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  1. I didn't like how the marketing didn't match how the story played out and I couldn't get attached to most of the characters either. There were quite a bit of fun and creative levels and gameplay moments however. Best story and game altogether would be Reach for me hands down. I felt attached to Noble Team and there was excellent character development and gameplay and everything really.
  2. Those Saturday playdates Absolute Dog had were great times man I remember i would always go out of my way as a kid to join most of em. He was a real great, genuine dude really miss the guy. Nice post by the way.
  3. The only thing I was upset about was the new emblem system and the ability to purchase REQs
  4. I remember this first look thing got leaked recently. Glad they finally uploaded it in 1080p
  5. Omg perfect. Spartan Assault always interested me but i couldnt find the right platform to play it on. PC Steam sounds amazing
  6. Wow man amazing, plasma rifle in particular
  7. Halo 2 was one of my favorite Halo games and it feels great to know it's going to get an "Anniversary Edition". I look forward to it whether its on the Xbone or 360
  8. I've seen this before, on Reach however
  9. Right when i return after 2 years you leave. I truly looked up to you and still do. You were an amazing mod and did so many incredible things for this community. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and respecting me personally; i know it must've been quite annoying to deal with a 12 year old . Thank you for being such a great model towards me and everyone in this community. I hope you enjoy you're retired life and everything about it. It's sad to know i was too late to give you a proper goodbye but i hope someday you might read this. Goodbye, AD.
  10. Last time i checked i think it's already on the 360, and One. Although i don't own it i wish i did
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