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Found 5 results

  1. A J Yusi and I are going to host a Valentines night CGN for a competition on our affiliates channel at Halocustoms.com. Come and support us and help us get the most Likes and ratings to win the prizes. Also if you are a member of Halocustoms and in the winning lobby then you also can get the prizes and awards. Please help us out! http://halocustoms.com/threads/feb-14-2013-valentines-night-double-your-pleasure-game-night-spades-n-az.3439/
  2. Here is the Contests and Events schedule for 343industries.org. Here, you will find upcoming events and Play Dates. Links are provided to each event posted. Play Dates are made by the Staff unless they are approved by the Site Moderator, Admin, or head of Contests and Events. Please PM Absolute Dog, Drizzy_Dan, or RedStarRocket if you would like to make a member approved Play Date. Also post your Play Date ideas here! Custom Game Night Hosted By Spades N AZ Continue on Halo 3 Custom Game Night July 12th RSVP at HaloCustoms.com by clicking the link above! Doc's Gaming League Season 2 Click the above link for the Match Results of the DGL Season 2! Tuesday Night Tests with THFE's AbleSir Thomas Community Moderator RedStarRocket91 hosts testing lobbies at 3PM EST. AbleSir Thomas hosts at 7PM EST. Click the above link for more details! Quilt Qualifying Play Date Click here to find out the details of the finale for the Quilt Qualifying Play Dates! ▸ Fun Custom Games || Best of Everything ◂ Play some great customs in one of HaloCustoms' Gold Host's lobbies. Ninetysborn hosts. Click the link above to RSVP at HaloCustoms.com. Official 343 Industries Community Play Date! Hosted by various members including the community Staff. This is the place to get your Gamer Award: Halo: Reach Play Date Click the link above to sign up! *SPECIAL PLAY DATE IDEA IN THE WORKS* Approved Member Contests and Events These are the Events that members are hosting that have been approved for the forum. We do not offer awards for these member sponsored events. Doc's Minecraft Server - Click here for details
  3. I was wondering if you could create an award what would it be? I would make a police guy when you get 911 posts.
  4. The Good Samaritan Award So, you may have noticed that there is a new award in town. The Good Samaritan Award is awarded to the members who are kind enough to give some of their time to help against world hunger. You must first create a profile on freerice.com and join the 343i Community Forum group. An explanation: http://www.343indust...h-world-hunger/ How to join the group: http://www.343indust...ls-and-targets/ To get the award, you must join the 343i Community Forum group and answer enough questions to donate 20,000 grains of rice. Once you do this, message a moderator who will then confirm that you have done this and will then give you the award. After you receive the award, feel free to keep going. Anyone who has involuntarily gone without eating for a day or two can imagine what it's like for those who have to go weeks at a time without anything to eat. I personally have had the extreme displeasure of going without food for a week myself, which is why I'm so sympathetic. I can tell you, it sucks.
  5. Okay folks. due to a technical problem, we have had to open a new Twitter Account. the link is here http://twitter.com/343icommunity So if you followed the old account, you'll have to follow the new one now. There will be daily tweets with information, updates, and even some things you wont see on the forum. So if you would all like to follow that would be great. Please note: This replaces the previous 343Forum twitter, you will need to follow this one, not the other Twitter And if your asking about awards for following the new twitter, there will be a new award for it, so please leave your twitter name below, so I can allocate the new award tomorrow.
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