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  1. TuckerRvB


    Awesome! Welcome to the forums fellow Halo-er. We are a nice bunch here and if you have any problems add me and I'll try my best to help
  2. You don't have to play a lot of games to get a high gamerscore, you could just go achievement hunting Most games have 40+ achievements
  3. And how long have you been on LIVE? Mine is 20,000 ... somewhere around there and I've been on LIVE for 3 years now
  4. Add me on Xbox GT: Snipermike1234
  5. Welcome back. You in the Marines?
  6. I'm going to assume you're talking to me. Yes I love Red vs Blue. My favorite character is really Sarge but his name is already taken, so I had to settle with Tucker. Also, if you post a reply to someone without a quote, no one knows who you're talking to. If you look at the bottom right of a post you will see a "quote" button, click that then reply
  7. Well, these guys already covered everything. Welcome to the forums, friend. Once you get used to everything these guys are like your brother, or sister. From my impressions, the people here are nice and friendly. Also, friend request/pm me if you have a problem. I'll do my best to help. But welcome to the forums again
  8. Very nice..... introduction. Anyways, welcome to the forums.
  9. No loadouts or those perk things. Etc: Dexterity
  10. Welcome to the forums man
  11. Welcome to the forums! Very nice Youtube videos btw
  12. You need to contact XBOX Live support with this problem. Xbox codes have nothing to do with 343. But if M$ does nothing about the problem, I'll give you my trial
  13. Ah. Okay, thanks. I had no idea haha
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