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  1. I honestly believe it HAS to be the BR. Because the DMR was issued during Reach while the BR was issued during Halo 2. Which means the BR is the newer model. It also needs to be the BR because Chief could'nt possibly have a DMR because there were none on the frigate he was on at the end of Halo 3. So what do you think BR or DMR and what are your reasons?
  2. I've played Halo since the beginning and I love this game. But I honestly hate Reach! I loved the story and the armor but I hated the ranking system so much. (And the armor abilities but thats for another thread.) The ranking system wasn't as fun. I made it to 42 in Halo 3 and I was stuck there. But thats okay because it kept me playing the next day when I got home form school. Reachs to me was so boring. I remember coming home and everyone on my friends list was playing Halo 3 when Reach came out my friends stopped playing it after a day. The reasons for this was because of the way multiplayer worked. We all hated armor abilities and the ranking system because it was truely competitive. I really want the Halo 2/3 ranking system back! Please 343 I believe in you!
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