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  1. I would love to see any new Spyro The Dragon or Crash Bandicoot game but this will do it for me. Ryse 2 seems a little bit odd, so far from this "correct" information I will watch it.
  2. I would prefer Halo Wars 2 since no one is playing the old game. It was funny but they should change the limit so you can build how many units you want. It was really a buzzkill for me.
  3. I do have my Halo Reach legendary statues that will crush if I even touch them and it would be cool to get something with Halo 2. I didnt even finish Halo CE the remake. I feel bad =x.
  4. Welcome and hope you will enjoy it.
  5. Nice work, studied to become a game designer myself but after three years and I gave up. Not my style so have fun doing whatever you are doing.
  6. Halo has always saved the Xbox console so yeah. I will buy Xbox One only because of Halo 4.
  7. Tali sounds cute but it's up to them. I wouldn't name my daughter something like that since it would probably be hard for her in the future.
  8. Haloboy


    Since I've watched over 100 Animes and am currently reading over 100 Mangas I can post some of the best ones I've read or watched. Liked - Naruto - Yu-Gi-Oh (Original with Yugi) - Yu-Gi-Oh GX -Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Sword Art Online - Infinite Stratos - Kore Wa Zombie desu ka - Sankarea - Sekirei - Sora no otoshimono - Code Geass - Angel Beats - Pokémon Dropped - One Piece - Bleach - Attack on Titan - Nisekoi
  9. Member Since 15 Aug 2011 So I've been here for a while too but congratz, can't believe it was like 2 years ago I found this forum. Hope you'll stay here until Halo 6. :3
  10. I liked them at the start but now people are just spamming annoying and not funny ones. =x
  11. post hunters lol but gratz.
  12. Tell her, the only way. Not even 100% that she likes you.
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