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  1. Before Translation: Wut After Translation: Wut Overall Reaction to Post: Wut
  2. I support this theory. I await the return of balanced starts. I hate to say this, but Halo 4's multiplayer was complete and utter ****. It was a catastrophe. Didn't feel like Halo at all.
  3. I agree. There should be some preference in Halo 5 that you can toggle to see first-person assassinations. As cool as the Halo Reach and Halo 4 assassinations are, I prefer the BF4 and Titanfall kills. It's hard to maintain a sense of character when everytime you bash someone from behind your character zooms out to third person. It's more freaky, and more realistically cool to see either your neck snapped or you twisting the other players head. It's all around more cool.
  4. How does one overthrow The Director?
  5. Congratulations Onsokumaru! Glad to have you as one of the Legendary Members! You've done a lot for this community, we all appreciate it. Sad to see you stop down, but it's understandable, I was there once.
  6. While there will probably be outrage over the matter, I am fairly certain that it will only release for the Xbox One. Not only is it smart, as they only have to develop for one console, but it's ploy to get more player on to the One. There are die-hard Halo 2 fans that have either not upgraded, or chose PS4, that are killing themselves over not getting a One, some of which are actually doing so. It's a smart tactic. I know a friend in real life, already bought a PS4, is working overtime all summer so he can buy a XB1.
  7. Welcome Tim, enjoy the site. It's wonderful here.
  8. What is with all the different colors and sizes?
  9. Personally, I think it'll be a perfect mix of Halo and Call of Duty, and I think I will enjoy it greatly. If you're on the edge about it, here's my personal suggestion. Go into GameStop, or your favorite video game retailer, but 5 dollars down and pre-order the game. You then get access to the beta, where you can play it and decide wether or not you want to buy it. Then, you can choose to cancel the pre-order, or go through with buying the whole game. Either way, you're only putting $5 on the line, instead of $60.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks this is the coolest thing in the history of ever?! This man deserves an award. However, I have a feeling Microsoft doesn't support free games for their consoles, and there might be legal issues in the future... Stupid Micro$oft...
  11. 2 things. 1.) The white Xbox One is 100000000 times cooler looking than the one I'm currently watching Netflix on. 2.) I am looking forward to this streaming NFL on my One. But since 60fps is such a big deal, what does that mean the current fps is on TV? I'm technologically lacking in that area. Does anyone know what the fps rate is for NFL on like basic cable television? Like on ESPN, or NBC. Great post though.
  12. I think it's a nice idea, but I think it doesn't need to be more than just that, an idea. I don't think that new members have that much of a problem navigating around the forums after their first day, there is not a need to create a whole new staff section for it. Like I said, nice idea. But not necessary.
  13. I forgot I'm a 2 year member HAPPY JOINDAY DRIZZY! I mean no offense to the younger members, but I feel like the older ones are more connected. There are too many new members that I haven't met yet But I can always count on some oldy to be on to say hello too. I really enjoy all your posts, Drizz, especially this one! Keep it up.
  14. I never liked Josh Holmes very much. It's good to have someone from Star Wars on the crew. #halo5 #psyched
  15. I lovest bacon so much, that not only did I marry Bacon, but I had 17 bacon children, adopted 3 more bacon children, brought home 6 bacon dogs from the pound, put 34 bacon guppies in a bacon tank, made us a house of bacon, constructed a bacon roller-coaster in my laboratory paid for by the funds of Bacon National, installed Central-Bacon-Air to keep the house full of bacon, released my own line of assorted bacon aroma hair care products, donated 5 billion pounds of bacon to hungry children in Africa, cured diabetes from the fat found in bacon grease, sold out Madison Square Garden to give a lecture on the importance of bacon, created fast-food franchise to sell bacon on a stick, all after I bought out the bacon cheeseburger from any joint that sold the poor thing.
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