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  1. Only people who arn't good in Reach say this about the bloom, pros know how to exploit it. Besides as the tread creator has stated 'each playlist that has had the TU implymented has lost players'. This effect has been much bigger then can be explaned by "people getting bord with reach" It proves that the majority of player actually dont like the TU changes, if the playlist had instead gained players or the number of players had roughly stayed the same then the statement 'most dont mind or actually like the TU changes' would be true, But the evidence shows with out doubt that the TU changes are infact unpopular (most dont like them).
  2. No its not the anniversary playlists that we're having a problem with really its that there not giving any one a choice not to play on TU settings by prgessively making every playlist TU. They should have at the very least a non-TU team slayer, big team and objective playlist (as well as invastion).
  3. I totally agree. I dont want to play TU. The Bloom was all about skill, it never was about spaming as The Dictator has stated, but rather you have to fire in a particular manor, it not us skilled peoples fault most noobs never under stood this. Besides it made the game play in a particular manor, which is far superiour to the TU gameplay. I dont want to play the TU settings, as I dont like how they play. The whole skill set with the DRM has been removed in the TU settings, making it more about who got the frist shot than who was more skillful. Any one can point and shoot, its not hard to do so very well. But its another thing altogether to master the non-TU DRM. Besides they've also removed sword block, which should upset you noobs because it means that theres nothing stopping me getting a slice-n-dice almost every time I pick up a sword (apart from the shotgun). I'm one for skill and tatics over been able to get the drop on some one (the frist shot). The TU goes against this. Besides it doesnt matter that you have never adapted to Reach properly and so prefur the TU settings its not that they have playlists that play like this thats the problem. Its that they are making every playlist TU, and not giving anyone the choice not to play TU. (despite the fact that almost all of the halo community have been playing non-TU settings untill we haven't haven't got a choice -which we dont have anymore if we dont want to play any thing other and team slayer - regardless of the heavy empasis 343 have been putting on there TU altered playlists.) A large part of the community dont want these changes and I'm one of them.
  4. Wow Reach is Offically wreaked well done 343. You took a perfect game and utterly ruined it, ever heard the saying if it isnt broken don't fix it???? Reach wasn't broken and in trying to fix it you've broken it. The worse thing about it is you did it to every playlist. People are always going to complain as long as theres a skill gap. 343 by introducting the TU settings have COMPLETLY removed the skill set for the DRM, any one can point and shoot, and 90% of the people who play halo can do that well. But not every one could use the DRM properly infact at lest 90% couldnt use it well (these poeple are known as noobs). This is known as a skill gap, which the good players could establish a lead exployting, there are a lots of tactics that go on top of this that sperate the really good players form the better than noob players. By introducting the TU settings this skill set has of course been removed from the game, and along with it some of the stratgies that the really good players use to use. This has COMPLETLY atlered the game play. As even some of the very worse players can now accurately shoot across the map, and the DRM is now more about who got the frist shot, then who has more skill. In short it no longer plays like Reach and as such is no longer very fun. It doesnt matter that I can still manage +20 k/d a match, its about hidding and getting clean ups now rather then your individual skill. If I wanted to play a game that plays like this rubbish I would much rather play on Halo 3 (or COD). WHY DID YOU COMPLETY ALTER THE GAME PLAY OF A ESTABLISHED GAME??????
  5. I Agree and I hope 343 gets the message to because its my favorite game by far (not just my favorite halo). They need to relise these things and stop messing with reach playlists. As I said in my earliar post I would like it to play like Halo Reach e.g. 5 shot 4 shot is a nooby over teamers best friend no skill in automatically winning a drm dual because its 4 shot and your opponet doesnt have the time to turn the tables (with 2 people vrs 1 and 4 shot its 2 shots each, with 5 shot its 2 1/2 so one of them will have to fire 3, this makes a big difference to a skilled player), cant bash through sheilds (if i wanted a game that was all about getting the drop on your opponet I'd play CoD, double beat down gives you opinions in close quarters inside of just HAVING to get the 1st shot which just isnt going to happen every time), heck I even wouldnt mind them keeping the recitcul, yes its annoying yes it makes your weapon some what inaccurate but it makes people play differently which i like alot, more planing about how there going to get the advantage, instead of just rushing you and getting killed till your sheilds drop and you die.
  6. Vanilla (orginial) Halo Reach gameplay as is seen in the unaltered reach playlists because its epic, new weapons would be nice (and of course are a new halo game tradition). but for it to play like halo reach. Oh and before any of you halo 3, Reach haters bother repling to this commint we all ready know your point of view so no need to say anything, besides despite making the most nosie on forums you are in the statistical minority of the halo community making up at most no more than 1/4 of said community....I have counted. Only 22,090 out of 108,996 players today were'nt playing orginial Reach gameplay playlist's (that includeds thoughs playing halo 3) (I will take a few more samples to insure the repesentiveness but the, source of my figures e.g. the number of people playing on un-altered reach matchmaking as apposed to thoughs playing halo 3 or altered/anniversary matchmaking on any given day should be pretty much repisentive - wether you like it or not).
