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  1. As an "average gamer", and an "Ordinary Halo Player", I want to discuss an excellent trait that introduces people together, and tournaments, and games together. Clans. In Halo 4, will we be able to see a clan set up? Or will that be in a future halo performed by "343 industries" actions? Thanks for checking this thread out, and feel free to comment your personal belief about a halo clan operation / opinion. 1) Will Halo 4 introduce a clan "setup" or "operation" to successfully create clan games and clan operations with an organized board on current clans (best clans, ranked clans, Etc.? Will 343 industries introduce the first ever clan set up to create clan and ranked games? Will clans be able to organize a community of strategics and planning to be able to reach the top of the ladder and strive to reach a higher rank? If not, should 343 industries build this in their next halo? For entertainment purposes , please feel free to check out the link below (fan made halo 4 clan movie). (rick click, "Open link in new tab") for better use. Thank you, -LTD Velocity
  2. Through the history of popular games such as "CallofDuty" and "LeagueofLegends", there have been multiple updates and Nerf's (decreased level of power and ability) for thousands of weapons and vehicles. As we have never experienced this through the Halo Series by Bungie, is it possible for "343 industries" to create and let an "Ordinary Halo Player" use an Over Powered Vehicle or Weapon? Thank you for checking this thread out, and with all respect, please be willing to share your own personal belief/opinion of Over Powered Vehicles and Weapons throughout any game. 1) Can rage appear through the all new Halo 4 produced by "343 industries" from Over Powered Vehicles and/or Weapons, or does the "Over Powered Weapons and Vehicles" apply to certain game modes and maps? With the first ever new "Halo 4" produced by 343 industries being released in literally less than a day with all new weapons and vehicles, will there be Over Powered equipment throughout this game that can create unfair teams and players? If so, what can it take to stop it immediately before the game continues to go on. As many people (including myself) are afraid of this, can this decrease or increase the sales of Halo 4 itself? Not only will this mess up the whole environment of halo itself, but it has the possibility to create madness and sadness throughout the "average gamer". How do you feel about Over Powered Vehicles and Weapons, and what does it take to get rid of it? Can it create debates, or can it create madness throughout the "average gamer"? Or in better words, will there even be Over Powered Weapons in Halo 4? Is this link considered "Over Powered" and will it be able to effect the Halo 4 community? Or once again, is it applied with the certain game mode and map? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC_Pq-G72AI (right click and select "Open link in new tab") to create better use. Thank you LTD Velocity
  3. The happy Popularity Halo 4 brings is already incredible, but yet fantastic at the same time. As many say the word, "unbelievable", Halo 4 this year will change the concepts of making new game modes, and amazing maps. I am glad to be a part of the 343 industries forum to discuss yet another very important topic that later in the future will make the "average gamer", and the "Ordinary Halo Player" laugh and enjoy their time playing Halo 4, and this is called Halo 4 Forge. Thanks for checking this thread out, and with all respect, feel free to express your own personal opinions of the all new Halo 4 Forge. 1) Creating simple but yet strong and effective maps throughout the "halo community". With Halo 4 coming out in literally less than a day, we all need to be prepared of how strong Halo's new forge system will work. With all new techniques and strategical planning this year's forge will create thousands of new popular game modes and maps without a doubt. As the "Ordinary Halo Player" may not be the "best" at creating custom maps, Halo 4 and behalf of 343 industries, will be able to change the whole concept so the "Ordinary Halo Player" will be able to partake and become what the "best" halo players experience throughout forge mode. I personally am excited and am excited to have such a great company (343 industries) take charge in the all new Halo series. For more information about the all new forge system, please take a look at the link below. (right click and select "open link in new tab") for better use. Thank you, LTD Velocity
  4. As an "average gamer" and an ordinary Halo player, I want to discuss a topic for not only 343 industries but as well as every other "average gamer" out there. I hope this topic will be able to withstand any other post by discussing an important trait to the newly made company, "343 industries". Thank you for checking this thread out, and with all respect I want everyone to comment their beliefs about "organization" on behalf of 343 industries and Halo 4. 1) A clear and powerful but yet simple website for the official series of Halo. We (The ordinary Halo player) want an affordable website that is strong in all variety of categories (whether it may be from Forge, Matchmaking status, organized community to all players, Etc.). Yet, many "average gamer's" have got dragged by 343 industries with just advertisements and commercials and have lost all attention to any other games besides the one and only company that will release Halo 4 to public. With an all new organized and powerful website, people will be able to create not only joy and happiness, but the website will be able to afford anyone's stress and create relief that an ordinary halo player may have. A website is the core throughout thousands of topics and is the key ingredient to release and share information to the public gamer's at an easy and fast pace. With the knowledge 343 industries has already gained (and continue to gain), the official website should not be crammed with various issues that may be difficult and confusing to "search something up" but yet should be easy and fast for each and everyone person. Spend more money into the website if needed to create a friendly environment of the official series of Halo. Thank you for your time. -LTD Velocity
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