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  1. Are you supposed to take photos while driving?
  2. Just to remind you that this isn't an official site... Halo 4 was a poor quality so don't expect much!
  3. Your thing about the elites doesn't really work. In Halo 4 it's a simulation so Elites and Spartans working together NOPE. In Halo 5 we don't know much about the story etc but it could turn out to be revolving around Master Chief and the Elites!
  4. It's ironic how the 'Tamed' Hunters actually rebelled and killed a majority of the Brutes!
  5. Not a very good idea... I guess it doesn't matter much but 343 are just trying to cut costs!
  6. You never could buy them. Film clips are rendered for money straight from your file-share unless you're pro or have accumulated a lot of Bungie Render Points... In Halo 4 just export them onto a USB then plug it into a computer!
  7. I'll be happy to help! I know some of the secrets to getting them... Make sure you don't get friends from school etc unless they're really close! CUPCAKES!
  8. Halo 4 shouldn't have Gravity Hammers anyway... Only Brutes use them! The noise, range and power of the weapon have a quality that is low.
  9. Halo 4's physics was bad... Hopefully they will get a new one.
  10. I don't think you understand that a Mammoth can easily just lock the doors up... This game will not work... The ideas are mono-dimensional. ODST's get destroyed by Jackels...
  11. Against Neurotic Kasper: 7 kills and 10 deaths On a side note the map has bugged kill boundaries...
  12. Then leave... I respect your opinion but you honestly should take another look at the game itself. 343 have focused too much on things like graphics which have reduced the actual quality of the game itself. It would be better if they actually fixed bugs such as the famous Boltshot... The spawning on War Games actually seems too be bad intentionally! Spartan Ops is the best thing in it but still falls short of expectations such as driving vehicles like Pelicans... On a side note please refrain from cussing on this forum!
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