  7. Yet another halo 3 playing, Halo Reach hater: "Who play's reach any more"...uuhh....lets see: over 86,906 of the 108,996 people currently playing Halo (correct as of 11.49pm 11/dec/2011) do. The 86,906 figure I've quoted is the extact number of people playing un-altered playlists in halo reach. The 108,996 is every one playing Halo 3 and Reach at the date and time spicefied. Of that only 17507 are playing Halo 3. Which proves if 343 kept every thing the same from halo Reach in Halo 4 matchmaking they would in fact not go bust, unless I'm very much mistaken thats a majority of the community, as currently playing halo prefuring un-atlered REACH matchmaking to all other halo matchmaking options. I would hazard a guess based on the evidence that they would actualy do worse if they brought back Halo 3 matchmaking as standard gameplay. Besides 5 shots require more skill then 4 shots, 4 shot weapons are for noobs who cant think ahead same goes for bashing(pummling) through sheilds (like in halo 3) thats a noobs best friend, they should keep the double beat down system. I do some what agree with the ranking system comment though, because I like the ranking as a badge of been a good player not how long you've played, however its pretty un-nessary.
  8. I was unaware that the changes were so big. I for one really dont like the changes at all. Yes its great they have a playlist that they've tried this in/plays like this (but i dont think it plays well becase people start playing very differently without the recitcul, it just doesn't play as well and detracts from the gameplay in genral I for one am willing to put up with the annoying recitcul to keep the proper reach gameplay. It would seem the halo community agrees with me as at the time of this post theres 1190 on squad slayer, 436 on team objective, and 1315 on multi team.... thats 2941 on TU changed reach settings theres more people playing on unchanged Team Slayer (7404) not to mention Big Team battle (5137). And as i said + proved in my last post theres still much more people playing original reach matchmaking than there are in halo 3/ anniversary and the altered playlists put together if you includ this into my origional calaculations (just add 2505 to the number of people not playing proper reach matchmaking) This still holds over whelmingly true.
  9. Ok it looks like some people didnt get the point of what i said. I was not complaining purely about the difficulty in getting the new achievemants due to unwise playlist choices by 343. Rather i was mainly complaining about how they are increasingly altering/removing playlists form reach matchmaking. Because a minority* of the community loved Halo 3 and dont think that any game called halo should ever play differently. These types of haters will always exist when any changes that effect gameplay in a popular game are made, there was a identical out-cry to Halo 3 from Halo 2 players when Halo 3 came out. Bungie was wise enought not to ruin the halo 3 to appeas these people. All I want is for 343 to exercise that same wisedom. By all means they should create a playlist that plays like the older games (halo 3 in paricular) or try out new things, but they really should not detract from Halo Reach to do so. * I say minority because if you look at the number of people playing halo there are more people playing stardard Halo Reach setting, Team Slayer playlist, than there are in all the altered / anniversary playlists put together. People have the choice to play Halo 3 settings and yet most still are playing Halo Reach settings what does that say???? Besides if you dont like how Reach plays, Halo 3 is still online and playable in matchmaking (again with fewer players than are currently playing standard match making in Halo Reach). Today there are 17507 people on halo 3, and 91489 on reach of these only 1632 are on the anniversary play lists and only 436 on team objective (a altered playlist) ( all together 2078) So out of a halo community of 108996 players, Only 19585 are not playing Halo Reach gameplay in matchmaking. This quite simply would not be the case if most of the community prefurred the halo 3 matchmaking/ didnt like the halo reach matchmaking. Cant argue with the numbers (all numbers correct at time of post)
  10. Ok what has 343 done to the premium battle play list now the only way to get the new achivemants is to play on there crappy aniversiray play list. (or in the case of defiant achivmants you have to pretty much boost to get them as getting on them in regular match making never mind actually managing to get the achivement while on the map is nearly impossible). Why does 343 not understand that some people actually prefur the halo reach game play and do not wish to be forced to play the halo 3 or even worse the halo 1 gameplay. In my opinion Bungie got every thing right in halo reach even the annoying recitul bloom can not detract from. I for one actually want to play halo reach matchmaking when I put the halo reach disc in my xbox if I wanted to play halo 3 I'd put that in instead. By all means create a halo 3 playlist and a halo 1 playlist 343 but you have no right to destroy reach to do so. Edit: Please read my 2 other posts feather down this thread Of the 108,996 people playing on HALO today (11 dec 2011) only 22,090 are not playing un-altered halo reach matchmaking (that includes halo 3 with 17507 current players). So 343, the community has spoken we prefure UN-ALTERED REACH makemaking.
  11. What the hell has 343 done with the premium battle..... do they not understand that some peoeple actualy prefur the reach gameplay? the only why to get the new achievements now is to play on there crappy new playlists that play very baddly. Yes bungie got the recticul wrounge but they got every thing else right in reach If i wanted to play halo 3 I would put that in my xbox.....and who really wants to be forced to play halo 1 settings? yes by all means they should have a playlist for that and halo 3 game play but they have no right to destory reach to do so.
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