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  1. Dear 343 Industries, I have been an avid halo fan ever since CE hit the PC. However, with the new Title Update I am going to have to say goodbye to Halo Reach. The update has ruined the multiplayer gameplay that Reach offered. The changes to Armor Lock have effectively nullified that particular armor ability. The reduction in the bloom has nullified the trigger discipline that was required to effectively use a precision weapon or the human pistol. If you felt the need to change the title to appease certain gamers, then you should have kept the Title Update in its own playlist or set of playlists. Instead you have forced this upon all the gamers that play Reach. Also, I believe that you are insulting Bungie by making such radical changes to a finished product. If this was a way to make your mark on the series as a whole, you will have your chance with the Forerunner trilogy. As a loyal gamer to the Halo franchise, I ask you to either A. remove the Title Update and move it to its on separate playlist or B. Make a playlist without the Title Update for gamers that do not appreciate the changes. Thank you for your consideration, LordOdisious757
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