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  1. It's based off my gametag, which is based off a creepypasta with the same name.
  2. Yeah, it was a bit interesting. But if it comes out in 2020, that's still a long way to go.
  3. Well, I'm worried only a little bit. I think the security on Xbox Live is good and I only buy Microsoft Points in the stores anyways. I just hope it won't end up like PSN where they have to shut it down to prevent from accounts getting hacked.
  4. Except you can put two games and combine them both! Then they'll be nice and crispy... Jokes aside, I hope the next Xbox will be something that is a lot better than our current one. I hope they give us a preview of it soon. Or maybe they're going to make a handheld system... (very unlikely but who knows) Although, if they did, Nintendo would probably be competition. But imagine play Halo:Reach on one of them!
  5. The funny thing is, he's my friend in real life... Also, I found it a little bit hard to understand what he was saying, I think he should have worked a bit more to make it easier to read but that's not the point. Anyways, although some of it I'll agree with, not so much with others mon frere. As I have told you before, Halo 4 may not be as exciting maybe, because it's the first (Halo) game they're making so don't expect a lot from them. And another thing, not everything in Halo 4 is going to be perfect. There's are some people that always seem to find a game bad.
  6. To eat, or not to eat. That is the question. Well, do you guys follow it or not?
  7. Problem's solved but I didn't know that. That's something I might need to know as well.
  8. Okay, after many games of Infection. The map got picked and I got picked. Looks like no more need for help but if anyone wants to play with me, they can.
  9. I once told some people a "cheat code" to have no deaths in a game. They had to press "Start, Up, A, Up, A" right away (which should leave the game). My team won at the start of the game.
  10. Only for the right price. And if it is possible but some people say they can't. But I bet the Inheritors would like it.
  11. Nobody say pineappple! I gotta say, oranges are cool, and a colour as well!
  12. Oh yay, whoever you are. No offense... But having members come back is good.
  13. Hooray, he's back! Just in time for the New Year's.
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