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  1. Hello Ladies, Gentlemen, Spartans and off world species. My Name is Scotty. After years of watching RVB, and other similar Machinima Based videos and feature lengths, i have taken it upon myself to become more involved within the making of Machinima. With this said. i am looking to bring together a group of people who have similar interest's in machinima, voice acting and of course Halo. I would like to start small, making videos of a spoof nature similar to RVB. Then move onto more intrinsic videos, such as the later Red Vs Blue series. These videos will be comedy related in nature for the most part. But also with a mix of serious nature about them as well. Not only this, but i would like to push to podcast and other material if the opportunity arises. I have a HD PVR recorder already at my end, other graphic's recorders on your part + Mic's would be an advantage and appreciated, but not 100% required. The material will not solely be written by myself, and i would like to give budding writers the chance to script the episodes as well. This is to be a group effort, and not something over seen and run by just me. If you have no experience with machinima, its not a problem either. It's all part of the learning and fun aspect. If you wish to help start this new project from the ground up, please get in touch. At present we have no name, and no episodes scripted. So as i said before, this is a start up project. It will be you, me and the entire group pushing to write and produce these episodes for internet distribution. If this interests you, in anyway please get in contact. I am currently UK based, but there is no restriction on locations throughout the globe. Age on the other hand, this is up for a group debate. Due to the nature of potential scripts and episodes, i would like a mature, 'and by that i just mean over 18' perspective. But don't let this deter you from getting in contact. You never know, the answer might be yes. Cheers Guys. Girls. and everyone else. -Scotty-
  2. I would like to Join a clan. Im 25, British (don't let that get in the way). Im currently a SR-77. Profound Campaign Player with Legendary solo unlocked, All previous Halo titles under my belt with similar if not higher ratings. Adept online multi-player tactition, enjoy the team aspects when competing. In closing im also ranked highly in Tier 2 of the Halo 4 Challenge for online multiplayer, either shows im commited, or i have nothing else to do. Hope to hear from some recruiters soon. Add me on XBL if your up for a scrim sometime. scotty2501
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