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  1. After having some time to play around with the January playlist changes, I wrote up a little article of my thoughts. Overall, I think the changes were very positive, specifically the introduction of Squad DLC. You can read it here. Thanks for reading! Please post your thoughts either here or in Jester's January Play List thread. Thank you - Absolute Dog
  2. 343 Industries dropped the December update for Halo: Reach matchmaking yesterday. I wrote a quick blog post summarizing my thoughts about the update. Overall, I think Halo: Reach is very slowly being improved. What do you guys think?
  3. One of the best things about Halo is the strong online community. You can make it even stronger by checking some other Halo online communities. I'm not saying that the 343i.org aren't great, but there are other awesome sites where you can meet other cool Halo fans and have a lot of fun. I wrote a blog post on my personal website about 5 of my favorites to get you started. What is your favorite Halo community site?
  4. I just wrote an article for my website speculating about the music of Halo 4 based on what information has been shared so far. I'd greatly appreciate it if you read it and shared your thoughts. Behold an Unknown Horse: The Music of Halo 4 What do you expect from the music of Halo 4? I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks!
  5. It requires the use of a 3D capable television.
  6. I know that Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is made by 343 Industries, but it is still heavily based on all the excellent work Bungie did on Halo: CE. Here is a preview article about the campaign of Anniversary: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Preview After seeing it, I'm really excited to re-play through the original Halo story, now with 3D, online co-op and updated graphics.
  7. Not really. I went to the Halo 4 panel, but 343 Industries was very light on specific details. We saw some concept art and heard a bit of music that's being worked on for the game. They also confirmed that the Forerunners will be a bigger focus in this trilogy, and that the new trilogy will focus more on John's (Master Chief) personal life and his relationship with Cortana. All of the games I played were Spartans only, but I could see this being a possibility. For sure you'll be able to play Elites vs. Elites and Spartans vs. Elites Invasion in the Reach engine.
  8. I just got a chance to try out the new multiplayer maps shipping with Halo Anniversary at Halofest! I was so impressed/excited that I wrote an article about them. Halo Anniversary Multiplayer Preview Thanks for checking it out, and share what you think of the maps if you got a chance to try them!
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