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  1. So destiny has been shown. Does it look any good? Will bungie be able to make a game that is as big if not bigger than halo? What does everyone think?
  2. Im so surprised that this topic has recieved such a big response. I really hope that people who have the same problem I had with this game will take into account the tips that have been provided. The best tip that I have found on this topic is to use the promethean weapons and hide a lot. Theank you everyony who replies to this topic!
  3. I beat it on Heroic thanks to all of your tips thank you very much everyone!!!
  4. The story of Halo 4 is about him not being a machine, seeing his face is in a way reminding us that. Because in the previous games we never saw any of him and it kind of takes away the humanity of Chief.
  5. So can you give me any tips on getting through this game on something harder than easy?
  6. I really dont understand this... halo 2 is so easy to me with 4 being the hardest.. What made Halo 4 so easy for everyone?
  7. I think some of their stuff is pretty funny. People do fanboy over them but for mostly good reason
  8. What in the world would you do to work for RoosterTeeth? (Crazy answers wanted)
  9. Some of the things that Cortana says and the part in the story where she "touches" his armor, it seems a little to me like it has undertones of love-not friend love- in it.
  10. The story really seems like a love story. Am I the only one who feels this way?
  11. Well i think that not everyone would put too many things on their maps, everyone is different
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