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  1. "as the dawn of a new" That's six words.
  2. Everyone ready for Call of halo future bs-fare???!??!??
  3. Anybody who wants to post in this topic, please be familiar with the term "ranking system" and the definition. It makes sense to rank up and rank down, that is how a ranking system works... IF you don't understand that then don't post to this topic, I am limiting this topic to only people who can comprehend a ranking system and is willing to discuss it intelligently.
  4. Also I want to point out that Bungie did not close down the xbox servers, that was solely Microsoft, they didn't shut down anything halo 2 specific, it was a blanket rule for all xbox original games.
  5. lmao, you must be new to xbox. Halo 3 was released in 2007, I believe COD 4 was released like I don't know around 3 months later. Even after 2 years (2009) Halo 3 had well over 300,000 people playing the game, it wasn't until MW2 when that number took a huge hit to about 100,000 and then when reach came out it dwindled to about 10,000-30,000. If halo 2 did come back and it had achievements but had same old graphics same old campaign same old button glitches, etc. etc. It would easily hit 100,000-300,000 people and it would probably stay that way for a while. What you are saying about halo 2 on the original xbox had no competition, I don't disagree with you on that. I just believe that halo 2 is better than most games now and if you asked anybody who played it a lot they would tell you it is WAY better than reach or 3.
  6. Unfortunately god is working with bungie and is trying to ruin halo. (like in reach) aparently 343 feels like continuing the AAs which is stupid and I am seriously fed up with it.
  7. Yes, let's reward people for camping with sniper in the back of the base and not helping their team push top mid, that sounds like a wonderful system.... -____- Halo is a team game, don't want it to be? then play lone wolfs.
  8. Whatever man, Give them real names and make the number hidden. Doesn't matter to me in halo 2 after you hit level 44 your number turned into a symbol (moon, sun, eclipse, and finally level 50 is the halo ring) So I will be perfectly happy with a symbol representing a number, hell, even give it a name like "Inheritor" or "Spartan" etc. As long as you can rank up and rank down and every win counts as 1 point towards your rank and not something stupid like 816 EXP, then sure. Let's have it that way.
  9. It seems that for once, I actually agree with you.
  10. The BR has to have a medium-long range or you won't be able to combat a sniper. (obviously on huge maps like sandtrap in h3 this wouldn't be the case) but in the case where you are on a small map I.E- guardian Also, I think the BR shouldn't be dumbed down at all, if anything it needs more power. It should take 4 shots to kill someone and it should have hit scanning, and I am not arguing it because I know the second I propose it people are going to jump on me like hyenas but I think that BXR and BXB and double shot should come back.
  11. I agree man, don't be afraid to voice your opinion's. I understand people on here are very closed minded at times, but I will gladly stick up for you. Every game the spawning default weapon was a stupid automatic machine gun (SMG in halo 2) (AR in reach and 3) How about this, we spawn with a gun that takes skill to use (BR???) Yes...
  12. Re-read the last 2 pages, it will explain why ranking down is essential to a ranking system
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