was actually precursors only desicated. Then just sitting there somehow made it flawed and this was sort of like a beginning of the flood. The remaining precursors who survived then turned the powder into the flood so they could use it to eradicate the forerunners. I also like to think that the Precursors downfall was a combination of them not realizing that their creations could become super powerful and even attempt to overthrow them. So when the forerunner decided they wanted them dead the Precursors were so surprised and unknowing about that situation they were mostly killed. I don't want them to ever appear in a game personally. I feel it would ruin the mystery about them. I would much rather have the forerunner fleshed out into a more interesting group if that is even possible.
  4. It would have to be a really lame alien to let you do any of these three things.
  5. They probably will add elites cause they will crack under the peer pressure.
  6. Nightfall isn't seasonal, nor did they plan it to be seasonal. The media division was also for some Xbox TV thing, nothing to do with Halo. 343 even went to two totally unrelated companies to MS to have NIghtfall and their TV show made, they were really relying on the media division to be a success. Given the closure of the division likely means that Showtime will be the one to air the show also. And for all we know the MC Collection is just to see what multiplayer 2014 people like the best and is working just as planned.
  7. Well the Covenant still has its traditional armor and the UNSC has the older armor, so I think it will look like a good mix.
  8. Unfortunately it would be pretty difficult to fix the boring gameplay in the base game. DLC is all they have left to make the game any less stale.
  9. It doesn't need to be on multiple platforms the way it is going. Seems like they are equally focused at expanding the franchise into other forms of media. If Nightfall and the TV show are really successful it could possibly turn into a Star Wars level of popularity, but only if the non-video game things are popular as that would open up more routes for more shows/movies etc. There is no other franchise that started from a video game that is as far reaching into other media as Halo and I am sure Microsoft/343 knows this very well. They just have to be careful to not drive away their established fan base.
  10. So after following the news on the Internet for a couple days it seems to me that that the hype wasn't bought at all. I'm aware that on sights like metacritic all the really low reviews are generally garbage, same with most of the 10/10 reviews. But when people point it out it doesn't seem to be because of how good a game Destiny is just saying it doesn't deserve to be given a 0 or 1. I'm interested to see what kind of reviews other sights give it, I'm really expecting a bunch of 7's, 8's, and maybe some 9's because AAA title reviews are pretty lenient or they are paid. As for me I will probably get it during Steam's 2015 Winter Sale when it is $10 or something. I also want to point out that I am on a campus that has thousands of people come and go everyday and I only know 1 person who has bought it and have heard absolutely zero talk about it. Seems like most of their 'success' has come from the pre-orders due to the massive hype train. Will have to wait another week or so to see what it sales are really going to be like.
  11. It sounds like 343 has done/doing a much better job with voice acting stuff than Bungie did. I'm surprised the interviewer didn't ask the second guy if Guilty Spark was going to be part of Halo 5 in any way. Going off a comment he made I think that it would have been way better idea to make a Guilty Spark 'siri' instead of Cortana, at least from the standpoint of the way the voice sounds. The Cortana voice doesn't sound very good to me and sort of comes off as emotionless. Given that Guilty Spark has a much more robotic voice it could have worked better. Too bad he isn't as recognizable.
  12. Star Wars seems to be doing alright, why can't anyone else expand their franchise?
  13. The 3DS has been out for 3.5 years. The Gameboy Color and the Gameboy Advance had a lifespan of a little over 3 years, making it similar to the 3DS. The Gameboy was about 9 years and the DS was about 8 years. Since the WiiU has been doing pretty doody, Nintendo probably got an evil conference together and decided to release a new handheld knowing that millions of people would just throw money at it. But given that it is Nintendo doing it nobody will think this is a ploy to get money. Just look at the GB Advance SP. It was released, netted Nintendo millions of dollars, then 1.5 years later they release the DS.
  14. So are 23 people going to be getting Reach for free?
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