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CGN | Custom Game Nights Matchmaking

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CGN is a thread and movement dedicated towards bringing the community together through custom games. Many times players want to play a few customs, but without the hassle of setting up an event and such. This thread is to be used as a one stop solution to on the fly matchmaking. We will also feature main events in which you can PM me to add.



Next main event: Saturday February 1st, 2013 9:30 EST

Gamertag: YamaMX

Event: Throwback Night | Various forms of gameplay on classic maps!



Customs can be found through two different methods:

  • Using this thread to matchmake for on the fly customs
  • Scheduled events / game nights

When attempting to matchmake, please post in the following manner:

  • Gamertag: Your Gamertag
  • Time: Now, 5:00pm EST, etc.
  • Preference: Anything, 1v1, 2v2, FFA, CTF, etc.

In an attempt to keep this thread both active and current, please do no post days in advance. Only events should be planned ahead of time, other forms of matchmaking should be the day of.



Other uses of this thread can consist of summarizing your experiences. Please do share stories, player feedback, videos and anything else!

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