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  1. I don't expect them to work for free and I would pay for that DLC in a split second. I'm just wondering if any other reach players feel the same way or if I'm one of the few.
  2. Well they did fix it as they said they would, but now your characters look like crap. Better then no fix I guess.
  3. That's because I only got to play on the weekends back then and only for an hour or so. The only people that still play halo 3 are those that tried to move to reach and got raped cause they suck, so they went running back to halo 3. It will be interesting to see what those posers do when the halo 3 severs get shut down as they will very soon. If you think you're good at swat, you can send me an invite if you feel like getting raped you garbage a** random.
  4. Nevermind. 343 said they are comming out with a fix for this issue this month.
  5. I play everyday when I get home from work or later at night. That's not the problem.
  6. I ask this question because when I go into Halo Waypoint it shows my character in armor I haven't used in like five months. Will it ever update to my current armor or is there a way to update it myself? It's as if it just locked in on the armor I was wearing when I hit inheritor, but I would really like to see myself with my haunted helmet and current colors when I visit Halo Waypoint.
  7. FYI: You're a BK RumblingLAZ. Yes those guys are ****** bags, but at the same time... you suck really bad. Stop whining!
  8. Wow kid... don't get all butt hurt over my opinion. I'm not here to hate. The fact that I've put as much time into this game as I have should make it perfectly clear that I'm a huge fan of the Halo games. I'm one of the few that still has his copy of the original Halo bought on day 1 of it's release along with the original xbox. I just wish they had more for the Halo fans that have dedicated themselves to this game they way that I have. You can say play the game for fun, but when one has 3000+ steaktaculars... one tends to start getting bored with what's left. For an inheritor, that would be nothing.
  9. I agree. I'm so sick of people quiting. Most of the time people quit before the game even starts. I'm sick of playing hide and seek because it's my team vs. 1 dude who thinks he can win if he just camps it out. Which he won't cause we'll just spawn rape him, but it's just not fun when it's 4 vs. 2 or 1. It happens like seven out of ten games. It's becoming a freakin joke trying to play a decent game.
  10. They need to reset peoples k/d after they have been busted boosting their kill count. I'm so tired of seeing kids with ridiculous k/d spreads and then when you play them you completely poop on them. Oh your k/d spread is a 4.0 yet you can't get more than 4 kills? Sure kid. Go boost your k/d and GTFO my playlist!
  11. I prefer the bloom. I keeps people from using modded controllers.
  12. To hell with the new ranks then. I'd be happy with new armor and armor effects. The amount of unlocks in this game is pathetic. You can say play for fun, but this game has been out for over a year and it's getting stale. Most of the community has already jumped ship for other games like MW3, BF3, GOW3 and the list is growing. CE map packs won't keep people around. The magnum is nice and all, but the pace is just too slow. Reach may be too easy, but the pace has changed things forever. There's no going back now. You can dump the jet pack and all that other crap. Just don't touch my sprint! I'm not interested in the other games I've mentioned, but I would really like some new flavors added to keep me going until Halo 4.
  13. There have been rumors of new ranks after inheritor as well as new armor and armor effects. It has been the only thing keeping me playing this game. If there aren't going to be any new additions I might as well stop playing Reach multi-player. I have like 20 million credits and nothing to spend them on. If there were more ranks after inheritor, I would keep playing until Halo 4 hits shelves. The AE map packs have nothing to offer me in terms of gameplay because I'm a SWAT player and 343 ignored us SWAT players when they created the AE map packs. So what is there to keep us SWAT players that have already reached inheritor playing until the next Halo hits shelves. 343 really needs to add additonal unlocks for us hardcore fans that have already hit the current limit. Please 343... Stop ignoring your hardcore fans.
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