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  1. I've been wanting maps with weather effects and day and night settings since halo 3 they better have this halo 4 and im sure the flood wont be in this and alot of people didn't like playing as the elite so im sure there just going to leave you with playing as the master chief...he never fails us
  2. Achievements should be unlock-able when playing any map I've only seen headhunter pop up once and infection twice in the anniversary playlist
  3. Reach doesn't follow the books in onyx the s-3 where teenagers so around 15 Kurt did put something in them that would help them mature which could cause them to look older if i remember but bungie said it didnt so im at a cross road Edit: if i recall the 3's never left onyx so reach couldn't follow the books
  4. I would like it when you rank up you actually unlock the gear instead of having to use cr to buy them let the cr buy add on to said helmet or armor piece
  5. not a fan of kinect it cost 100$ and im guess the games for it cost around 40-60 dollars for 60 I'd have gym membership for a year, which is better exercise. Yes I played the the wii and the kinect both being a let down the reaction time is to slow both not doing what the companys said they could do, it seems like good exercise only for those that arent used to the wide range of movement the games ask you to do. Kinect is good only because it keeps you active which is better for kids to stay active. i hate it because of my reasons I like it cause its good for keeping people that arent used to going to a gym active and making sure they don't become lazy with that said the gym isn't really a place for kids I have heard golds gym has a kids area for them I'm not sure And yes im being really lazy with my explanation I'm on my smart phone and it keeps thinking I'm trying to spell other words when im not! I am sorry if I come off as being rude
  6. Only during the augmentation process did the s-3 have a better survival rate and thats because they didnt have what was being put into them like the s-2's did, but in combat s-2 are far superior to the s-3, the s-3 are just cheaper versions. The s-2 all had something that made them specail Kelly was abnormally fast for a 6 year old john was extremely lucky and would take on groups of other kids during playtime at school king of the hill he never lost, Kurt had this ability to sence danger he even beat john sometimes all the s-2's had something that had halsey hand pick them, the s-3 didn't have this quality the colonal just picked random orphins. in the book ghost of onyx there spi armor was suppose to fill in what they lacked so it made them somewhat invisable. S-3 and a lower suvival rate during real combat It wasn't that the augmentation was perfected its because Kurt changed the "recipe" that was put into the s-3's
  7. Why do you say china owns us...there in just as much debt as united states that and united states (I'm from us) is in more debt with japan then china, it is based on Hamilton economics
  8. The master chief wasn't in the cryo tube the whole time he was on reach hell even his team blue team was on reach hefore they escaped the glassing
  9. Bungie did say they where going to do this but if this company is doing it make me think what bungie has in store for us
  10. The day after my birthday its going to be a good weekend for me lol remember every one to vote halo 4 most anticapated game at spike tv
  11. Mines doing the same thing only my rank change but my character's armor stays the same since I was a commander im now a general
  12. I like getting achievements fair but once they start adding more you gain them just for them to add more repeat, it gets old I need help with the achievements too zombie ones and head hunter ive only seen one head hunter pop up on the anniversary maps once since they came out Edit and the don't touch that achievement I dont know why I'm not getting it i did it on the defient maps bother rounds too the other team didnt touch the flag still no achievement I did it more then 3 times and yes I checked to see if I got it
  13. Hey ill help you if you help with the others pm me
  14. I like mw but online it just isnt fun online there botter community. My cousins was playing against one that could hide under ground and look up and shoot you but you where unable to shoot back at him. The only good games cod made was the mw series...going to get hate replies now
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