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Cannot access DLC Map Pack


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Hi all,


I am having trouble downloading the DLC map packs.  I have purchased and downloaded the War Games Map Pass and have 4.8 GB free memory on my hard drive (maps only need 1.5 GB).  When I go to then download the maps, they don't download successfully.  If I choose "Confirm Purchase", I get an error code 80153003.  The maps actually appear to download but when they get to 100% complete, they say "Cannot download Castle Map Pack" and I do not have access to the maps in War Games.


I have already spent some time troubleshooting with Xbox tech support, with no positive results.  We tried to delete all of the maps and the War Games Map Pass and then download again.  We tried clearing cache.  We tried reverting back to before my latest Xbox live update, then re-downloading the update, and re-downloading the maps.  None of this has worked.


I have run out of ideas.  Can anyone help?

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Have you tried googling the error code for some solutions? Google might be your best buddy on this one.


The only other explaination I can think of is just a temporary connection issue from withing MS. The only solution I know for that is to just wait it out.

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For what it's worth, I contacted XBOX LIVE support (I made a separate post detailing all of the steps they asked me to take - maybe they will work for you?) and they did say there was ongoing maintenance on this issue. 


Hopefully it will be resolved soon. As I said earlier, rather irritating. 


Edit: My concurrent post on the same issue was re-posted to the official "Halo 4 War Games Map Pack Issues" thread, which does have a forum administrator overseeing. 


I have been in contact with BSangel via twitter and she assured me that the problem is both known and currently being worked on. I'll come back here with any updates, in the hopes of expediting the remedy process. 



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