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Found 7 results

  1. This is a new gameplay video, from Machinima. This gameplay is on the newly shown map Solace. As described in the video, it has a Promethean feel to it, but also with organic compounds. The gameplay shows of the SAW, Beam rifle and Sniper Rifle action. And commentary with HaloCouncils own Nexy. From: Machinima http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVVjuTaODvc
  2. An Ode To Azaxx By: Samantha Noway & CooliestRap Oh Azaxx the stars are so bright As their light shines on you tonight We hope you accept this little song Even though you feel that it's wrong We want you to know That for you we will shoooooooow (Unison) Our one true love combined for you. Hope you enjoyed.
  3. Xbox 360 has once again proven itself to be the best selling console in the States. Microsoft's epic console has once again stayed on top of the table with it's 27 month consecutive being the most bought system in the United States, according to new date from NPD Group. The Xbox 360 console has sold 261'000 units in the United States in March, beating Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's new Wii U handheld device. In the large picture, physical sales decreased by 10% year over year from $1.1Billion in March 2012 to $992.5 Million in March 2013. Software sales remained basically flat at around $554.8 Million, only inching down by 1% from one year ago. The steepest decline came from Hardware sales, dropping down by 32% to $221.6 Million. Against popular beliefs, the Nintendo 3DS has grown by roughly 9% during the decline of portable console sales. Sources: BGR.com
  4. I'm sure most of avid Halo players would be overjoyed to see this news, as 343 Industries finally has released an online File Browser, much like the one Bungie had on their website Bungie.net This File Browser does the features that the one on Bungie.net did, but now is cleaner to look at then the previous one. The features that are old, but new to some are the following; Viewing screenshots, video downloading for the Xbox, map downloading, searching via tags and small additions such as "liking" the content. Not only does this pose a great tool for Forgers and Custom Game Nighter's with easy access to maps across the world for their own needs. But for everyone who has entered into 343iCF's Forge contest which I'll link you Here, you can upload a screenshot to your Fileshare and download it and post it into the thread if you have made a post. So goodbye cameras and phones, and welcome this fantastic site: File Browser Have fun with the addition from 343 Industries guys!
  5. This is a new gameplay video, from Machinima. This gameplay is on the newly shown map Solace. As described in the video, it has a Promethean feel to it, but also with organic compounds. The gameplay shows of the SAW, Beam rifle and Sniper Rifle action. And commentary with HaloCouncils own Nexy. From: Machinima http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVVjuTaODvc View full article
  6. Hi guy's, i thought i would release a very special interview, Azaxx's interview....his FIRST interview (i think) So here you are guys, please enjoy And BIG thanks to Mr.Wolfy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kaatisu: Hey 343 community! Wolfy here with the resident Mudkip, Azaxx, and it's time for another crazy interview! Okey, first question. Where will our mudkip be spending most of his time on Halo 4? Azaxx: Firstly I would spend quite a while in the campaign, playing the story, getting achievements and unlocking all of its hidden secrets. But after a while I'll move onto War Games, and just stay there until Halo 5 comes out, because I love my multiplayer xD Kaatisu: Next one is: what are you most excited about on Halo 4 in the terms of new features, weapons, graphics, vehicles, etc, basically anything related to Halo 4 at all. Azaxx: I am equally excited with how they are going to make Halo 4's story different to the previous trilogy. That is, 343i states that since this is gonna be a bit of a dark trilogy, for a while. So I want to see how they achieve that statement. And secondly, how they tie in the UNSC Infinity with all game modes, interested in that Kaatisu: Personality finder isssss: if you were asked to pick a set of lyrics from a song to describe your life or how you feel most the time what would you answer? Azaxx: This question took me forever to answer, as I don't pay attention to lyrics, I'm more of a music listener. As in I listen to the sounds rather than understand them. But going over one of my favourite songs just then, I found that the song Watercolour By Pendulum relates to how I feel on a somewhat daily basis., "When I'm falling down, will you pick me up again, when Im too far gone, and im dead in the eyes of my friends". A little sad it may be if you understand what I mean, but I have great friends here and in real life to keep me going Kaatisu: Do you have any interesting side hobbies? Azaxx: I don't have much fun outside the forums and school, but when I can enjoy myself, I like to draw and paint. That is I only draw with greylead and pen, and paint with spray paints, which some older members may remember me posting some images of them on the forums. But that's as far hobbies go Kaatisu: What made you decide to use a mudkip out of all the other options? Azaxx: When I first made this account ages back, I was desperate for an image. So after sifting through maybe 700-ish images on my computer at the time, I remembered that I had a mudkip pic which I've used bedore in yet another folder, so again after sifting through a lot of photos, I found it. Put it up and I couldn't be bothered finding another image through all the ones I had, so I kept it. I think I changed it once, for about 2 weeks. But was so used to the mudkip, I changed it back. Can't remember what the image was, oh well. Mudkip rules. Kaatisu: Well that's all for this interview and gratz to argueably the most popular member of this site on getting shoutoutted! Azaxx: And thanks for the interview! Never been interviewed in my life lol. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There you are guys, Hope you enjoyed, and another big thank you to Mr.Wolfy and of course, Azaxx :hug:
  7. Ok this one has been long in the making, and more then deserved. The next guy was the first person i actually met on the site, not my first friend ,but he did become my best bud on here now Soo without much more to say, i give you my next Shout Outee, AZAX :hug: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So as many of you have noticed by now, Aza and i are good friends, i love our conversation, which are like daily btw, and i love how he is ALWAYS willing to listen to what i have to say, just as i am ALWAYS willing to listen to him. He is a great friend to me and to MANY others out there in our great community, so it was only natural to write this up for him, he more then deserves it. He has a great sense of humor and is one of the coolest Brony's i've met XD.He helps people with their problems and is always lending an ear.He has made MANY friends in his time here, and will continue to make many more. I hope, as many of you do, That Aza stays on our great community for many more years to come, the community would be a lesser place without him, and i dont know if i can go one day without seeing that bloody mudkip Aza is a good bloke who deserves nothing less then good friends and this shout out. Soooo, here's to you Aza, here is to many more conversations,jokes and debates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok guys, there's volume 8 for you, can't wait for tommorows
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