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Found 3 results

  1. Good evening ladies and germs of the forum. Tonight, I have a very special announcement for you -- the announcement of a new MoM! With summer fast approaching, we could use some FRESH talent around here in the MoM department. This member has exemplified himself in a number of ways. Though he's just a new member himself, he's quickly fit into the spirit of the forum, making a place for himself and bringing his own wacky sense of humor to the table. And along the way, he's contributed to making the forum a better place for all! I present to you... FARMER DESTRUCT!!! (AhhOldWoman for the uninspired) Most congratulatory congratulations to you good sir! I hope you enjoy your month in the pink -- there's a lot of fun stuff coming up! You're welcome for the burning eyes.
  2. I have another map for Halo 4! This time it's a tribute to that yellow round guy, Pac-Man! Pac Attack was modeled after the 1st level of the maze game. Now you can know how it feels to be pac man from a first person stand point! Initially I was going to make a custom gametype to go along with this map, but that fell by the wayside. Though I have the map set to be played with slayer, oddball, KOTH, CTF, and had plans to do domination, but I felt it would be a bit much. Title: Pac Attack Description: 1st level of pac-man just a side note the image is a little out dated! The blue team's initial spawns were moved more North then where they in the picture due to balancing issues with objective matches. WARNING: As I stated with my previous map, this has not been fully tested! I don't expect to many issues because this is a much smaller map than Castle storm 3.0 and pretty simple setup. I do already know that one corner of the map, and I do mean very tip of the corner, is considered a soft kill zone(built into the level not by choice!)There is nothing I can do about that, short of moving the entire map over a few feet, which seems excessive for a small issue that I doubt will ever become a problem in game. Also so nobody freaks out when they play it the first time I had to remove the grids that are on top of the map to take the above picture. The grid gives it a more digital feel. I only have one photo because its friggin pacman! There isn't much to show that most people don't already know/remember! I added some small blocks and debris for cover. Before I did it was just a maze with 4 giant sniper alleys, which would've made the matches a bit annoying. CQC will dominate here. Also where the "power pellets" would be are energy swords. Originally I was going to have custom power ups, like those in halo reach, but as soon as I realized we were denied those in Halo 4 I adjusted the map to have this instead, hopefully you all enjoy this new map! Remember the best way to download my maps/gametypes is to search for my gamertag>fileshare>download whatever you're looking for! COMING SOON: Two gametypes will be put onto my file share 1. Joust- a high speed, high flying FFA with shot guns, grenades and a lot of cursing from your friends! 2. Hide & Seek-Everyone has played this as a child! Now play it as a spartan, and flood! Use your knowledge of the various maps and their nooks and crannies to hide until your the last hider! I hope you all enjoy my maps and the upcoming gametypes!
  3. I would like you to reply to this, i believe that the forerunners could be human, or over evolved human species, according to the info. Example: Only human DNA can activate halo array, Forerunner technology is mainly found on or near earth. , Human kind is to selfish to of not made a genetic copy of its self. Please Respond
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