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  1. After watching this trailer, I am definitely getting Destiny as soon as possible. I will be getting the Xbox ONE since I enjoyed my 360 after switching from PS2. When I do get Destiny and have to choose a class, I would like to have a Hunter characters. I like how the Hunters look with the hood and outfit. I also want that one shot pistol that the class comes with. It might be a limited ammo gun but it would still be a useful weapon if you are taking on a army of enemies.
  2. Is having television added so much of a problem though? People are kind of complaining about that when they shouldn't. I am actually impressed by how Microsoft could even get all they showed to work on that one console. Yes, they didn't show much about gaming. However, they will show more at E3. At least they are trying to evolve Xbox into something more while the PS4 is just about games. Remember this. Just because they added all of these new things to the Xbox doesn't mean they are not still focused on gaming. I bet they have separated teams working each part of the Xbox ONE including gaming and television/movies. Just wait until E3. I want to see how the games look to see if they really are concerned about gaming.
  3. No. This isn't a disappointment. Fans asked for a map with flat places to build on. This is what we get. It is what we asked for. Stop calling 343 retarded and be thankful they listened.
  4. I like the pieces we have now since they are a lot better than the ones in Reach. However, I have to agree that the new forge pallet for the Forge Island/Islands map should have a different color to stand out as a new pallet. All we need now is a Falcon. That would complete the whole Forge World style map.
  5. I heard from THFE's video of this that it will be free. Hooray.
  6. Please be a new forge map. At least bigger than Impact.
  7. Didact will probably be the best looking figure out of the whole Halo 4 line unless they make another one that is better looking.
  8. Well this is mostly for next gen and we haven't seen the new games of those franchises on the next gen. We will have to wait a little long to see them.
  9. I am in a clan call Pro League Gaming(PLG for short) and we don't have many Halo players compared to the COD and BF players. If you want to join, go to www.PLGclan.com, go to the xbox section, and sign up.
  10. Now I see why he can't get in a clan of his own. Guess he got beat by too many.
  11. If anyone was having problems getting on the site, it was due to a site update. The person in charge of updating was getting the PC and PS3 forums in. The site is still www.PLGclan.com.
  12. Pro League Gaming is now recruiting new members for Game Here on XBOX360. To join Pro League Gaming you must be at least 14 yrs old. Once you register and apply you will then be placed into an eval period. During this time you will play with some of our very best here at Pro League Gaming. We are a close family and we look more for dedication and loyalty rather than K/D ratios. We love to win but its all about having fun! - Age Limit: 14+ (Waverable based on maturity) - Continent: Will take players from all over the world - Times we play: Someone is usually always on - Microphone: Not required to join, but it is perfered to have or to be getting one, Com is Key - Stat Requirements: None we want team players - Preferred Game Mode: Any - Who to contact: ure name here - Clan Website: plgclan.com - GB/MLG Forming - Great advancement opportunities Any questions please PM or visit the site Hope to see you there
  13. I heard Haven doesn't have Ordnance stuck between floors and gameplay is more smoother. I am happy.
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