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  1. but h4 was eight g with forge planet the map will be 8 g and when u get inside u can teleport to different maps in side the planet
  2. Why doesn't 343 industries make the forge interesting by making a Forge planet.... Features of this . All the halo maps in past and current are in this planet . U can fly into space . Forge world inc . Place able AI ( like grunts, marines, spartens, brutes ,jackals etc) . All vehricals are placeable inc pelican' phantom, lichs and others . Able to place UNSC and Covenant ships as scenery . Elites are able to be used by player . Able to use a flat world in some area of the planet . Also the Planet would update when new DLC has been downloaded . No money limit . Objects such as: Tv's, computers radios turrents, tube lights etc are placable Add more ideas if any
  3. Hey ive found some great info just click this link Subscribe me and ill subscribe you
  4. I got a map gamer tag is VJR117 Map shreda .V2
  5. VJR117

    E3 Halo 4

    Vist my u tube page for E3 halo videos ps for more halo info go to my facebook page
  6. Would u rather in halo 4 use the weapon scatter shot or the battle rifle ps both is not allowed
  7. Would it be cool if halo 4 forge had AI capability EG: U can place them and tell them what to do such as defend/ attack Choose difficulty make them drive stuff but on the main point just to kill them and use them as support in Custom Games
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