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  1. Frank O'conner Reported to IGN that Halo 4's engine will just be a modified engine from Halo Reach. Listen closely at 0:30 Seconds in to the video.
  2. How would driving a pelican be anything like COD - or Battlefeild?..... thats like saying they should take the warthog out of halo just cause battlefeild has the hum-v. Anyways i think its a great idea!
  3. Looking for a buddy to play legendary with, on halo CE. But cant find one... If you could please, help me with this GT: Xtra Sauce
  4. Halo 4 sould have... A new set of Armor to Kick some Butt in! Mark 7. Moar Bosses i like the Challenges, Like a Super Grunt, or a, Flood hunter? Play as aliens, Like how in Halo 2 you got to first time play as an Elite? How about halo 4 you get to play as a hunter,, or grunt!....... If halo 4 has a fire-fight. Ive always wanted to fight on the covanent side deystroying the humans. lol Make cortana even hotter More vehicles... larger maps. Like Sandtrap off Halo 3(my Favorite) In forge i wish you could change the maps Time, like night and day, Changing the maps weather also like rain or Snow, Lighting or like a windstorm, which could actually make objects on the map blow around. Snow would actually make maps harder to drive on cause the grounds slick. Well those are just some things that popped up in my mind when i thought of Halo 4.
  5. Halo 4 Wish List: Bring back Dual weilded weapons! (loved dual magnums) 2. Halo 4 Maps need to be Computer Crafted from the makers!, (not Like Halo Reach were the maps were mostly variations of forge world, and the rest just copies from The Campaighn Landscapes) 3 Bring back the Scarab Gun!!!!!!! Put it in Campaighn and make it super hard to get, and Slap an 50 G Acheivment on it called "Scarab Gun" I think that would be awsome!
  6. Well, I heard of this mentioned before, but i want to put my thoughts on It: "Armor Benefits" Not as overpowering as Armor Ability's. But I think this would be cool, Lets just say all armor had different benefits, Such as 5% more Explosive Resistance, Or 5% Faster Movement, Or maybe even Increased Jump Hight 110%! The better the Benefit the more the Armor cost's. This may make the game more interesting, People will feel more accomplished when they buy armor. Not just for looks, but Benefit also. Or you could go into another catagory of Armor benefit like Ammo Benefits, Such as the Breacher chest in Halo Reach. What if that gave you automaticly 4 more shells with shotguns? Or the Shoulder Armor with Sniper Bullets on it, In Halo Reach, Gives you an extra Sniper clip? I think this would make the game more - so interesting for it gives you a goal to unlock armor even - more than before! But Anyway Please Reply with your own ideas about this topic!
  7. Well,im sorry, for expecting to much. And Really ******** TheDeadly off, lol he should of just mentioned my name in his new post....
  8. TheDeadly Nothing is impossible I really dont even know what your trying to say in the last 3 sentences but, You dont have to use the same code, Create Another, according to you that would solve the problem? no? BTW nothin's impossible/ and thats exactly what HALO was known for Doing the impossible!
  9. What i want, Is Another quality halo game? Id rather wait 3 years For a great game then wait 1 year for a mediocore game wouldnt you? But i suppose it is too late, I dont care who makes halo games, but as long as they put as much heart and work into that game, it will be great. Halo needs another HUGE Tiltle and they need this one to be one, in order to get alot of hype for Halo 4? so why no make a few delays in order to save, or make this franchise even greater or bigger than before?
  10. Hello, I am a Halo Fan and want to see this game do very well! But Im predicting this game will be HALF a game, I LOVE the way the single player looks! It looks like a TRUE Halo, Now i know before i Start stating all of the problems i see, The game is only 40 $.. But, A halo Reach Multi -Player? IF 343 Is making a true Remake I think they should pull up a new multiplayer like they did with campaign, THE Reason HALO 1 was soo awsome was because of the Multiplayer Mostly, The multiplayer shaped most Future FPS's, Why NOT, Remaster it and include it??? I think the Multiplayer should look like the Singleplayer/ Im sorry but Halo Reach multiplayer did not feel any-were like the Halo - Halo 2 - And Halo 3 Multiplayer's!!!!! If this is a true remake they should be making the multiplayer like it also, PEOPLE WILL STOP playing the multiplayer quickly for they will get bored, it being an experince that they have already expierienced in Reach! 343 ITS NOT TOO LATE TO MAKE A TRULEY LEGENDARY GAME! I promise that the game will sell MUCH MUCH more if u do rifurbish, the Halo 1 Multiplayer!!!! Capture The FULL Halo 1 experience and REMIND US WHY WE LOVED HALO 1! BTW Im Sorry in advance for all the miss-spelled words and no puncuation! NOT HATING ON IT, Just my opinion, and i Think My opinion would help the game Tremendously. Just my 2 cents.. Dont Hate.... XBL: Xtra Sauce, PEACE OUT HALO PLAYERS! AND Halo Anniversary FTW!
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