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Ok, so this has bothered me ever since Halo Reach. The picture of the map that you see in the lobby before a game starts that shows part of the map, I think it would be cool if the map creator could change that picture with a camera mode so maps created on other maps don't all look the same. Sort of like how any map made on Forge World looked the same according to their picture. It would make maps look more unique I think. Thoughts?

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To see what the loadout camera will show all you have do is look through it from the back.


Yes, but that is quite difficult when you want to get a picture of a specific thing.


It would help if the was "hotkey" ( like left on the d-pad or something) for the loadout-camara picture. As forge mode if you find a view that you wish to use as the load out camara, you press said hotkey and camara is placed automaticly exactly where you are looking, including using the rotaion that you are so that the image is exactly what you want it to be.

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something that i would LOVE to see.........placeable camera's. So you could set up camera's in places, then play your match. And watch through the footage. It would also be great for machinimas


I think camera angles attached to vehicles would be cool. First person and hood camera for example.

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